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The whole air and space are filled with the magnificent presence of the all-seeing, all-protecting, all-witnessing Divinity. It is great ignorance which is the cause of the inability of the human individual to perceive and experience the wonders of God’s presence and consciousness here and now.

God is the Substance of your substance, the Thought of your thought, the Feeling of your feeling. You are a child of God. You are a manifestation of God. This is the truth. If you are experiencing yourself to be something other than this, it is a misfortune, it is an illusion, it is a delusion, it is a disease, and it has to be got rid of as quickly as possible.

Your first and fundamental duty in life is to grow conscious of that which is the Breath of your breath, Life of your life, Soul of your soul. How powerful you are in life, how peaceful you are in life, how happy you are in life, what a heaven-making presence you are in life, all rest upon the intensive inner consciousness of your relationship with the Divine.




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