Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2021

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


1st week

Develop intimate relations with the Divine. Let It not be a distant reality but a close presence.

A little girl of two and a half years is restless when her mother is not by her, no matter where the child is, amidst people or alone. The very thought that the mother is near her, calms her down.

You, who are finite, must constantly have by you a Form of the Infinite.

Someone, called the Divine, the infinite Happiness, Peace, Knowledge, Power, Grace, Perfection, infinite Love, Light, Beauty, Freedom is by you.

Carry this Form with you.

Wherever you move, find this Form moving with you.

2nd week

Gain knowledge of yourself in relation to God. Gain knowledge of God in you. You must know the sources of your strength, your treasures. Your treasures are in yourself, imperishable treasures. There is nothing in the external world which is not in you. There is no beauty in the external world which is not present in its absolute state in your own inner consciousness. This is not a page from the metaphysics, it is Experience, it is the real Science, it is the real Intelligence, it is real Knowledge. Change your scheme of values, take values which are dictated to you by the Presence of God.

Hatred makes you ugly, wrong emotions make you ugly, they disturb your peace and joy, they blind you, so avoid these things. The best way to avoid them is, go on developing love in you, devotion in you, spiritualize your life, divinize yourself. Let your eyes see God while you see so many people here. Train the eyes in this manner.

3rd week

The spiritual heart says: “God is my strength, my peace, my happiness, my wealth, my palace, my everything.”

The life of the aspirant is very hard, externally seen, but inwardly, it is rooted in serenity, in peace and cheerfulness, in wisdom and in light, in silence and in rest.

Outwardly, it is characterized by dynamism, it is a hard life, a life of sacrifices, a life of service, a life of selflessness, a life dedicated for enriching mankind.

Elevate, exalt your thoughts, always entertain the best thoughts. Always think of God or Father God or Mother God or Love God or Beauty God or Truth God. No matter how you approach God, know that God to be omnipresent, omnipotent and your greatest Lover.

4th week

We have seen there is no difference in the different works that people are executing. Everything is work. But if you do it as a spiritual discipline, as an adoration of God, as a love for that which is the supreme Treasure, as love for that which is the Love of love, as a love for that which is the Mother of mothers, Father of our fathers, Light of our lights, Observer of all observers, then work becomes prayer, the house becomes a Temple, the office becomes a Temple. And wherever you walk, the ground becomes sacred, peace emerges in you, even if the outer circumstances are conspiring and determined to destroy your peace. Therefore, do all that you do in your daily life with a spiritual attitude. Offer all your works to the Divine in your thought and in your spirit. In your feeling dedicate your works to God. Do it for the sake of That, which is supremely Beautiful.

5th week

God is so compassionate and all-loving; He has kept doorways everywhere in order we can get into God-experience in the Heart.

Music is a doorway to experience God. Science is a way to experience God. Devotion is a way to experience God. Prayer and worship are a way to experience God. There are all kinds of ways. Service is a way to experience God. God can present Himself in a thousand ways, in million ways. He is everything and everywhere. Beauty is a way to God-experience; Art is a way to God-experience. The love and service of a mother, a motherly heart, is a way to God-


All roads in life and in the world lead to God-experience. We cannot lie down or rise up or move without touching God. He is Ecstasy, thrilling Joy, blinding Splendour and Beauty. He is an unending stream of Wisdom and Knowledge and Illumination. You are in the ocean of His Life and Consciousness and throbbing Existence.

6th week

Try to develop a spiritual character, and abandon human weaknesses, develop a spiritual attitude. Speak to God in every tree. No matter whether the people around are good or bad, commune with the Divine Presence in their heart. All are equally bearing the Presence of God. So, you cannot say: “That was a bad person, and therefore I did

not experience the Presence of God in his heart.”

Always the mistake is on your side if you don’t experience the Divine, or if you are not finding the world good, or if you are not finding the people around you good, or if you are not finding your circumstances good.

Therefore, always correct yourself. Always change yourself, always transform yourself.

Develop another attitude: “I must change myself. I must redeem myself, I must help others, adoring them as manifestations of the Divine.”

7th week

It is my duty, my joy, to aid you to settle your heart in perpetual prayer and meditation, to help you attune your inner being with the dimensions of the Infinite, to disclose to you your unbreakable, inseparable relations with the infinite Perfection, Love, Joy, to settle your Intelligence in a perpetual awareness of the Omnipresence of the Divine, to make the Deathlessness of your inner being your personal experience, to help you gain an ecstatic experience here and now, in all conditions, the experience of your Identity with the Beauty of beauty that God is, to put you in atonement with the all-seeing, all-blessing, all-loving Divinity.

8th week

The purpose of life is God-experience. Your first aim is, to be rooted in God, to develop your love, so that the Light of God in you becomes bigger, develop your peace, so that the Light of God in you becomes bigger, develop your goodness, so that the the Light of God in you becomes bigger, develop your wisdom, so that the the Light of God in you becomes bigger.

All the people around you say, that you are a Saint, because they derive strength from you, because they feel happy in your presence, because their problems disappear in your presence, because they get new perspectives in life by your presence. You transmit something which is invisible, something which is coming from the Heart of God. More love is in you, than there is in them.

Try to become Saints.

9th week

Conduct mental worship, cosmic worship. Adore the Divine in spirit, in intelligence, in the inner consciousness. There you are free.

Closing your eyes, you can sit in all the greatest Temples of the world and adore the Divine. Nobody prevents you from that.

You have unlimited freedom in inner thoughts. If in the inner thought you are so wonderful, your outer life also becomes wonderful. You are, what you are in your inner being.

Knowing this secret, try to see that you live in the Kingdom of Heaven, while you are living in this material world.

10th week

I make your heart unbreakable with the help of the imperishable Consciousness in you.

The Light in you is so brilliant and blazing that it is indescribable, ineffable. The Consciousness is of the nature of Light, unutterable Light, and this whole universe, which is filled with endless suns and stars, is a feeble manifestation of the Light of God. These feeble lights disappear with the passage of time, but the Light which produces all these suns and cosmic systems and stellar regions is imperishable, indestructible, it is you, it is I, it is the Truth.

Realize this and you will see how much strength you gain.

11th week

God is the boundless Knowledge in you. Why do you run away from Knowledge? God is the real Beauty in you. Why do you run away from this Beauty? You can make your body beautiful. Nobody objects to it. But first know, that you are the Beauty of beauties, you are imperishable Beauty. There are so many old persons here, they were beautiful when they were young. That beauty is lost, because the body is aging. This is the nature of the body. Don’t be unhappy about the lost beauty. Beauty does not depend on the body. Beauty is a quality of your Soul. The Soul is Beauty of beauties, infinite Beauty. Don’t be depressed if your body has become ugly in consequence of advanced age. Body is perishable. Don’t pay too much attention to the body. Pay more attention to your inner Love, inner Beauty, the Kingdom of Heaven in you, your Intelligence, your Goodness. Your Intelligence never ages, Goodness never ages, Love never ages.

12th week

This world of ours is hazy, is an appearance, today it is, tomorrow it is not. The mystic world is eternally present, it is from this mystic world we receive our words, we receive our Illuminations, we receive our boundless Courage, our Peace that passeth understanding, our Wisdom which is eternal, our Joy which is boundless, our Strength which overcomes every challenge and problem, presented to us.

God is the Breath of our life. Without Him, there will be no possibility of sustaining Existence. He will be always with you. He is the Centre and Source of your Existence. He is the Crown of your Existence. He will be always with you. Grow conscious of this fact. This is not a doctrine or a creed or so. It is a scientific fact, a transcendental scientific fact. It is more true and more real than the flowers, you see before me.

13th week

Let us pray to the Divine:

“May all be happy, may all be successful, may none know unhappiness, may none fear death, may all taste immortality and eternal life, may none age, may none suffer, may everyone be my God, may I worship at the feet of every being.

“You are in all beings, disclose Yourself to me, destroy the common ignorance of humanity which has blinded men to such an extent, that they are unable to see Your presence, which is Love.

“All people are running away from You because of ignorance, running away from real Love, real Light, real Peace, real Wisdom, real Wealth, real Virtue.

“Remove the ignorance, so that they may pursue You, see You, experience You, in all conditions, through all their activities.”

14th week


You have to spiritualize all your works.

The housewife has to be a person of divine Knowledge.

The taxi driver has to be a person of divine Knowledge.

The President has to be a person of divine Knowledge. He must recognize who he is. He must recognize his duty to himself. He must recognize his first evolutionary duty. He must acknowledge the central Truth of our existence. He must possess spiritual Knowledge.

If the housewife does her household work as an offering to God, as work being done by the energies given by God, as a duty assigned to her by the supreme creative Principle, and if she does it in love, in understanding, by developing the excellences of her moral being, the work becomes a means of experiencing God.

15th week

You are a chest of treasures.

You are carriers of the Kingdom of God.

Your worth is unlimited.

Behave properly, not as man, not as woman, but as a child of God, bearer of the Kingdom of God, bearer of the Truth eternal, the Truth, that is eternal, that was, is and will always be.

That is Itself Light and Life, unlimited Life.

The greatest mistake, the greatest misfortune and the greatest ignorance is, to see the world as the world is being presented to us through our senses, as the world, experienced through our senses, to accept the world, presented by the sense experience as the whole reality, to be in our consciousness detached from the infinite Power, Love, Light, Beauty, Grace, Knowledge of God.

16th week

You are living in a world of ignorance. If you are unhappy about your aging body and its ugly features, increasing problems, you are deceiving yourself. You are the Beauty of beauties, don’t identify yourself with the body! You are having a wrong sense of values, you are living in ignorance. Ignorance makes you unhappy, it limits your power, it limits your peace, it limits your happiness. Get out of the ignorance by gaining knowledge of the imperishable God in you, God who is the Love in you, which you cannot deny, God who is the Peace in you, which you are every day enjoying, when you are in deep sleep. God is the Consciousness in you without which you do not hear. In the deep sleep state, consciousness is suspended in its functions. Though you have ears, you do not hear. Though you have eyes, you do not see. So, your real eye is Consciousness, your real ear is Consciousness, your real intelligence is Consciousness, your love is Consciousness.

17th week

The world, as we are experiencing it through the physical senses, is completely misleading. We are living in illusions and delusions, in colossal ignorance.

The right perspective is the perspective of the Purity of Heart. The right perspective is the perspective which is determined by a meditative Consciousness. The right perspective to the world, to the people, to things around, to ourselves and to God and to the universe, is a perspective determined by an awakened and illumined Consciousness, a Consciousness which is not conditioned, not limited.

The Purity of Heart, the boundless and unconditioned Devotion to the Divine, the Grace of God, open up the doors of Consciousness. At once, here and now, you experience altogether a different world; the table, the people, all cease to be what they are to the physical senses. Everything reveals itself to be boundless Love, a beauteous world, indescribable, a world of Splendours.

18th week

Who is happy? One who knows God, one who knows Truth, one who experiences God, one who has discovered himself, one who has realized himself, one who is rooted in the Timeless, one who is consciously One with the Infinite, he alone is happy.

His happiness is all-independent. He does not taste anything, yet he is happy. He does not drink anything, yet he is happy. He does not possess anything, yet he is happy. If he possesses something, still he is happy. If he drinks something, he is still in the same happiness. If he eats something, still he is happy, but all the time his happiness is independent of what he is drinking or eating.

Therefore, everything external to him is superfluous, it is imposed on him as necessity of the finite life, he has to live here on earth.

19th week

Your real Intelligence, your real Heart, your real Consciousness is God’s Consciousness, God’s Intelligence. Unless you react to the world as God would react, you react falsely.

You have to acquire these perspectives. Without these perspectives you can’t have peace, can’t have happiness, cannot sustain your being in unquestionable, untouchable, invincible strength.

We cannot for long remain untrue to our essential nature, which is the Nature and Heart of our all-loving Mother and Father, God. You cannot derive true strength or peace or happiness or prosperity or wealth of any kind from anything external, not only external to yourself but external to God. Everything has to be derived from God. Everything has to be derived from your Self. The Self in you and God are identical.

20th week

Your lives should be gentle and peaceful, giving and compassionate.

Like the music, let your devotion rise from your heart, and let the whole cosmos be filled with the music of your devotion.

Like the fragrance emanating from the flowers, let the divine Knowledge and Wisdom emanate from your intelligence. Every person, every object releases vibrations. Let the vibrations from you be the most superior vibrations in all the world.

Fill all the world with the fragrance of your goodness.

21st week

Your soul is a drop, God is the Ocean. Put this drop in God. You will become the Ocean. How joyous it would be for you to become the whole Ocean!

How beautiful is the physical ocean! Infinitely more beautiful is the Ocean of God, the Ocean of Truth, the Ocean of Love that God is, the Ocean of Wisdom and Consciousness that God is.

Become the Ocean of Joy, the Ocean of Consciousness, the Ocean of eternal Life.


There is no problem which you cannot conquer, there is no circumstance which you cannot overcome. You are the Kingdom of Heaven!

Know that you are the Kingdom of Heaven and express and make manifest in your daily life the unending treasures of the Soul within you.

22nd week

God is always with you, He cannot be separated from you. His nature is Peace. He is moving with you, He is moving as you, He is residing in your heart, in your soul.

When you are in deep sleep, you contact Him unconsciously, and therefore you are peaceful in the deep sleep state.

God is the Source of Peace. Divine Consciousness is Peace. Reality is Peace. Unlimited Consciousness is Peace. It is unlimited Existence. The Existence is Peace. It is Beauty. It is Love. Your real Beauty is in your Soul.

Your body is not your real being. You are eternally young, you are eternally beautiful. Live in this experience before your body perishes! The greater your devotion to God, the greater your hold on the divine Truth, the more pure and exalted and luminous your thoughts are, the more liberating and expansive your feelings are, the more your eyes are purified, and you shall see the Kingdom of Heaven.

23rd week

Recognize your immortal nature. Be a king and a queen in the world. Don’t be mean-minded.

Your treasures are inexhaustible. The more you give, the more you can give. The more you love, the more you can love. The more pure you are, the more pure you can be. The more peaceful you are, the more peaceful you can be. The more happy you are, the more happy you can be.

There is no end to the treasure of happiness in you, to the strength in you, to the peace in you, to the creative consciousness in you, to the high creative intelligence in you, to the creative being of endless beauties, capacities in you.

Do not live below your possibilities. You are not here to suffer.

24th week

If you wish to live in a spiritual Institution, try to develop a spiritual character, a spiritual view, a spiritual attitude.

Let everything be sacred for you. Let the house you live in be the Heart of God for you. Let all women be manifestations of God’s Light and Grace for you. All women are mothers and sisters. Let your attitude be sacred. Then you will progress.

If your attitude is not like that, then you may say prayers a thousand times, they are no better than beating the drum.

So, try to develop a spiritual character, try to live as a blessed flower! Look at the rose! It is emanating fragrance. Does it stop emanating fragrance because a few criminals are sitting around? Certainly not. It continues to be as sweet and as fragrant as it ever was.

It does not lose its character because the people around are not good. It is always good, it is always praying, it is always fragrant, it is always in communion with the Divine, therefore it is always beautiful. That is a spiritual character. That you should develop, if you want to live in a spiritual Institution.

25th week

There is nothing more real than God.

Harder than this metal here is God. And yet softer than the clarified butter there, which is being put into the fire, is God. He is endless Love, endless Knowledge. He is there in the fire. He is there in my eyes. He is there in my fingers, He is there in your heart, He is there in your eyes. He is there in the whole space. He is in the light, He is in the darkness. He is the man, He is the woman, He is the child. He is Wisdom, He is Knowledge. He is understanding, what I say to you. He is hearing through you, what I say to you now. There is endless joy everywhere, right in your heart. You are not able to experience it. This is the tragedy, this is the sin. There is no other sin. You live, move and speak, talk and conduct your life in God. This you do not know. If you know it, you are God, you will enjoy Happiness, boundless Happiness, unending Happiness, you will become deathless.

26th week

Even if there were no Saints and Sages in the past or in the present world, you will automatically know who is God. You will yourself become a Prophet, you will yourself become a Saint, perhaps you will be the first Saint in the world. It is unavoidable. Even if there were no Temple, no Saint to tell you that, no holy book, it is unavoidable that you turn to the Divine, unavoidable that you experience God, unavoidable that you express love increasingly, express wisdom. It is unavoidable that you grow in wisdom increasingly and when this wisdom becomes absolute, unlimited, divine, arising from the purity of your heart, the grand nobility of your nature, you will reach God, you will experience God.

It is unavoidable. It is your inevitable destiny.

27th week

The spiritual aspirant does not judge others, he does not criticize others, he has no time for any of those activities. He is absorbed in his divine work and his heart is inwardly occupied with the Presence of the Divine.

His view is different from the view of the people. The spirit that ensouls his whole lifestyle and its expression is totally different from the spirit that usually ensouls the people. His attitude to food is not as an object of sense pleasure, but as a medicine to be taken in order to keep the body sustained and in good health.

There is no pleasure object for him in the sense-world. His joy, his pleasure, his happiness lie in his wonderful divine thoughts and feelings and contact with God.

His mind is constantly turning back to God, maybe with the help of the Mantra, or maybe with the help of the inner constant reflection upon the Nature of the Divine.

He has a great Heart, which says: “Let me work hard and let hundreds enjoy the good results of my work.”

28th week

Let us meditate on the divine Presence. Let us conduct mental worship, in other words: Let us worship God in thought and in spirit. Think of the wonderful light that the sun is, brilliant, blazing. Put that sun in every speck of space, everywhere. Close your eyes and install the Light of the Divine everywhere. Live in the boundless Light. Close your eyes and see Light everywhere. Now let us tell the Lord, who is all-seeing, all-knowing:

“Lord, Thou who art omnipresent, all-knowing, my secret Treasure, my endless Strength, the Breath of my breath, the Beauty of my beauty, the Soul of my soul, the Science of the science that I know, the Music of all music, Lord enlighten me, uplift me, fill me with knowledge, with Your Peace, with Your Joy, make me an instrument of Your boundless Peace and Love. Let me see and experience Your unlimited and eternal Life. Let all beings experience You, let all beings transcend all limitations in the experience of Your boundless Love and Goodness and Happiness.”

29th week

Offer everything that you do to the Divine. You have done something wonderful, offer it to the Divine. Well, there is the effect of that good that you have done, it has to bring you great fortune, but you have said: “I don’t want anything, Lord, I give all that I have done, to You!” Therefore the Lord converts the great good fortune that has emerged from your good action into great Illumination within you.

When you have Illumination, you have infinite good fortune, infinite knowledge. So then, we have sung praises to God, there are good results of it now emerging, you will have better health, more peace, more calmness of mind, more strength to work hard and many other Blessings besides.

30th week

The struggle to search for God and experience God is an organic necessity of the human individual. Whether you want it or not, you will always search for happiness. And so long as you search for happiness, you are searching for God because God and happiness are identical. You are searching for strength always, you want to overcome weakness. Strength and God are one and the same. Outside God there can be no strength. He becomes unbreakable, invincible, unconquerable, who is established in the strength of God, who constantly grows aware that the strength is from God and is of God.

31st week

Go on developing your love. Extend love. Let us say: “The neighbour is also a manifestation of God. He is related to me in that which is the Life of my life. His breath is my breath. The Consciousness in him which is from God, which is being sustained by God, is the same Consciousness which is in me. Therefore, I also love my neighbour.”

Close your eyes, extend your love to everything that you love, to everyone whom you love most, and then further extend it to the neighbours, to the good men, to the bad men, to the trees, to the stones, to the stars in the heaven, to the sky, to the space. Close your eyes, think of the world as a globe, and think of the people in China, in India, and all over America, Africa and everywhere. Extend to them love, loving feelings, reverential sentiments, think of the divine Presence in them, and know that God is witnessing what you are doing now.

32nd week

A person of divine nature values the Divine alone, therefore, he pursues the Divine. He does everything necessary in order to experience the Divine. Such an experience brings him endless knowledge.

Without having a television set, he sees the whole cosmos, he sees even the past civilizations, he sees even the future civilizations, the future worlds, the past worlds, even as you see the pictures on the television.

Everything that was created billions of years ago and prior to that, and endlessly before that, and endlessly in the future, he sees.

He does not prize any other form of knowledge than this timeless, all-perfect, all-comprehensive, absolute Knowledge.

33rd week

A man who has stolen something, can never be at peace and rest, he has done something bad. This is impurity. So, stealing is to be avoided, so also all other human weaknesses are to be avoided, because these weaknesses are perverting your intelligence, they are causing anxiety and unhappiness in you, the conscience troubles you. All kinds of difficulties arise. Give up these human weaknesses, then purity increases.

When the purity increases, every tree appears as God. Even in the darkness there will be light made for you. The heart becomes peaceful, your soul becomes strong and unshakable in all trials and challenges.

Therefore, increase the purity. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

34th week

Try to have independent sources of strength, become fearless.

Be superior to circumstances.

Overcome the world by loving the Divine, by praying to the Divine, that is, by becoming One with the Divine, by being pure in heart, by developing love, the spirit of service, the spirit of sacrifice, nobility of view, of sentiment, of thought, of life, of action.

If you do that, you will have many treasures, that no one can steal from you.

Nothing can destroy you, no fear of the third world war, no fear of the floods, no fear of the earthquakes, no fear of misfortunes, none of these things can touch you, if you now gain a hold on the Divine.

35th week

Even as thoughts are constantly arising in you at all times, everywhere, in all places, constantly Illuminations, Intuitions, Perceptions of the Divine are arising in my heart and mind. It is difficult to express it in writing, the experience is so wonderful, that the desire to write disappears.

The Presence of God is so fantastic!

Look at yourself from this standpoint, from the standpoint of Wisdom and Knowledge and Science.

You say: “There is Veda.” Veda is Knowledge, Knowledge of the Infinite, real Knowledge, eternal Knowledge, everlasting Knowledge. And there can be no knowledge which is eternal or everlasting unless it is a Knowledge of the Infinite, the Indestructible, the Eternal, the Self-revealing. Veda can never be destroyed. Even if the Veda, which is there, is destroyed, a new Veda is born. The knowledge there would be identical with knowledge that is given here in this Veda. There is nothing as fantastic, nothing more exciting than the Veda, nothing more illuminating than that, nothing more ecstatic than that, nothing more sustaining than that.

36th week

Blessed Manifestations of God!

Once again, my Adorations to you, the bearers of the Divine, the children of the Immortal.

You are immortal. You are eternal. You are born of the Eternal. You are living and moving in the Eternal.

Do you know this Truth? Do you have this Knowledge?

If you do not have this Knowledge, you are living in great spiritual ignorance.

There is no scientist in the world, no matter of what intellectual excellence, no learned man in the world, who has this Knowledge, who lives in this Knowledge, who expresses this Knowledge in his conduct and life and daily experience.

Let it be your privilege to have this spiritual Knowledge!

37th week

God in all His absolute Perfection is resident in the hearts of all beings.

The same infinite Perfection of God is here visible to you as the beautiful red in the petal of a flower. He is all colours, yet He is colourless. From the colourless all colours come. It is the one white light that is producing seven colours, and inside the seven colours there are millions of colours of infinite shades. All the colours are vibrations, all vibrations are energy, all energy is Consciousness. Consciousness has no basis without Truth, without Existence, without God. So, all Consciousness is God.

God is everywhere. I cannot lift my hand without touching Him strongly. I cannot open my eyes without seeing Him. I cannot close my eyes without seeing Him. He is the seeing capacity in me, He is the seeing capacity in you.

38th week

All people are pleasure-hunting – everyone – because happiness is the goal of life. But none is finding any real happiness, because happiness is in the Consciousness, in Love.

Love is Truth. Love is God. Love is Consciousness.

It must be unlimited Love, not a small love. The more unlimited it is, the more divine it is, the more holy it is, the more joy it gives you, the more strength and peace it grants you.

So, what everyone in the world is unable to get, you will get it. It is my mission, to help you get it: The Peace that passes understanding, the Joy, the Happiness, the true Happiness, that is not limited, Happiness, which is independent of everything else, independent of circumstances, independent of external objects.

39th week

God is infinitely more valuable than all the wealth of the whole world, infinitely more pleasurable, joy giving, happiness giving than all the sense pleasures of all the world enjoyed for thousands of years, infinitely more peaceful than the most peaceful sea, infinitely more beautiful than the beauty, that you can ever think of as the greatest beauty in all the world.

A thousand times you could renounce your emperorship and mastership over the whole earth, if only you could have God. A thousand times you could renounce your status as the world’s greatest scientist, greatest artist, if you could have God.

Try then to cultivate single minded devotion to the Divine. Again and again turn the mind and thought and heart to the Divine. When there is some great temptation before you, convince your heart, that what you gain by the Divine is infinitely greater than what you gain by the fulfilment of this temptation.

40th week

Look at yourself with the eyes of your

Mother, that is God.

But also the physical mother is God. Just see the amount of love with which her eyes are filled in relation to her children.

Multiply this love, make it unlimited, infinitize it, there you have God as Mother! God is always full of so much of love! If you are cut off from Him and not able to experience Him, it is purely your choice, it is purely your mistake! God loves you and doesn’t want you to suffer! God wants you to experience your deathlessness now and here, before the body falls away. Try to respond to Him. His intentions and His aims are established for all eternity. His intentions, His aims, His thoughts are eternal laws.

That you cannot be cut off from God, is eternal law. That you must experience God, is eternal law. It is an organic necessity of your being.

41st week

There is no intelligence greater than the Divine.

There is no consciousness greater than the Divine, than Truth, than God.

Become one with God, become one with Truth, your thoughts will be greatest thoughts, your feelings will be the greatest feelings, you will be a poet, Poet of poets.

Many poets have captured Truth in some dimensions. But that is purely by chance, purely by reason of their supremely developed poetical capacity, whereas you will be able to capture the greatest poetical sentiments and concepts, if you have seen God and experienced God

42nd week

The highest Principle in us, of which we have direct knowledge, this highest Principle, is God, It is the Reality. With It alone we have direct, immediate relations. It is the Heart of our heart; it is the Essence of our essence.

You find in the dream state, that your consciousness creates its own time-space order. You see beautiful worlds in the dream, vast blue spaces. Who creates these spaces? The consciousness. It is subtler than space, It is the Master of space. It can create any space-order. It is subtler than time, it is the Master of time, It is immortal, It is eternal and therefore It can create any time order.

This subtlest Essence is the only Reality with which we have direct relations, constitutional relations, structural relations, basic, fundamental, essential relations.

It is our real Self.

43rd week

What you experience through the Divine, through the consciousness, through love, through wisdom, through purity, through goodness, through virtues, through wonderful character, that is everlasting, that is the Divine.

When you have that experience, even what you experience through the senses presents itself as the Divine. Then the distinction between the worldly pleasure and the divine pleasure disappears, the distinction between the worldly beauty and the divine beauty disappears, the distinction between worldly knowledge and divine knowledge disappears, the distinction between matter and spirit disappears. The matter itself becomes a thin veil disclosing boundless light.

You must be in this blessed state always, no sorrow for anyone, no problem for anyone.

44th week

The spiritual aspirant, with every ringing of the Name of the Divine in the heart, finds himself filled with great inspiration, great joy, great peace, great knowledge.

No sorrow is a sorrow for him, no pain is a pain for him, no difficulty is a difficulty for him, no tragedy is a tragedy for him.

There is no hour when he is not inspired. There is no hour when he is not peaceful. There is no hour when he is not happy. There is no hour in which his knowledge can fail him. There is no hour in which he finds his strength diminishing.

Keep the heart ringing with the word of God, or some Mantra or something Divine. Read about the lives of the great Saints and see, if you can, if their Heart ever stopped beating with the name of the Divine.

45th week

Everyday the spiritual aspirant progresses, because he is trying to do in each hour the best he can, and with the central desire to do yet better.

That is the secret of his progress.

God is his Witness. God is his Reward.

God is his Fulfilment.

His body is blameless. It is not vibrant with common feelings and emotions and urges and impulses. It is vibrant with divine devotion, with finest thoughts, noblest feelings, with the power of the Mantra.

He is always attuned to the Divine. He does not live in the past, not in the future, but in the immediate present of the Heaven. Good news and bad news do not move him, he knows everything to be the expression of the Will of God, and that his supreme Goodness lies in his immediate and instant experience and sense of God Presence.

46th week

God loves you infinitely more than you can ever love Him. He wants you to become great, experience Greatness, Greatness of your Soul, Greatness of your Strength, Greatness of your inner Beauty, your inner Consciousness, your real inner Peace.

Infinite Peace is sleeping in you. Please be awake to that Peace, or awaken that Peace into your experience.

Infinite Joy is in you, please grow conscious of it, and you will never be deluded and never be misled by outer small petty pleasures.

To establish your intelligence in boundless Light and Wisdom, that is the function of Grace.

47th week

B.M. is first a child of God, second the daughter of Mother M. But first, she is the daughter of God. She is a blessed child. She must do everything to express what is God-like in her. The God-nature must be expressed constantly.

Where others are unhappy, if she expresses happiness and dispels the unhappiness of others, she is God-like.

Where there is hatred, if she expresses love, lives in love, she is God-like.

Where there is ugliness, if she expresses beauty, creates conditions of beauty in thought, in feeling, in action and in life, in character and in conduct, she is God-like.

The more she is God-like, the more God expresses Himself through her, the more her life becomes a powerful phenomenon in the universe.

48th week

I tell you the Truth: God is formless. I tell you also another Truth: God also has endless forms. He is formless and full of forms. He cannot be bound in any form. He is other than every form, yet He is present in all forms.

So long as you have not a direct knowledge of God, an immediate experience of God, so long as you are conscious of space and air and time and body, there is the experience of an image. You are dealing with images. You are dealing with limitations. You are one among the many.

But the moment you have direct experience of God, God as God, not as bound in an image, as envisioned in something, the moment you have a direct experience of God as He is in Himself, you live in boundless Light, in the nameless formless Beauty, in the nameless and formless ocean of Joy.

49th week

God is Light, and He has to be honoured with what He is. Worship God by becoming yourself a Light. Adore God by becoming yourself all Love. God is Love. Offer to God love. Keep your thoughts luminous. Keep your feelings luminous. May all your actions be actions done in Light. May your whole life be in itself a Light. Offer to God the Light of your life, the Light of your wisdom, the Light of your purity, the Light of your goodness, the Light of your selfless actions, the Light of your soul.

May you never die, may you always live, may you always have unending happiness, may you always live in fearlessness, in peace, in power, in strength. May you be eternal, may you enjoy immortality, may God dwell with you always. May you consciously live and move every day in God. May all your actions profit the whole universe.

50th week

Be related with the Divine even as you are related with the universal breath that is sustaining you through inhalation and exhalation.

Be problemless, sorrowless, fearless, strong, blessed.

God is your secretary, God is your accountant, God is your cook, God is your driver.

He will serve you in all manner of ways.

You can never be in darkness, even if there is no light in the room in which you are sleeping.

There is a boundless Light with the Divine everywhere.

Every wonder can happen anywhere at any time.

51st week

God is all-loving, all-peaceful. He loves you immensely. He is filling all space with His Heart – the Heart of Love – with His Eyes, with His Hands, with His Ears, with His Power. You can never move anywhere without being in the very Centre of His endless Treasures and Joy. Bear this in mind, be in tune with this. God is your real Nature. He is not a Person external to you. He is the Love of your love. God is the Peace of peace in you.

Without intelligence you cannot perceive mentally, you cannot think. Intelligence is light. God is the Light of light in you. So, you can never be separated from Him.

Therefore, if you have a hold on Him, your life becomes fulfilled. And the hold becomes strong, the more you become pure in nature, the more you become loving, the more you associate yourself with things spiritual, with things divine and noble.

52nd week

When you begin to express devotion to the Divine, love Him in all manner of ways possible. Love Him also through the flowers and the people and the chairs and the music instruments and so on, in all manner of ways, adore God. Never eat anything without mentally offering it to the Divine and never deceive yourself into thinking that God has not noticed it or made a special note of your offering. He is the Light of lights.

Sin consists in experiencing the world as you experience it now, through your physical senses.

Freedom from sin lies in experiencing another world, while you are experiencing this physical world with the physical senses. That another world is the world of the Divine, the world of infinite Consciousness.

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