Mantras, Bhajans, Recitations and Speeches

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Vedic Recitations*

*needs QuickTime 4


Download page for all audio files

About the available options
QuickTime 4.0, MP3 und Real Audio

QuickTime 4.0

With the free QuickTime 4.0 Player you can listen online to all the audio files you will find here. You even can listen with it to all the MP3 files you will find at the download page. If you don't have Quick Time 4 yet then you can get it here for free:

Get QuickTime 4


MPEG Layer 3 Audio Format(MP3) is a new audio file format with a relatively small file size in relation to a sound near CD quality. If you want to use another MP3 player than the QuickTime Player then you can try these links:

MP3 Player Macintosh
MP3 Player Windows

More informations on MP3 you will find here:

MP3 for Beginners


RealAudio is having the advantage to be integrated already in Netscape 4.x . You can download also a Free RealAudio Player here:

Free realplayer

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