Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2005

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


The sun is shining, but we can not experience it unless we come out of the darkness of our cells into the open. The Divine is present and visible everywhere, but we cannot experience it unless we come out of the darkness of our little thoughts, views, personality, ego, pride.

Swami Omkarananda

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1st week

The dignity of man is infinite. No-one can demean him, unless he himself disrespects himself, or demeans himself, or demoralises himself.

Even under the worst of insults and misfortunes, he has, and can retain and enjoy, infinite dignity and respect.

Infinitude alone is natural to man, not finitude. And therefore, finitude is a state of unhappiness, limitation. It is unnatural. Man seeks to go beyond it.

Infinite Happiness, Knowledge, Peace, Joy, alone are natural to man. For essentially, in all his being, man is the Infinite.

2nd week

There are no degrees in virtue. Man can surpass all the saints in heaven, and even angels and gods.

Even in this body he can reach a state where it is impossible to sin. Man is then filled with the Light of God. The divine Blaze emanates from him on all sides. Man becomes God.

God is as close to us as our breath, as near to us as our hands and feet.

Speak to Him. Establish close, intimate, direct relations with Him. Speak to Him with all your heart. Speak in love, speak in faith, speak in surrender, speak in joy, speak in gratitude, thankfulness and devotion - He responds.

3rd week

Up to human kind, nature conducts evolution. At the level of man, nature leaves off evolutionary functions, and permits man full freedom to evolve further in his own way, and with methods he can construct.

Biologically, therefore, man has ceased to evolve. Evolution should now start at the mental, moral and spiritual levels.

Again, the human individual alone in all nature, owns the power and freedom to regress in evolution or progress in evolution.

God's Law and God are one and the same; they are not two different things. To love God's Law is to love God's infinite Happiness, Love, Peace, Beauty, Goodness.

4th week

You cannot love God because you don't see Him, He is not for you like others whom you love. But the one who says that he does not know God, is in fact affirming God, because God is the Consciousness within you which helps your intelligence by seating itself in it as thinking faculty to pronounce that judgement.

In fact, there is nothing which you love so much in life as God. The child you love, you love for the sake of God; the husband you love, you love for the sake of God. If it were not for the sake of God, no-one would love the other. All are dear for the sake of God.

If there were not God, who would know whom? Who would be happy? Knowledge is God. Happiness is God. You can escape everything, but not God.


5th week

You may experience something or not. But the basis of all experience is God. All experience is made possible on the basis of experiencing Consciousness, which is God. It is true, God is not your thought or feeling, - but He is that without which there can be no good thought or bad thought, good feeling or bad feeling.

Gain the joys of love, the understanding of love; the joys of a calm and illuminated mind; the joys of a self-controlled mind.

Those who have seen Love, have seen God to that extent. And the Love they have seen will ultimately lead them slowly to God.


6th week

Some young men kiss a girl and think they love her. It is not so. They have only found the sensuous pleasure of the kiss, at her expense. When the girl is in trouble, they will take no pains to liberate her from it, but would go on seeking pleasure elsewhere. Such a 'love' does not deserve the name of love.

When we see a young girl child loving her mother, we see something of real love, but then, even her love is not as real as we think. For it is born of the services the child receives from the mother, the comfort she finds in her.

Real love is that which admires something that is valuable in the other. Love that, which is the Highest in all.

7th week

I am not living in myself, but in my all-absorbing Love for you all.

Where pride divides man from man, love unites. Where ego finds a difficulty, love finds a solution.

Self-sacrificing Love is God.

Dynamic Love is God.

The Light of real Love is God.

If God were not love, man would not survive on earth, nor would he survive death. Love is the giver of ideals, the maker of heaven.

8th week

To all Creation,
Send your Love on the wings of the wind that is blowing.

To all Creation,
Send your Light upon the waves of the ether that is flowing.

Whatever flows out with your outgoing breath, let the joy of your God-consciousness be carried with it.

Whatever thought it be that leaves your heart, let the vibrations of your strong, dominating good-will be carried with it.

Let whatever thought it be that leaves your mind, encircle the world with its blessings.

You are a Point of God's Creation, a Pole of God's Power, a Centre of His infinite Joy, Peace, Life. Live as such, love as such; exist as such, think as such, act as such.

Glory to you. Glory.

9th week

A dead universe ours is not: it is living, dynamic, responsive, reacting. Look with love, love appears. Look with joy, joy appears. Look with light, light appears.

A characteristic of a man rooted in Truth-experience is: he cannot be known by anyone except by those who have Truth-experience and are Sages themselves.

He may have a million devotees, but no-one can know him unless there is among the devotees a Sage.

Though you move with others, let no-one enter your heart, except God alone.

10th week

The purer, wider, nobler, higher and more inclusive our Love, the greater is God expressed in our lives.

We may not feel God, but we feel Love. Since God is Love we feel God.

Within you there is the soul of Love.

Behind your good and bad there is the Soul of Love.

Look with Love, and love appears everywhere, and all the world stands radiant in Love.

Look with the Light of Love, and Light appears everywhere, dispelling the dullness of the weather, the distresses of the hour, the darkness of the mind, the annoyances that the others cause.

Look with the Peace of Love, and Peace appears everywhere, all the world wears Peace, yields Peace, expresses Peace.

Look with the Joy of Love, and even the gloomy shall feel happy in your presence.

11th week

Love knows more than the greatest philosophers can teach.

Intuition covers immeasurable reaches of experience - fields of observation and experience, - far greater than all the sciences can span.

Love has in it intuition. - Love vitalises the nerves, uplifts the heart, and makes a divine Holiday of all existence.

Walk in Love. Breathe in Love. Abide in Love. Work in Love.

Dogmas and creeds, the rituals and ceremonies of religion will continue to repel the intellectuals of the world, provoke them to increasing attacks on religion, but none can resist the spell of the Love and Wisdom being the living example of God-experience, which forms the Core of religion.

12th week

Of Love we are born, in Love we subsist, and Love is the all, the fulfilment of life.

Where Love is, there is light, selfless service, joyous sacrifice, creative activity, enrichment of life, success, happiness, peace; prosperity of every kind.

To think a little good is to strengthen whatever good is there in ourselves, and in the world. And more good will come to us.

Young people and those under suffering, must be inspired to develop a strong will, and see that the solution to some terrifying problem in life is not in death, but in more Light and more Life.

13th week

Everything around you and also your own mind can be made miserable, despondent, wretched. But there is in you Someone Who is always happy, cheerful, eternally and infinitely blissful. That is God. That is yourself. This is the only truth about you.

Everything about you can be destroyed. Your body itself can be destroyed. Even your mind can be destroyed. Everything can be destroyed. But there is in you something that cannot be destroyed. That is God in you. Your Consciousness divine. Your central Being, the basis of your life, mind, will, personality.

A realization of that Truth made a sage like Janaka say, "Nothing of mine is lost", when his kingdom was in flames. It is a realization of this Truth that made the great sages say, "I am the stars, I am the king…"

14th week

The Indian philosophy of Vedanta and the notions of the men of mystical experience present most scientific and fool-proof descriptions of God, the infinite Reality.

To think of God is to limit God. To define God is to deny God. God is unthinkable, beyond mind and senses - even as the electron or the real nature of electricity is beyond thought, mind, sight.

What is integral science, but the science of the total individual in all his dimensions, aspects, features, possibilities, potentialities and his inner inalienable relations to the Infinite?

15th week

We are victims of dangerous habits of thought, which we mistake for the workings of reason. We say, "Science deals with facts, philosophy with speculations."

It is not that true science deals only with facts. Science cannot progress without speculation. Speculation is the basis of all science. Telegraph, telephone, the airplane, every little scientific instrument, which deals with facts, and is a fact, was originally a matter of speculation.

Men who did not agree with that speculation, dismissed these greater scientists as speculators.

And what is philosophy, but an advanced stage of science?

The greater the scientist the deeper is his innate spirituality, the more humble his spirit and the more enduring his words on the ultimate Reality, which is the one true Parent of all that is manifest.

16th week

Why does love or faith heal? Is not the whole nature, creation a grand Manifestation of God, that is, of Consciousness unlimited?

Consciousness is not only the substance and the form of all that is created, but is itself the Creator. Consciousness is involved and present and implicit in all that It has created. It is then Itself the Creator, the Created; and that, which sustains the created in the condition of creation; and also accounts for all later transformations and transmutations of the created. So we see the whole creation is a grand Play of God in self-expression.

The wise ones who know this, are immortal, all-peaceful, have overcome all forms of fear, worry and anxieties.

God is the Beginning, the End, and the Substance of our being.

17th week

You are yourself the sole centre of infinite Love, the only Rock of infinite Truth, the great embodiment of imperishable and timeless Light, Delight and Consciousness. And this fictitious role of yourself as a most limited human being, all those deeds, trials, triumphs of your earthly life are an inconsequential nothing in the timeless epic of wonders, which your Consciousness - as the Infinity of delight, truth, love and power - will continue to enstage upon its own unstained bosom.

Established in divine Consciousness within, go on doing all your work. God-experience is an inner matter, a thing which happens in consciousness. Let the Consciousness within be filled with the Light of the omnipresent Divinity. Reflect upon the omniscient and omnipotent, all-beautiful Divinity.

18th week

The spiritual heart intensely repeats the mystical syllables, feeling the divine Presence, inwardly beholding the Divine, inwardly expressing utmost devotion to the Divine. Devotion expresses itself in the form of service and surrender. To surrender to that which is infinite Peace, fills one with boundless Peace; to surrender to that, which is infinite Joy, fills one with infinite Happiness. When a pot surrenders itself to the mid-ocean, what happens to the pot? It is filled with endless water - not only is its capacity full, but the whole ocean is supporting it. Supposing, if there is a hole in the vessel. If the water is leaking through this hole, the pot can never be empty. It will be inexhaustibly supplied, without a break. That is the result of the pot offering itself to the ocean.

Concentration is purification, illumination, liberation, and highest spiritual achievement.

19th week

The spiritual individual feels the Presence of the Divine intensely. How do you feel when there is a person right before your eyes? So feels the spiritual heart in the Presence of the Divine. The spiritual individual cannot move his hand or shake his head or body without touching the Divine. The Divine is the Reality of realities, the Body of all bodies, the Soul of all souls, the Air of air, the Space of space, the Intelligence of intelligence and the Light of lights. It is everything and everywhere, it is the greatest Reality.

The person who surrenders himself to the Divine, is one who is infinitely rich in all directions. Common people are dreadfully afraid of surrender. Surrender for them is slavery, loss of freedom, or more problems under pressure. Slaves know nothing beyond these, but the devotee knows the secret of surrender. Only in the surrender is there infinite strength and unlimited freedom.

20th week

Would an Incarnation of Divinity need to pass through ever-so-many stages to Self-realisation?

Yes, by the very fact that it is an Incarnation, that is, something that is functioning through time and space, through a form, through the limitations of mind and life.

Infinite Perfection, the eternally Self-realised Being, has to oblige the rules of the game of finite life until It stands totally, in all Its being, liberated from all notions, ideas, experiences of finitude, of earth, body and life.

So then, there is the need for a gradual moving through stages, even for the Incarnation of the Divinity, to Its poise in the Infinite, as the Infinite, in that Perfection which is unassailed by the dream of finite life.

21st week

Whatever may be the nature of our life and our occupations, whatever may be the nature of our mental, moral and intellectual gifts, in and through these very things we must be in a position to experience God and express His Peace and Perfection.

Therefore let us confine ourselves to that form of real meditation which brings about these results.

The fire of universal Love, this Force of cosmic feelings, destroys all the residual forces and potencies of the subconscious mind, such as passion, dislike or hatred and so on, and illuminates the inner being so that it becomes ready for the reception of the Divinity and divine Experience.

22nd week

When we begin to accept our house as the Lord's property, as belonging to God, as something that has to be kept for the sake of God in us; when we begin to take our whole life itself as a gift from God, as something that is given us in order that we may properly use it for our profit and high evolution - what happens? Our whole inner psychology and attitude begins to change. We are more and more God-centered, centered in our thought of God. We are living and moving with the specific purpose of God-experience and Self-realization. Therefore, all forms and modes of our daily life become part of our progress towards God-experience.

The real secret of success in meditation consists in sustaining ourselves in some kind of meditation all through the day.

23rd week

It is true that there are dark forces in us, these forces belong to our animal part; they have no relation with the Divinity. The divine Consciousness in us is not affected by the presence of these animal forces. These animal forces, - sub-conscious forces, dark unconscious forces, - are a constant threat to our inner purity. Therefore we must seek to purify this area of the subconscious and unconscious in us, and seek to illuminate our inner nature.

When our heart and inner nature are radiant and pure, naturally the moment we close our eyes we are face-to-face with God. Even when we open our eyes we are face-to-face with God. Though our physical eyes may be reporting physical bodies and presences to us, something in our soul and heart has already seen the Divine while our physical eyes are perceiving physical personalities. This is the secret of mystic life.

24th week

It is a great deception to take a few lessons in meditation-techniques and begin to practise meditation and think that we realize God. All our meditational methods imported either from the east or from the north will be of no consequence if we are not growing in our love, understanding, goodness, sweetness, and noble nature, if we are not centering our life in the awareness of a Divine Presence within and around us. Transformation must take place from within us, then meditation automatically takes possession of us, then God's Grace automatically conducts our progress in meditation.

The greatest reality anywhere is God Himself; and even a little faith in this all-merciful, all-knowing, all-protecting God is sufficient to make a heaven of our lives.

25th week

Every selfish feeling within our heart must be replaced by noble, selfless, divine sentiments. We must refuse to live like a selfish little beast or animal.

We are children of the Divine. Our blood is holy. Our breath is divine, we are sustained by the Divine Grace. Our whole inner being is rooted in God-Consciousness. We have rights to endless and illimitable peace, power and perfection. Let us recognize our treasures, our kingdom, our heritage. Let us assert our rights and enjoy the Privileges and Powers of God-Consciousness.

We have to be full of Knowledge, Illumination and Love, and rule life, nature, body, earth and circumstances, not be ruled by them.

Faith is the mother of all miracles.

26th week

The mathematics of the field of God-experience is totally different from what we experience in daily life. If not today then tomorrow, we must sink into this Ocean of God-experience and God-Consciousness. We have unnecessarily, by our limited experience and lack of knowledge, cut ourselves off from the Ocean, and our experience of the Ocean has been lost. The sooner we recover our union with the Ocean, the better for us; even a mere faint approach to this God-Consciousness can light up our daily life with divine Light, Peace, Inspiration and Joy.

God's Consciousness is not like any other thing that you see on earth. It is a central Consciousness which is eternally dynamic, creating millions and trillions of universes. It has supra-electronic Eyes in every point of space, It is seeing us now and is transmitting our images and our vibrations around the universe.

27th week

There is no impurity in the body you live in, provided you have made it a means for your God-Consciousness. There is no impurity in the mind we use, provided we have made it the means for our God-experience.

Impurity consists in assigning to our body and mind only functions, which are animal and 'normal' and cut off from the sense of the divine Presence.

There is nothing wrong even in a mother producing a baby. All acts are sacred, provided your vision and attitude is sacred. Everything is holy, provided your inner eye is holy.

The secret of our God-experience consists in the nature of our view and vision, attitude and inner feeling.

Therefore, let us provide this preparatory ground for better meditation. If this preparatory ground is offered, our meditation will be successful.

28th week

The more we increase our love for God, or increase our knowledge of the Nature of God, the greater will be the possibilities for our quick concentration and meditation on God. You know your heart is there, where your love is. Now, if your love is on God, your heart will be on Him. Your mind is there, where your interest is. If God is the Object of your interest, then your mind will be automatically on Him.

Therefore if you want quick and successful meditation, increase your interest and love for God. Naturally your heart and your mind will jump upon God and assist you to find a conscious communion and oneness with this infinite Peace, Power and Perfection.

When OM is chanted the atmosphere around is being purified. This is because in the sound body the OM is there as an energy-body, in the energy-body there is a light-body, in the light-body there is the Consciousness of the supreme Divinity.

29th week

Have the little faith that God is now with you, supporting you, sustaining you, and that His love for you is unlimited, that you are a child of His heart, and that He loves you immensely under all conditions and circumstances. He never forsakes you, He never gives you up.

It is your faithlessness that is responsible for your separation from Him.

As a matter of fact, life in itself does not carry all the resources essential for the conquest of the trying condition of life. We need faith in that, which created life: God.

Remember, there is no alternative to suffering except to be positive.

30th week

Our problems, trials and sufferings are made possible by lack of faith in God. If only we could recognize the great Truth that God is always with us, watching us, our lives would be liberated from all the errors which are the cause of our unhappiness.

If only you could have a little faith in the omnipotence of the all-loving God, which is surrounding you all times and protecting you in all conditions, you would never make the mistake that people generally do, and your strength would be inexhaustible.

We are given the power to conquer the whole world in love, for love. When faith rises in our inner hearts, many blessings flow from our personality to the world, we become points for the radiation of wondrous vibrations which profit the whole creation. Faith unites our inner soul with the inexhaustible treasures of God.

31st week

The syllable OM is a mystic Word. It is not a word as such, but a sound which is inaudible to us but audible to the inner Being of Perfection in us. This Word carries in Itself the whole of the supreme Divine Consciousness as manifesting the universe and also as unmanifest in Itself. It is not a Hindu term, but an actual Revelation and Expression of the divine Being. It is a true Name of the Divine. It is a Word of Power, of spiritual Power. It is highly auspicious, because it is carrying in Itself the very Body, Heart and Soul of the infinite Divinity.

I beg you to continue to hold on to the Divine Presence in your daily life, and I assure you that God's Grace will flow into your lives in many ways, many forms, and unfold from your blessed heart the divine Perfection, divine Light, divine Understanding and Love.

32nd week

Because God is omnipotent, omniscient and full of Love, Light, Grace, Mercy and Peace, this Word OM too contains all the Powers, Attributes and Qualities of the infinite Being. The forces of discordance and disharmony in the atmosphere are removed by the chanting of OM. It purifies the inner self of our being, it spiritualizes our inner nature, it brings about several changes in the selves of all, and has also an inspirational value. From every point of view you find the sacred Word OM is of cosmic inner value.

To the problems of material life, wealth is not the answer; a material paradise created by sciences and technology and commerce is not the answer. To the problems of life, faith in That, which created life is the answer. Faith in God Who is the Life of our life, the Soul of our soul, the Heart of our heart.

33rd week

The real mantras, which bring about the divine realization are nothing but the very Body and Soul of the Infinite. The mantras are useless if imparted by a person who has no experience of the Infinite. The mantra must come from the consciousness of the God-experienced person, and generally the mantra is not given to another unless the Divinity sanctions it. And the Divinity sanctions it because It alone is in a position to judge the person. Nobody else, not a human mind, can do this. The Divinity is omniscient and knows everything about the person's past and future. And the Divinity also tells the God-experienced person what mantra should be given to a particular person. This is the real mantra-science.

The moment we are one with the Self, the moment we are in communion with the Divine, we will become the supreme Owners of the universe.

34th week

The condition of the body looks to you like disease, trouble, torture, but to me it is nothing because my inner consciousness is wholly divine and is one with the Divine.

In me, the human consciousness is liberated into endless infinite health, strength, power, joy, peace and perfection.

God-consciousness or God-experience is a matter of inner consciousness, not of the body.

We are unnecessarily prolonging our unhappiness and sufferings by not pursuing divine Perfection, by not realizing the divine Power in ourselves, in others, everywhere. The more earnestly, sincerely and urgently we pursue the path of divine Life and divine Perfection, the better for us.

35th week

What is really happening to those who have absolute devotion to God?

These people are becoming super-human, they have a direct contact with an infinite Power, Peace and Perfection.

Now, what looks like progress for you is nonsense in their eyes.

There is no bad person anywhere, there is no miserable and lost person anywhere. One day everyone is bound to exceed the limitations in which life has set them, and enjoy the infinite Delight that is there, in God, in each heart. The whole meaning and significance of life on earth is the unfoldment of the divine Perfection, which is absolute Being, and absolute Life.

36th week

Meditation is one of the most powerful means of achieving many blessings. Of course the first purpose of meditation is to experience God fully. But meditation is the most fruitful only, when our nature has been purified, exalted.

Nothing of our lower nature should persist in our life, and I can see no other method of purifying and transforming, illuminating the whole of our life, except by constantly generating God-thoughts, love of God and God-consciousness.

You know that there is a supreme Power, and this Power which is God, is all-knowing, all-seeing and all-responsive. That Power is now with you. The more fully you attune yourself with this grand, all-responding, all-seeing Power, the quicker the transformation of your entire nature, and the more perfect and effective is your meditation.

37th week

As you walk along the streets, why not shower a few blessings upon all humanity? For God is sustaining all humanity. This way, every man or woman that you see in the street, or anywhere, would become for you a manifestation of God's Presence. Thus each act of your life could be converted in a powerful adoration, or worship, of the omnipresent and all-knowing Godhead.

Even so simple an act as sleeping could be rendered a divine Act. There is no place where God is not present. You can even feel that you are resting upon the Lap of the Infinite. One day you will find this to be true, because there is no imagination here. You are acting in relation to an all-seeing Power.

38th week

Apart from the spiritual blessings, there are also material blessings and physical blessings of every kind of being one-pointed. When you are one-pointed, when you are constantly repeating the same thing, what happens? There is concentration. The concentration leads to two things: either to sleep, or to deep super consciousness, spiritual consciousness, a higher spiritual state.

The blessings of both conditions, - the high spiritual state and the sleep-state, - are in some respect identical insofar as one enjoys peace and rest and happiness. The sleep-state is characterized by many defects, whereas the higher spiritual state is characterized by many positive blessings.

Even from this standpoint, the cultivation of concentration is very valuable. Continuously to repeat the same mantra, and deepen the concentration on the Divine, is of great value.

39th week

Now we see how the spiritual individual is really a rational individual. In him alone reason is assigned its basic functions. Reason is there to question, to analyse, to understand and to discover facts and truths, and ultimately, the Reality.

Love is a blessing in itself. The greater the knowledge we desire of the Divine, the more we have to develop love. No saint is conceivable without love. Saintliness is founded upon growing and expanding love. Its basis is cosmic, selfless and divine love. It is the central power of the soul. You are full of this power, but you have to express it, develop it, grow in it; expand it, cultivate it, constantly live in it, and live from it.

40th week

The happiest condition for the physical body is in deep-sleep. If you have not slept for one night,the next day you are restless, dull and easily irritated. Sleep is such an essential thing.

How does sleep happen? You lie down in a comfortable posture without a break, and sleep takes place. As the time advances it becomes deeper. When there is deep sleep you are full of happiness, peace and stillness. No matter how many cars pass by in the street, you hear nothing, you are enjoying the blessings of peace and happiness, of stillness, rest, health and strength. All these are the results of continuous occupation of yourself in sleep. Even so, continuous occupation with the mantra-repetition results in similar blessings: peace, happiness, inner strength, inner refreshment, and many other blessings. So, the importance and value of continuous unbroken repetition of the mantra is very great. The more continuous your repetition is, the deeper is your concentration on the Divine, the better are the results and the more rapid is your spiritual evolution and progress.

41st week

When you give yourself to God, give all of your inner being to Him. And as the inner being in you is infinite, you have to give that infinitude with the strength and power of an infinite love, faith and devotion.

Therefore when you adore God, adore Him with all the powers of your soul, consciousness and mind.

Mantra leads you to the experience of only one thing: the Divine. That is why the mantra has to be repeated continuously without any break, so that your mind becomes one-pointed. Outside that, you hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing, feel nothing. It is then that there is the dawn of divine Experience.

We have to be the Infinite before we can claim Its experience.

42nd week

The most important thing is the kind of picture that is in your inner spirit. During meditation, what is in your mind is of great significance. If your mind is filled with the picture of the Divine, with the Nature of the Divine as boundless Light, Peace and Blessedness, then you are closest to the Divine; but if there are other pictures, then you are caught in human limitations, and problems will arise.

As the spiritual individual repeats the mantra, it works his consciousness into an intense state of awareness of the Divine, with the result that the impression lasts all through the day. And as he repeats this meditation four or five times a day, the impression lasts all through the day and persists into the next day. As he is repeating the experience of the sense of the Divine Presence in meditation, it becomes stronger and stronger. Afterwards the Divine becomes more real than the physical universe.

43rd week

With every repetition of the mantra the spiritual heart charges the whole universe with the Divine Presence. The spiritual heart tries to fill every speck of space with the Presence and the Image of the Divine. In all directions it finds the Divine alone. Even the bones in the body are charged with the mantra-power.

The spiritual individual is always thirsting and hungering after the Divine. Everything reminds him of the Divine, everything inspires him.

Beg the Divine to liberate you from the human limitations. Beg the Divine to open the inner ears of the soul to hear the celestial music, the music of the eternal Truth, the music of the divine Presence. Beg the Divine to grant you inner spiritual sensibility and sensitivity. Be sensitive to the Divine Presence.

44th week

God is the Consciousness in all. He gives value, beauty and genius to everything. He gives the sense of enjoyment to everything and everyone. If you make the best dishes of the whole world and put them before your dead daughter, it is of no use. On the other hand just give a dry piece of bread to a person who has consciousness, at once this person takes it and eats it.

So, Consciousness is everything. Without that, nothing is of importance, value or worth.

45th week

The man in general thinks of his human condition and is unhappy and restless, and he feels weak. The spiritual individual thinks of the Divine, knows himself to be belonging to the infinite, omnipotent, all-beautiful, all-blessed, all-peaceful, all-joyous Divine, and then becomes strong, peaceful, joyous and blessed. So generate divine thoughts. Always associate yourself with the Divine Presence. Let the heart say, "I belong to the infinite Power, the infinite Power is in me, around me. I belong to the infinite Beauty and Blessedness. I am conscious of the infinite Peace and Blessedness, all around me is Blessedness."

Thus the spiritual individual comes closest to the Divine and finds the world a paradise. All the resources to experience the world around as a paradise are in him, and are released from within him. Wherever he turns his gaze, there he finds a paradise, for from within him the divine Qualities are being released. Therefore everywhere he finds a paradise, even where people find difficulties, trials, sorrow and pain.

46th week

The knowledge of the Divine is most essential for the resolution of the limitations of human life. Without the knowledge of the Divine it is impossible to attain any kind of illumination whatsoever; for the Nature of the Divine is Light, and in Light all consciousness comes into a fullest expression, with all its potentialities and possibilities.

47th week

The spiritual individual considers every hour as the most important hour, every day as the most important day, and therefore he clings to the

Divine with a sense of urgency. There is no time for light-heartedness. Life is earnest, life is sincere, life is a challenge: anything can happen at any time, nothing of the future is known to anyone.

Therefore the spiritual individual, with a sense of great urgency, clings to the Divine.

In the impossible the spiritual individual finds something possible, because of his love for the Divine. In a thing, which is heart-paining he finds something pleasant and comfortable, because of his love for the Divine. Thus, he conquers every circumstance, every condition.

This is a characteristic of the spiritual individual.

48th week

The metaphysical Reality is penetrating all physical realities. As everything is in space, - though space is unaffected by everything it contains, - so is everything in the metaphysical Reality, and this Reality is unaffected by everything.

The spiritual individual draws his strength not from the physical things, but from the metaphysical Reality. That, which is within, above and around the physical reality; that which is sustaining the physical reality and is not known through the physical senses, is the inner metaphysical Intelligence, which perceives the metaphysical Reality everywhere.

That metaphysical Reality is the Divine. It is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent; It is the Source of all treasures; It is Peace, Joy and Power; It is the Source of all life, wisdom and beauty, the Source of all freedom, truth and perfection.

The spiritual individual clings to this metaphysical Reality. All his strength, power, peace and joy are drawn from It. It is the Divine, It is infinite Love, infinite Life.

49th week

When a great spiritual person is born there are some extraordinary signs in nature. They are the expression of the joy of nature in this person. Nobody can become great unless one serves the Divine intensely, sacrifices for the Divine, sacrifices the energies, the time, the whole being. No one can become great unless through intense service. Service and love and meditation go together. One who meditates without love and without service makes no progress.

Service and love are essential components of meditation. It is then that one becomes great. Unless one is great one is not illuminated. Greatness is essential, and greatness is the result of hard work, intense devotion; faithful, dynamic service; perseverance and constant and patient service. All these have to be combined. The more the service the more the Divine is pleased,and the more the spontaneous inner knowledge is born.


50th week

The spiritual aspirant constantly uplifts the whole atmosphere. If the atmosphere is depressive, he creates light and joy. Where it is a circumstance of failure he makes of it a success. He is the opposite of everything negative. Nothing negative prospers in his presence.

The greatness of a life lies in the extent to which, through service, it pours out the vision of the Divine it holds.

There is mighty Power in the mystical syllables. You need not be a prophet in order to experience the Divine. You need not read all the books of all the great libraries of the world in order to have wisdom. Experience of the Divine and abundant wisdom automatically take place in your inner heart when you go on merely chanting OM.


51st week

Glorification of the Divine by repetition of the mystical syllables is the greatest thing.

It brings every kind of blessing, it imprisons the Divine in your inner heart with the result that all the great angels must visit you, if they have to see God. So great is the blessing!

When a person gets everything for nothing, or for mere repeating OM, you call such a person a cheater. So, this kind of cheating can be given by the Divine to nobody except to Its own children. The Divine loves all beings so immensely, so boundlessly. That is why It is called all-compassionate. And in Its boundless Love It has given them the easiest method. By merely saying OM OM OM, they get everything. This is the highest secret.


52nd week

You need not fast for years, live in the mountain-solitude and undergo all kinds of ascetic practices. Merely by mantra-repetition you can attain everything.

The Divine Mother is the embodiment of OM. She is called Omkareshwari. That is the supreme Queen of OM, that is the Divine Mother. She is everywhere. She is infinite Wisdom, Intelligence, Consciousness and Energy. OM is in everything. OM is everywhere. OM is supreme Beauty. OM is supreme Life. OM is supreme Peace. OM is supreme Happiness. OM is supreme Purity. OM is the supreme Divinity. There is no God other than OM. There is no God greater than OM. The Divine Mother is the embodiment of OM.

As you sing OM you are producing vibrations in the Heart of the Divine, and touching the Heart of the Divine.


53rd week

The saints drink the OM, eat the OM. Their heart is OM, their body is OM, their eyes are OM. Their whole being is OM. They breathe in OM. They are made of OM. They live by OM. OM is their magic. OM is their highest soul. OM is their Soul of soul. OM is everything for them. OM is the Creator of all heavens. OM is the sustainer of all heavens. OM is the supreme Truth, supreme Life, the supreme Blessedness.

Experience of the Divine is a thing that happens in consciousness, a thing that happens inwardly. Deep spirituality is a matter of inner nature, inner condition, inner experience. In Consciousness the divine Experience takes place. Where does the dream experience take place? In consciousness - within yourself.


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