Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2020

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


1st week

The whole air and space are filled with the magnificent presence of the all-seeing, all-protecting, all-witnessing Divinity. It is great ignorance which is the cause of the inability of the human individual to perceive and experience the wonders of God’s presence and consciousness here and now.

God is the Substance of your substance, the Thought of your thought, the Feeling of your feeling. You are a child of God. You are a manifestation of God. This is the truth. If you are experiencing yourself to be something other than this, it is a misfortune, it is an illusion, it is a delusion, it is a disease, and it has to be got rid of as quickly as possible.

Your first and fundamental duty in life is to grow conscious of that which is the Breath of your breath, Life of your life, Soul of your soul. How powerful you are in life, how peaceful you are in life, how happy you are in life, what a heaven-making presence you are in life, all rest upon the intensive inner consciousness of your relationship with the Divine.

2nd week

A Sannyasi is the best scientist of life. He is the Master of time and space. A Sannyasi is one who is filled with the Wisdom of God, Treasures of God, Beauties of God, Power of God, Wonders of God, Capacities of God, Nature of God, Character of God. He is filled with the Love of God, a love that flows everywhere, even on the streets on which he walks. This is, what has to be developed. This is, what purifies and illuminates.

We are blessed. We are in the hands of the Divine Mother – the Life of our life, the Breath of our existence. May we be worthy of the Grace She has granted us. Let us be constantly creative, productive. Let us be a Blessing to the people around us. Let us not demand things from others, but be in a condition to give things to others.

3rd week

Whatever thought and feeling you have in your heart is being felt and responded to by the Divine’s Heart here and now. You can hide nothing. You are completely open and exposed to the wondrous eye of the Divine, which is everywhere. This eye of the Divine does not judge you. It loves you. It does not want to punish you for any limitation in your life. With boundless love It wants to lift you out of those limitations.

The Divine loves you immensely, absolutely, unconditionally. Your separation from the Divine is purely your own creation. It is your own mistake. Your life can be an ecstasy here and now, every hour, every second, in every circumstance, whether there is light or darkness, whether fate has brought you good circumstances or bad circumstances. No matter where you are, in what conditions you are, you can always be in the ecstasy of Divine Consciousness, in Divine Happiness.

4th week

The Divine wants you to experience heaven here and now, in all conditions, at all times. It is your destiny; it is your Heart of heart. That is your condition. You are gold. But you are thinking that you are an old woman. Or you are thinking that you are a young man, troubled by so many emotions, riotous emotions and wild passions and so on.

This is a temporary condition, an outer condition. You experience it because you have no hold on love, on God, on Truth, on that which is higher in you. You have no higher interests and aims. If you have higher values and aims, higher ideals, something with which to occupy yourself intensively, then your outer problems will fall away. Through the aid of these, you work yourself to yet higher states and conditions of inner consciousness. Hold on to the all-seeing, all-blessing, all-witnessing, all-loving, all-protecting Presence of God.

5th week

You are inseparable from the Divine Mother. You are inseparable from God. He is your better Self. He is the Love in you. He is the Love of the love in you. He is the Quintessence of Beauty in your soul. He is the Imperishability in your perishing body.

Why complain too much about your body? Why become so strongly conscious of the condition of your body? Try to learn the art of becoming strongly conscious of the Presence of the Divine.

You know the nature of the thought in you. You also know what thought is. Thoughts occur to you. You know what feeling is. Feeling occurs to you. Stronger than these thoughts, stronger than these feelings, is the Presence of God in you. Without that there can be no feeling in you. Without God there can be no thought in you. God is the basis of your thoughts. That is to say not that God causes your wrong thoughts or wrong feelings, but without the Light and Consciousness that God is, no experience of good or bad thought is possible for you. He is the basis of all experience.

6th week

Every object radiates its own magnetism, and its own power. If a person’s heart is impure, and if that person looks at other people eating, looks at the food, you can be sure there will be some damage to all those people who are eating, they will have some sickness, or their mind is disturbed, or their nerves are shaken, because the poisonous vibrations through the sense of sight from this person have affected the food they are eating. The same magnetism and power which is negative in its effects and results is all around that person: wherever that person moves, there is disharmony, trouble.

Therefore, the first requisite for spiritual

aspirants is to be completely free of even those qualities which will be called “good” by the world: Qualities such as dislike, which are never punished by the society, qualities like jealousy, which are never punished by any government, and common qualities which pass for “virtues” in the society, are for the spiritual aspirant something below, not good, and he has to cause in himself pure spiritual qualities.

    So, try for purity of hands, purity of eyes, purity of heart, purity of mind, purity of will, purity of soul, purity of the body, so that everything that you touch prospers, everything you take up brings in wonderful results.

7th week

This is the meaning of being superhuman: constantly outgrowing the present limitations, more spiritual knowledge, more devotion, more faith, more goodness, more purity.

Purity is of many kinds. Any obstacle to the thought of God can be considered as impurity. Any thought which hinders you from thinking of the Divine, any thought, which disturbs your peace and prevents your progress, makes difficult your work, is an impurity. All forms of impurity are great obstacles to your real happiness, your real strength, your real power, your real peace.

Impurity is anything that is preventing your concentration on a nobler thing, concentration on something which results in wealth

                        whether it is material wealth, spiritual wealth, cultural wealth, intellectual wealth, no matter what form of wealth it is.

Therefore, we must exclude things which prevent us from concentrating on our objectives and goals.

8th week

We are conscious of the thought in us; we are conscious of our consciousness. We know we are sitting here; we know that we are listening to someone. This knowledge is arising from some consciousness in us. This consciousness is the seat of God. Inside this consciousness are the wondrous Powers of God, the Omniscience of God, Beauty of God, Peace of God, Happiness of God. Everything is there in the Soul. What sees God, is God’s own Eye in our being. It is there in every one of you. Whether you are a saint or sinner, it is there in you. This capacity to experience God in yourself, here and now, is in all, saint or sinner. If you are a saint, you will experience this quickly in a few days, in a few months, in a year, in two years’ time. If you are a sinner it takes a long time. Sinner means there are many obstacles to a perception of the wondrous Reality of your being.

The Kingdom of God is within you. That

means, God is within you. All the Wonders, which God is doing everywhere, are also there in you.

9th week

Because you are imprisoned in the human body and are full of limitations in thinking, you have so many problems. There is something external, something internal for you, something human, something divine. All kinds of difficulties are arising because your thinking is limited.

All human thinking is limited. But if you reject this human mode of thinking, you will be able to see, that the Soul in you is wider than the whole cosmos. It is a paradox, but this is the Reality; this is a Fact. The Soul in you is wider than the universe and more luminous than the most luminous object in creation.

The nature of God is boundless Light. It is the most fantastic Light. That is your nature. You are the happiness of boundless Light.

10th week

A Sannyasi is one who is established in the eternal Life, whose heart is pure, who is ever-peaceful, ever-happy. He is established in Brahmavidya, the science of the Divine Reality, the Wisdom of God. “Wisdom of God” is the name of a Sannyasi – Brahmavidya.

What is Brahmavidya? Knowledge is happiness. Infinite knowledge of the infinite Reality is infinite happiness. Therefore, ananda, or happiness, is inseparable from knowledge of the Reality. Where there is Brahmavidya, there is ananda. Brahmavidya is a dynamic, all-seeing consciousness. This consciousness is of the nature of happiness. It is ananda.

It is a sin to call a Sannyasi after his body, after his colour, after the age of his physical body. He is a manifestation of God’s Presence. He has to sustain himself in God-consciousness in order that he may present himself to human experience as a manifestation of God.

11th week

Can you deny intelligence? Use it. God is goodness; use it for good purposes.

God is light; use it for luminous purposes. God is purity; use it for pure purposes and the intelligence will become bigger and bigger. The soul will become more and more luminous.

Luminosity is the Body of the Divine Mother. Brilliance is the Body of the Divine Mother. Splendour is the Body of the Divine Mother. Touch this Body; enshrine It in your heart, in your blood, in your whole being. Let this Light of the Divine be yourself. Become one with this Light. Get rid of all wants. This is the science of life. This is the aim of life.

12th week

Let us say, here is a picture of the Divine. If your concentration on it is all-absorbing, you will forget the whole universe. You have renounced the whole universe. If a fly sits on your nose, you don’t know it. The clock ticks behind you; you don’t hear it. You are absorbed in concentration on the beautiful face of the Divine. And your face is lit up with the knowledge that the Divine is all-seeing, all-pervading, all-knowing. And your heart, desperately and with all its strength, wants boundless joy, boundless peace, boundless knowledge, boundless beauty, boundless life.

When you have this absorbing interest in the Divine, automatically you renounce time and space and circumstance.

13th week

It is your destiny to experience eternal Life, to return to the Heaven of infinite Perfection which is here and now. This is unavoidable. This is the end of creation. The death of the world, the death of the universe will not touch you, will not destroy you. It will certainly destroy your body. If you are ignorant and identify yourself with the body, you will suffer. You will be full of anxiety that your body will be destroyed.

But if you follow the Wisdom given in my speeches, confirmed by your inner conscience and inner soul, then you will have no fear. If you follow this Wisdom and thus conquer ignorance and the delusion in which you are subsisting, you will never fear, you will never suffer, you will never have any desire. Your desire will be only for that which is imperishable, for a happiness which is unlimited, for an object of enjoyment which is yours and can never be taken away from you something which belongs to you exclusively, something which you can always enjoy, something which remains with you in all circumstances and conditions.

14th week

God dominates our daily life minute by minute, in all circumstances, in all situations, just as the pain of a heavy toothache dominates you in all conditions and circumstances, even while you are engaged in various works.

God is the central Reality of our existence. So He is to everyone who is devoted to the Divine. He is always all-seeing, always witnessing everything everywhere, constantly determining our thoughts and feelings, insofar as our hearts are devoted to Him, dedicated to Him, surrendered to Him. My Adorations to this Divinity who is constantly watching, reporting, speaking, talking, arranging things for us in daily life.

My Adorations to this Divinity as Love in your hearts.

15th week

Music is the universal language. Dance is the universal language. Music is divine. See Goddess Saraswati. She has a Veena in her hand. Look at Lord Shiva. He has a Damaru in His hand; He has a conch in His hand. OM is music. OM is dance.

No one knows the sanctity and divinity of these arts as Hinduism, the eternal religion, Sanatana Dharma. It is not the religion of any prophet. It is the religion of infinite Truth. It is the religion of that which was, is and will always be. In this religion, the supreme Truth, in the fullness of its perfection, has manifested Itself as Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge. She is a manifestation in Herself of the supreme Mother of all Gods and Goddesses: Vedamata, Aditi, the original Goddess. Lord Shiva is a small son of this supreme Goddess. Vishnu is a small son of this supreme Goddess. She is the Mother of all Gods and Goddesses. She is the Mother of all prophets and all gurus, of all that is manifest, of all sciences.

16th week

Self-conquest is necessary. The more you conquer yourself, the more wonderful you will be. It is very easy to eat, to take one more spoon of a tempting dish. It is at precisely this point that you must invent a thousand reasons why you should not take it and thus conquer the situation. Your willpower increases. Your spirituality increases. You are not a slave of your senses. You are not a slave of your inclinations. You become master of yourself. That makes the heart more pure. That makes the soul more spiritual. And that makes possible the birth of new intuitions, insights, illuminations.

Therefore, try to see that life is progressing on many fronts. Thought culture, emotional culture, moral culture, intellectual culture, will culture all these are essential. We must be progressive individuals. We must be always adventurous, always heroic. This is the science of life. This is the art of life. Let us be masters in the art of life, masters in the science of life. This is the best degree and diploma that you can get from any university in the world.

17th week

     In the lives of great artists, writers, thinkers, businessmen, you will find, that their lives consist of eliminating everything which is not contributing to their progress in their own specific field of function. In the case of a Sannyasi, he eliminates from his life everything that prevents the development of universal love, everything that prevents the acquisition of wisdom that grants new eyes, a new heart, everything that prevents him from gaining a mastery over himself and his circumstances.

It is a great mistake to put our happiness in the hands of someone else. We must carry our happiness in ourselves. It must be all-independent. It must be persisting. Then we will be in a position to make others happy. If our happiness is in somebody else’s hands, we will be perpetually miserable. If our happiness depends on something external, we will be perpetually unhappy. Our happiness must emerge from within ourselves.

Our soul is of the nature of happiness; that is why the Sannyasi is called Ananda. Why is he called Ananda – Happiness? Because the soul’s very nature is happiness. He is soul; he is not body. He is not Mr. X or so. He is Light; he is Consciousness. The nature of Light is happiness. The nature of Consciousness is happiness.

18th week

Discover the Divine. Discover the Creator. Discover the Experiencer. Who is thinking through you? Who observes your thoughts? Who tells you that there are people around you? Your intelligence. Who tells you that you have an intelligence? Who observes the functioning of your intelligence? The inner consciousness. You can close your eyes and observe your own intelligence functioning. You can observe the thoughts that rise and fall. You can observe the feelings that cross your heart.

That consciousness in you, which is the Observer of the observer, the Witness of whatever is happening within you and the Witness of even your thoughts and feelings, is something other than your thoughts and feelings. It is infinitely more than your thoughts and feelings, infinitely more than the physical universe around you. The physical universe disappears into infinite Consciousness.

Through the Grace of God, through rigorous, inexorable logic, analysis, rigorous metaphysical thinking, backed, supported and sustained by purity of heart and a perfected moral nature, you perceive the Wonders of Consciousness within you.

19th week

All your possessions are like the body, something extraneous, superfluous, not belonging to you, something which you cannot take with you, something which can be destroyed, robbed, something which fails you in certain circumstances.

By giving up the ego, the body, the outer possessions or your inner mind, you lose nothing. You are the central Consciousness, the central Being. It is all-complete in Itself. It can create million bodies; It can create million egos; It can create all the objects in the universe. It has all capacities within It. You are that Being. That you have to experience. This is the teaching of all religions. This is the aim of all philosophies. This is the aim of all human endeavours.

20th week

You may deny the existence of God, but you cannot deny the existence of love. And so long as you accept love, you are a God-lover; you accept God, because love is God. You may deny the existence of God, you may not believe in God, but you believe in intelligence. Insofar as you believe in intelligence, you are a God-believer, for intelligence is God. So in relation to love; so in relation to law; so in relation to truth; so in relation to existence. You cannot deny your own existence. Insofar as you believe in your existence, you believe in God, for God is existence. You are tied to God everywhere, in all manner of ways. It is a delusion to think that there is an atheist anywhere in the world. That is impossible.

21st week

Who is a holy man, who is a Saint? A Saint is a person who is rooted in the ecstasy of God-consciousness. And what is God-consciousness? It is love-consciousness, unlimited love-consciousness, divine love-consciousness. Bhagavan is Premamurti. God is the embodiment of Love.

A Saint is one who is charged with the ecstasy of inner love. He is not hysterical in his expression; he does not yell out in joy. His whole inner being is established in the strong, steady, beautiful, epic joy of love unlimited. He needs no intoxication, no wine, no alcohol, no drug. Nothing is essential in order to increase the inner happiness and ecstasy in which he subsists. He does not even need money. He does not need something to eat to derive his happiness. His heart and soul and inner being of experience are deeply rooted in this Divine, ecstatic happiness. He is possessed by God, who is the Wonder of wonders.

22nd week

God has created the world with His own Substance. What is His Substance? Consciousness is His Substance; supreme Beauty is His Substance; supreme Wisdom is His Substance; supreme Peace is His Substance; supreme Intelligence is His Substance. The whole universe is nothing but supreme Consciousness, God’s own nature, God’s own blood, God’s own Being. The universe is organically related to Him; it is a part of Him; it is He Himself. This is the Universe.

All time and space have come from Him.

They live in Him, subsist in Him, are dissolved in Him. The whole dance of this creation, dissolution and re-creation is taking place in His own Being, in His own Consciousness. You, I, this metal, this microphone, this wooden table, these breathing leaves, that harmonium there, all these are God Himself, a powerful Light of God, a mighty Fire of God-Consciousness. Change your vision, and you will experience God everywhere.

23rd week

To take Sannyasa means, that you have taken a resolve to live by the high ideals of Sannyasahood, that you will uplift yourself and abide in the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience of God.

Breathe God with every breath you take in. Eat God with the food you eat. See God in the people around you. See God in the trees around you, in the buildings, in the snow and in the rain, in the sand and in all the flowers, in man and woman, in all that is living and all that is not living. Perceive the boundless central residual Energy and Consciousness. Be in tune with the Imperishable. You are imperishable. Your ignorance is the cause of all your problems.

A Sannyasi is not an ajnani, but a Jnani. He is a Jnani, a Knower. What does he know? Does he know of the shoes or the table or the chair or the people around? No, he is the knower of the Reality, knower of the Self within, knower of the Self in you, knower of Brahmavidya.

24th week

Now, in every one of you, there are self-transcending capacities. Become a thinker; become a philosopher; become a lover, a musician in heart. Let your character be music; let your feelings be music; let your thoughts and sentiments express musical phenomena.

There is reason everywhere in the whole universe.

There is music in the blooming flower; there is music in the sprouting seedling; there is music even in the flying plane; there is in everything and everywhere music.

Music and energy are identical. Music is OM. OM is God. God is Music. God is Energy. God is Light. God is Consciousness.

25th week

God’s very nature is Joy, is Consciousness, is Beauty, is Love, is Peace, is Perfection. God has created the world as Himself, with Himself, in Himself. He is the world; the world is God. He is infinitely more than the world that He has created. He is infinitely superior to everything that is manifest, yet He is all that is manifest, organically.

My hand and the rest of the body are not two different things. It is one body. The world and God are one body, one Being, one Light. It is God appearing as the world.

Every human being is a manifestation of the Infinite, in the Infinite, for the Infinite, by the Infinite, is of the Infinite. He is Himself the Infinite.

One who knows this, one who lives this, one who has dedicated his life to this, is a Swami, is a Sannyasi.

26th week

A Saint, or a holy man, is mad with Love, he is possessed by Love. He is possessed by the Wisdom of God. Even the hairs on his head say: “I am Eternity; I am Immortality.” How to destroy such a man? You cannot destroy such a man. Even his hairs are saying that he is indestructibility, even his hairs are saying, that he is rooted in the imperishable Reality. Even his hands and fingers are saying that he lives and moves and has his being in the wondrous, immortal, all-perfect Being. Everything around him conveys the message that God is the Life of our life, the Soul of our soul, the Intelligence of our intelligence and the Strength of our strength.

27th week

May the horizons of your knowledge continue to recede and expand.

May the Divine dwell with us as if It were our shadow, as if It were our heart.

    In fact, the Divine is the Heart of our heart, Life of our life, Soul of our soul, the infinite Consciousness of our consciousness. May you be happy. May you be a powerful personality. May you uplift others. May you be productive, constructive. May you provide shelter to the people and give them real food, which is Wisdom, which is selfless Love, which is the radiance and emanation of your inner peace, inner goodness.

28th week

Let us pray to the omnipresent, all-seeing, all-protecting, all-loving God to grant us all more wisdom, greater reason, a powerful intelligence, which is able to see things clearly and give us mastery over life and its circumstances.

May the Grace of God grant all of us a peaceful heart, which is able to remain above the temptations and trials of life.

May the Divine Grace strengthen our will, illuminate our intelligence, work through our hands, fill our lives with Its goodness, fill our lives with Its peace and Its beauty, with Its strength.

May we be free from illusions and delusions.

29th week

A Sannyasi is established in the vision of God. He is perpetually living in the fire of purity. At no time he is unconscious of the all-seeing eyes of God, no matter where he is. At no time he is unconscious of the all-protecting, infinite Power of God.

He is a man in God. He is God in man.

Such a Sannyasi deserves to be adored. He is an illuminator, a joy-giver. He is the illuminator of the Vedas.

Truth is your essential nature. You are imperishable so long as you are in the Truth. In all conditions you are the all-perfect Being of God.

    If you are conscious only of the limitations of life, it is a most unfortunate situation. You must liberate yourself from this situation.

30th week

Already all are perfect. Already there is a perfect image of God in the inner being. It has to be unveiled. What is not already present, you cannot create.

You see, God is something which is perfect. Perfect is something which is not born, something which therefore never dies, something which has no beginning and therefore no end, something which is eternal, inconceivable. That is the Reality; That can be experienced. While you are still in the body, That can throb in the heart.

We can speak to God. We can bring God into a picture, into fire, into an icon, into the hands, into the eyes, into the heart. Or we can have Him as a Companion. God is the most wonderful Friend. He is your eternal Companion. Whether you want Him or not, He is with you.

31st week

The goal of being the Divine and dissolving ourselves in the infinite Divine, in the Love of the Divine, in the Person of the Divine, walking as the Divine, this is our destiny. This destiny is in our constitution. It is not an ethical norm or a spiritual goal set for us by human reason. It is our organic goal, even as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

Whether you want it or not, every human being has to experience infinite life. Everyone who is born must one day become the Unborn and experience absolute Peace and Perfection. The earlier you experience it, the better.

    If you don’t experience it, your life will be full of challenges, problems and sorrows. Therefore, you must quickly experience it. When you experience it, you purify the whole world. You bless the physical mother and the physical father. You are a blessing to everyone in the family, a blessing to the country, blessing to the universe, blessing to the whole creation.

32nd week

My words are coming from OM. My thoughts are coming from OM. My perceptions are coming from OM. I exist in OM. I live as OM. I have no existence apart from OM.

OM is the Reality of realities. It is the Wisdom of wisdom. It is the Light of lights. It is the Power of powers. It is the ultimate Power in the universe. It is unlimited, eternal, timeless, absolute Power. It is consciousness; it is sound; it is light; it is beauty; it is science; it is knowledge; it is art; it is dance; it is rhythm; it is vibration.

Vibration is everywhere in the world. Vibration has brought the universe into existence. Vibration is God. There is a dimension in the vibration which is not vibration, which is beyond vibration, but yet, the vibration and the dimension of the vibrationless Being are identical; Vibration and the dimension of the vibrationless Being are one and the same, they cannot be dissociated. Infinite Consciousness is identical with infinite Being. They cannot be dissociated.

33rd week

The Divine Mother is all-compassionate. She is an ocean of mercy. She is an ocean of sweetness. All women are manifestations of that Mother. Whenever you see a woman, inwardly adore her as a manifestation of the Divine, as an incarnation of the Supreme Divine Mother’s Love, as an incarnation of the Beauty of the Supreme Divine Mother, as an incarnation of the Energy of the Supreme Divine Mother, as a representative of the Supreme Divine Mother.

    Then your life becomes more powerful, more sweet, more beautiful, more unbreakable, more rich in wisdom, more rich in courage, more rich in all moral qualities and excellences, all spiritual qualities and excellences, all intellectual qualities and excellences, all artistic qualities and excellences.

34th week

God is the Life in you.

He is the Awareness in you. He is the Existence in you.

He knows the thoughts, before they arise in you. He gives you the power to see them. He gives you the joy of seeing them. He gives you the freedom of seeing them. He is the Source of Joy, of Light that sees, Light that enables you to see, Light that creates new thoughts and new feelings.

So, here is God with you, you are completely tied up, inextricably mixed up with God.

Know this!

Derive strength from this!

Go about as a master of everything!

35th week

If you want to taste real love, you will have it only from a Swami, a Sannyasi, one who is stripped of all that is human. Living in a human body, He is not human. He is perpetually rooted in the Consciousness of the Divine. Nothing could be so catastrophic and so tragic in His life as to lose contact with this Divine Consciousness. That is supreme Blessedness.

To be in tune with the Divine, to be unified with the Heart of God, to be unified with the immortal, imperishable Life of God, here, now, in all conditions, to see God alone while seeing all the people around, to speak to God alone while speaking to the people around, to depend on God alone more than on the breath or on the physical body, this is characteristic of the Sannyasi.

36th week

The Divine is someone who is hearing you always, someone who is recording everything that you do, someone who cannot be separated from you, someone who is in iron, someone who is in the diamond, someone who is in granite.

Supposing you are locked up in granite, even there God is with you. Supposing you are submerged in the ocean, even there God is with you. Supposing you are taken to invisible worlds, even there God is with you. Supposing you are in deep sleep, even there God is with you. Supposing you are in some world of dream, even there God is with you. Supposing you are buried under the earth, by earthquake or by some other means, even there God is with you.

There is nowhere where He is not.

37th week

Who in the world is free from want?

Only one who has God in his heart, in his hands, in his daily life; one who sleeps with God, rises with God, walks with God, eats with God, talks with God, listens to God, is in tune with God, the Divine Mother, the endless Consciousness, one who knows, he is infinite and not a body.

    Don’t think God is not hearing you. Don’t think God is not now seeing you. Don’t think that God is not now amidst us. He is closer to you than your own conscience. God is closer to you than your own hair. He is the Eye in your eye. He is the Breath in your breath. He is the Soul in your soul. He is the Essence of Love in your love.

38th week

Whatever is valuable is Lakshmi.

It is your duty to increase Lakshmi in the world. Work is Lakshmi. Energy is Lakshmi. Willpower is Lakshmi. Increase those, be useful to the whole world!

Be useful to the whole mankind; be useful to God, be useful to yourself.

You can never steal anything in the world; you can never have anything for nothing.

Win everything by love; win everything by goodness; win everything by sacrifice. Constantly give. Don’t be a beggar; don’t be always asking. Go about the mission of giving, giving.

Give your good thoughts. Give your good feelings. Express your virtuous conduct. Enrich the whole world by your prayers, by your uplifting sentiments, by your virtues.

    Always be creative, productive. Do something. Through this God expresses Himself. Through this Lakshmi expresses Herself.

39th week

We must use God.

When you repeat the Sri Suktam, at once the prayer is answered. Every prayer counts with us. We have intimate relations with the Divine. There is no such thing as a prayer not answered; there is no such thing as a prayer not heard by the Divine.

Increase your purity; increase your goodness; increase your intelligence. Work hard and purify yourself by hard studies, by hard kitchen-work, by hard house-work, by hard professional work.

Uplift yourself. Discipline yourself.

Control yourself. Express the best in you.

Express devotion, that is God. Express love, that is God. Express goodness, that is God. Express peace where there is cause for expressing restlessness, that is God. That increases your Lakshmi, and that brings you into a condition, into a state, where you are more and more receptive to the all-seeing Omnipresence of God.

40th week

You cannot be limited by the body. You are ever-young, ever-beautiful. You are made in the image of God. Remain as the image of God. Don’t be proud of your face, the face of your human body, which is changing minute by minute, which is becoming uglier minute by minute. Your body is drawing closer to the grave minute by minute, second by second. It is a perishable thing. Don’t be proud of it. Be proud of the Soul in you, the Breath of God in you. It is imperishable. It is infinite Power. With its help you can take any body you like, like the Divine Mother Sri. You can always be a sixteen year old person. You can take any body you like, any time you like, anywhere you like, in any condition you like.

The body is something that is limiting; the body is something perishable. The Consciousness of God in you is bodyless, timeless, yet it takes all forms.

41st week

The Divine Mother is infinite Wisdom, infinite Consciousness, infinite Beauty, infinite Love, infinite Goodness, infinite Light, infinite Life. But at the same time She can assume all forms.

Because the Divine Mother bears in Herself infinite Power, if you want God to appear in the form of your own mother, she will appear to you as your own mother, stand before you as your own mother, and disappear as soon as the purpose for which you have called her is over.

Such are the possibilities in the Divine Mother. She is a girl. And at the same time, She is timeless. She is infinite Consciousness. She can assume any form. She can appear as Krishna. She can appear as Shiva. All these Gods are her children, her babies.

42nd week

Everything needs discipline. Nobody can become a lawyer or a doctor without hard work. There is sacrifice involved; there is practice involved.

If you want God experience, it is exactly the same. By merely reading the Bhagavadgita or Upanishads or hearing the Veda, you cannot have God experience. You must also practise, practically apply your knowledge.

Use God, every minute. Begin your spiritual life now. Even if you are not yet a great Saint, think like a Saint, feel like a Saint, read the Saint’s books, act like a Saint, secretly and silently, humbly and egolessly. Develop virtues.

    All this is Lakshmi. Lakshmi must be enhanced, enriched. May your life be full of Lakshmi’s Presence, Power, Splendour and Glory.

43rd week

    Through earnest Prayers and Mantra-Repetition, divine Energy is produced. In the divine Energy is the Presence of the Divine. It touches the Heart of the Divine. It makes the invisible God assume a visible form. It makes the infinite, inexpressible, formless Love assume the form of a Mother and stand by you. It is the source of prosperity. It is the source of power. It is the source of beauty and fulfilment of life. No life is fulfilled, except that of one who is in tune with the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is Truth, Beauty, Goodness. Truth and Beauty are one. Truth and Goodness are one. Truth and Knowledge are one. Truth and Consciousness are one and the same. Truth and Music are one and the same. Truth and Life are one and the same. Let your life be founded on Truth. When it is founded on Truth, on the all-witnessing, all-seeing, omnipresent God, on the all-loving, all-sustaining and all-protecting God, automatically your life becomes rich.

44th week

A Saint is anyone whose heart is purified. A Saint is anyone who is full of Lakshmi, the wealth of wisdom, the wealth of spiritual knowledge, the wealth of the splendour of Divine Love, the wealth of goodness, the wealth of dynamism, energy. The most hard-working persons are the Saints. They are always working, even when they are sitting in the lotus posture. They are always conscious of the welfare of others. They are always enriching the integrating forces in the universe. They are cosmic personalities. They love you sincerely.

You can never understand a Saint, unless you are a Saint. You can never experience God, unless you are God.

    That means, your whole nature must become divine, before you can experience God.

45th week

Dance is a part of God. OM is dance. Shiva is dance. Shiva is the King of dancers. Shiva is the Emperor of dancers. Shiva is the Master of the art of dancing.

Look at the starry heaven above. It is a splendid, indescribable, ineffable dance of the Consciousness of God as nature. Look at the heart dancing. Look at the atom dancing. The whole of nature is a dance. The whole of nature is characterized by rhythm. Shabda Brahman, the Sound Infinity, the Sound Absolute, is the source of all dance.

    There is movement in everything that is created. Movement is dance. The Divine Mother is a Dancer. Shiva is a Dancer. Krishna is a Dancer. Radha is a Dancer. You dance in joy. Joy is the source of dance. You dance in love. Love is the source of dance. You dance when you see something excellent and splendid. Perfection is the source of dance. God, when He beholds Himself as infinite Perfection, He slips into dance. Dance is a medium through which His joy of the experience of Perfection is expressed.

46th week

A Sannyasi is one, who is established in the nature of Consciousness. He is rooted in the Self. His outer consciousness is withdrawn into his own inner being. The Self reveals Itself. The Self shows Itself through the Presence and Being of God.

God is supreme Consciousness. And supreme Consciousness is Truth, is Beauty, is Love, is endless Knowledge. It has in Itself all capacities. It does not eat. It does not sleep. It does not breathe. It alone is everywhere. Therefore, the Nirvana Shatkam says: “I am Consciousness. I am not this thinking mind, this operative intelligence, this unconsciousness, this subconsciousness. I am not anything that is being presented to me through the physical senses.”

How can there be a mother for that which has never been born? The Consciousness within me is unborn, eternal, all-witnessing.

47th week

Work with the Divine; work in the Divine; work by the light of the appearance of the Divine. If you build a thing with your own hands, it will break. You will do it with depression and unhappiness; you will do it with anxieties and problems; you will do it with a grumbling, imperfect human nature. But if you do your work with the Divine, or permit the Divine to do the work through you, it will last, it will be done in peace and joy, in wisdom and patience.

Again and again displace everything by the appearances of the Divine. Dwell in the light of the appearances of the Divine. Concentrate the whole soul’s attention upon the appearances of the Divine. With every mantra repetition, behold and praise the appearances of the Divine all around you.

48th week

Mahalakshmi is everything that is beautiful, everything that is emanating from the infinite Consciousness. She has her eyes here. Her eyes are in your eyes. Her eyes are in the whole space. Her Heart of infinite Love is everywhere. Her Brilliance is there in this light. Her Brilliance is in your eyes – the Brilliance of the Divine as Mother, the Brilliance of the Divine as the Beauty of beauties, all-pure, all-perfect, all-beautiful, all-knowing.

Whether you stand or sit, you must be in contact with God. Whether you think or feel, you must be in touch with God.

I am here to link your perishable life with the Imperishable. I am here to give you a taste of the infinite, unconditioned, all-independent Happiness. This is the purpose of Religion. This is the purpose of Philosophy. This is the ultimate purpose of all forms of Knowledge in the world.

49th week

We are direct and organic manifestations of the infinite divine Truth. Our relations with the Divine are organic and unbreakable.

Humanity labours in profound ignorance. Someone from the Heart of the divine Truth must emerge in order to lead mankind by the hand towards the ultimate goal. Such are those great Manifestations of God who enter into the space-time universe with the consciousness of the timeless, spaceless Divinity, and uplift mankind to a living experience of this Truth.

The physical body is a concretization, materialization. An unhappy condition, it is constantly being kicked about by the various forces of the universe. It is a deadly condition, an unnatural, perishable thing, a troublesome thing. Caught up in the body, consciousness can contemplate the Divine and release itself into the infinite, universal Perfection. Meditation is an intense process of concentration of consciousness on the infinite Life, Perfection, Light of the Divine.

50th week

Develop Saintliness. Grow conscious of the Divine Presence, which is always with you. Refer to the Divine in all that is beautiful. By inward knowledge and devotion, taste Him in all that is sweet. Behold Him in all that breathes. Know Him to be a Presence full of Light, full of Peace, full of Happiness. No matter what you receive from whom, know it to be something received from the hand of the Divine. No matter what you give to anyone, know it to be from the hand of the


    Divinize all your life. Even when you are washing your face and brushing your teeth, let that be a sacrament. Whatever the nature of your conversation may be, let the spirit behind it be divine. This would be the way towards inner richness.

51st week

Intensely grow conscious of the immediate presence of the Divine. Beg this Divine to grant you luminous intelligence. Beg this Lord, this all-blessing, all-seeing, all-responding Divinity, to abide in your heart as divine Love, to abide in your mind as genius, to abide in your energies as dynamism, to abide in your character as deep spirituality, in your works as selflessness, in your feelings as divine sweetness and inspiration.

All dullness, all error, all ignorance, all unhappiness must be banished from your life. Beg the Divine to fill your life with divine qualities. Always beg for more life, for more lightness and inspiration. Remember the truth again and again: God is more real than the people and their bodies that you are seeing all around you. To this God tie your heart, and draw from Him your strength, your inspiration, your intelligence, your blessedness.

52nd week

A Sannyasi is without desires, without passions. He does not drink; he does not smoke; he does not use his senses for sense pleasures. All these would pervert his intelligence. If he uses the senses, his reason becomes weaker, he has anxieties, he has desires, he has passions, he has love and hate.

A Sannyasi is one who has boundless, real, universal, selfless love. He is an embodiment of beneficent forces. No matter how his behaviour may be, his inner motives are perfect, selfless. He cannot destroy himself by selfishness, by love for sense-pleasure. He cannot surrender himself to passion, as ordinary human beings surrender themselves to passion. He is Master of himself. He does not surrender himself to the passing thought, however great the thought may be. He does not surrender himself to any emotion, no matter how noble and fine it may be. He retains his independence. He observes these thoughts and feelings arise and disappear.

And because of this self-control, he has unending Joy.

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