Ashram Diary Titel

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


All humanity belongs to me, all humanity is my family. Yet I do not belong to humanity. I belong only to God. Yet I belong to all beings because I serve them. I give them peace, I pour my services and my love on them. I do not belong to humanity. If I belong to humanity, I perish. I belong to God. My strength is God, my life is God, my mind is God, my work and my heart is from God and is God. I need nothing from anyone, If I want a wonderful new world for me for my play, my allcreative God will produce for me one, but my heart is desireless, and therefore He need not produce anything for me.

Swami Omkarananda
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1st week

Nothing here belongs to me, yet everything belongs to me. Therein is the secret of my purity. I need nothing. Yet I get more and more things, and obtain more and more things, only as a means, and a missionary, for the transmission of the nature of the Divine Light. The presence of things or their absence does not alter the marvellous, happiest, most peaceful, brilliant, beautiful conditions of my inner Consciousness.

That style and spirit of life has to be enstaged, every day. Exalt your consciousness more and more, don't be trapped in human sentiments. You can achieve no divine perfection unless you are constantly displacing the human element, unless the spiritual nature is growing predominant in you as a result of constant inner Mantra-repetition.

Nach Oben

2nd week

In reality, in truth there is nothing anywhere except God as infinite creative Consciousness, Beauty, Delight.

Matter, Mind, Life are all manifestations derived from this Consciousness. Since God is one, the mind in the universe is also one, the life in the universe is also one, the beauty in the universe is also one, the real happiness and peace are one in the universe.

The wise men of great purity of heart who become one in spirit, in consciousness, in mind, with the Spirit, Consciousness and Mind of the universe, stand totally purified and illuminated.

Nach Oben

3rd week

Our intelligence is conscious that its life is the same as the life of all beings. It is our heart that is the heart of all beings. It is our breath that is in the breath of all beings. Ultimately, all beings are a formulation, a manifestation of the Divine Consciousness within ourselves. Everywhere it is the same Beauty, the same Power, the same Consciousness of God that is operative. The Light in me and the Light in you are not two different things, it is the same Light. It is the source of infinite Wealth. When I have it, I have infinite Wealth. When I experience it consciously, I have infinite Peace and Happiness, I have infinite Power and Joy.

What is the difference between myself and you? The differences are in the bodies, in the temperaments, in the psychological feelings, in the psychological and physical experiences. There are no differences in essential things. You are myself in God, you are myself as my inner Divine Consciousness.

Nach Oben

4th week

The beauty, the charm, the affection that we find in the hearts of young and beautiful women, in the person of young and beautiful women, is myself. Therefore I am not tempted - I cannot fall in love with myself. And what is more, since I am conscious of the sources of the beauty in them, the sources of the affection in them, and charm in them, as I am in touch with That which has formed all that is attractive and tempting in them, instead of being moved by their outer appearance, there is in me the conviction and the capacity to create personalities like them by the millions in Consciousness.

This knowledge, this experience is the secret of the blameless, all-innocent, all-pure nature within me. Outer appearances fall into their places the moment you are in contact with the all-pure, all-creative, all-beautiful, all-happy Divine Consciousness in all.

Nach Oben

5th week

The Swami has no sense of possession, and has no respect for wealth, even if it is the total wealth of all the world. Because if Swami has respect for the wealth of the world, or touches it in any way, he would be cut off from the infinite Wealth. Therefore the Swami does not touch any wealth. Swami has no need for any expenditure. Swami is in touch with that which can create not only the wealth equal to the wealth in all the world, but worlds like this world by the billions. Yet in the outer life the Swami uses the wealth, without touching it, for entirely divine purposes. And the wealth multiplies in his hands and brings magnificent results for thousands.

The aspirants of the Ashram should arrive at this stage of inner purity of the living divine Consciousness which is infinite Wealth. Their hearts have to become one with the infinite Beauty that is blazing all around them and within them. Their mind should become one with the all-knowing, omniscient, all-wonderful Mind of the Supreme. To live in God, to live from God, to live as God.

Nach Oben

6th week

Constantly seek to connect your inner being with the Presence of God in the hearts of all as love; with God as Intelligence in all minds; with God as one common Breath in all forms of life. Expand your life, enrich your life, exalt your life in attaining oneness with the Life in all beings.

We lose nothing if everything around us is withdrawn from us. When thousands of people would not love us, but love someone else or something else, we are not poorer for it but richer for it, because we are in tune with that infinite Love, which can bring us thousands more like them from other corners, and also inspire in them greater love for us.

Nach Oben

7th week

The secret of higher Divine Consciousness consists in the fact that the heart in all nature is disposed to us favourably. In your meditations make the whole world begin to love you, to admire you, to help you. Not only that, it disposes even angels, sages and gods and goddesses in favour of you. No matter what your outer appearance is, you grow attractive to all creation. Your presence becomes a blessing to all creation, a source of inner secret joy and peace. Things that should or would break not only stop from breaking but also attract towards you newer things.

You do not know the extraordinary results that are occurring to you by every meditation here. It needs rich psychological knowledge, an ever-awake brilliant intelligence, a highly sensitive psychic being, the light of divine Grace, in order to perceive the various magnificent invisible results that are occurring to us with every meditation here in the Ashram.

Nach Oben

8th week

Spiritual development and the real spiritual aspirant have to be fed by the divine Wisdom which transforms everything, uplifts everything, divinises everything. The quickest way for pouring illumination into your whole being, is to pour into you the warm blood of infinite divine Wisdom, from the Heart of God.

You cannot feed God except by your love, by your wisdom, by your devotion, by your growing purity. You may go to the church millions of times, yet nothing happens. If you can give a little love to God, wonders happen. The only way to please God and feed God, is to give your heart to Him. To give your devotion to Him is to transform yourself and make yourself worthy of his Grace by divine Wisdom.

Nach Oben

9th week

Remember these two points:

- Your evolution is rapid and extraordinary when the Wisdom of God from the warm Heart of God pours itself into your lives through the Master,

- and your strong inner relations with God rest upon your capacity to feed God with your heart's love, with your heart's faith, with your heart's devotion, with your heart's purity and goodness, with your heart's divine feelings.

Remember this double-fold process and try to live as what you are in your inner being, an Image of God.

Nach Oben

10th week

Never forget that God is omniscient, and therefore watching you, knowing everything concerning you. Let us say there are a thousand rupees in your hands. If you do not have the wisdom that was given to you by me, you are bound to make mistakes, and bind yourselves by the thousand rupees. So long as these thousand rupees are in your hand, you are more dependent on these thousand rupees than on God, and to that extent your spiritual progress is arrested and you have no access to the Kingdom of Heaven. Apart from this danger there is also the other danger of the probable wrong use of the money and creating for yourself fresh karma. There are all kinds of difficulties, therefore try to detach yourself, in inner divine knowledge, awareness and devotion, from external bondage. Remember, you do not become weaker for abandoning external supports, but you become stronger and superhuman. Difficult circumstances make you a giant, and since these difficult circumstances are taken by you for the sake of God, you become infinitely more than a superhuman individual.

Nach Oben

11th week

Do not fear difficult circumstances. Let your strength be tried again and again, that is the way of growth and development. Your hold on the Divine Kingdom depends on the extent to which your hold on the outer world is lost. And when your hold on the Divine Kingdom is very strong, all the outer world is added unto you. Though the outer world is no longer useful to you. - Yet it becomes the field for you to pour on it the perfections of the Divine in order to enrich it.

The outer world cannot enrich you. None of you, nor the world outside, can give me anything, and what you give me perishes. I have imperishable wealth, and what I give you does not perish. What I pour into your minds and hearts makes the light in you bigger and bigger, makes the soul in you stronger and stronger, and greater and greater, makes the light in you brighter and brighter and more and more luminous. And when you experience God you come back to me, you are one with me, your imperishable treasures and my imperishable treasures are one.

Nach Oben

12th week

Your concern should be exclusively with the God or the Master; your praise should be in relation to the Master or to God. When you praise the Master or God, God who is of the nature and form of Consciousness - the Master who is of the nature and form of Consciousness - permits the entrance of His Light and all-illuminating Grace into your inner consciousness. Praise of God or the Master is one of the most powerful means of God-experience. Therefore some of the psalms in the Bible constantly insist upon praising God. The songs that are sung in the Ashram - one of them says, "I shall praise God as long as I live". Praising God is one of the means of keeping yourself in attunement with the Divine.

Nach Oben

13th week

Neither God nor the Master need your praises. From the standpoint of the exalted condition, in which God and the Master are, however wonderful your praises of them be, for them all praises are nothing more than sound and nonsense. However, because God or the Master is compounded of boundless divine Love, and your praise of them comes from your devotion to them, your praise acquires at once value, significance, meaning and a power, and becomes a channel for the flow of their Grace into your lives. Hundreds of saints have made merely the praising of God the way for grand experience of God.

Try to imitate the nature of God and the nature of the Master, rise to the level of God, the level of the Master, and protect yourselves from the dangerous tendency of your nature which tries to bring down God and the Master to your level rather than enable you to rise to their level. Instead of being divinised by them, there is a strong tendency to humanise them. Protect yourself from this danger, discipline your inner nature more, and keep yourself in attunement with the divine, blazing Consciousness in the Master and in God.

Nach Oben

14th week

The great trials come more to the spiritual aspirants than to the worldly people, - more to the prophets than to the aspirants. Who could have survived the trials and ordeals through which Jesus has passed? Who could have survived the trials and ordeals suffered by Moses?

One important thing is: acquisition of great calmness in meditation. Such calmness is essential, not only for your own peace of mind, not just to wrestle with the untransformed forces in you in an excellent way and bring them under control, but also to remain unaffected by the bad people who create much trouble, not merely to remain unaffected, but to try to influence the circumstance, and exercise upon it a soothing, calming-down influence.

Nach Oben

15th week

The difference between the stillness and calmness of the sleeping child, and my stillness and calmness, lies in this: here I am conscious of the stillness, here I am not sleeping, here I am speaking to you. There the child is sleeping, it is not conscious of its state. That is an unhappy situation, an ignorant stillness it is, a dark stillness it is. Here in our case, this stillness - there is a light in it, we are seeing what is happening in ourselves, we see a mighty calmness, stillness, which is not perturbed, - is not troubled, influenced, perturbed by anything inside or outside. It could be said I am always in a sleeping condition, yet it is not a sleeping condition because nobody could be more alive intellectually, and externally I have a hundred problems, hundred sorrows, hundred plans, in relation to every person, in relation to all humanity and creation, in relation to the forces of goodness and beauty and truth in the universe. From one side it is a sea of calmness, it is a condition comparable to the sleeping state, but without the defects of the sleep-state - the defects such as unconsciousness, ignorance, darkness.

Nach Oben

16th week

A desireless state ensures endless calmness and silence. Cut down your desires to a minimum, then your soul-powers increase, then you become a superman in consciousness. If you keep money in your hand, then also desires arise, you may be planning to go to Egypt, or you may be planning to do this or that, all such problems will arise. Therefore, wise men give up even their kingdom for the sake of search of Truth, like Buddha, and detach themselves from the emperorship, like Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor. So, try to reduce the number of your desires, acquire the beauty of simplicity, then your soul-power becomes bigger and bigger.

The more the desires, the more the consciousness is spreading to your body, and internally there is emptiness, sorrow, misery. So, calmness also depends upon desirelessness.

Nach Oben

17th week

The sea of calmness should always be in our conscious experience. That is why some time ago I said, whatever may be the troubles and perturbations and tumults outside, it does not take half a minute's time to withdraw myself into the sea of endless calmness, like the tortoise which, the moment it senses some danger, at once withdraws its limbs and head under its shell. The shell is unbreakable, and thus it escapes all dangers. An elephant can stand on the shell but nothing happens to the tortoise. We must learn the art of retiring into the sea of inner calmness. Meditation prepares the way.

Nach Oben

18th week

A sponge soaked in water and placed on the table is full of water, and we cannot squeeze it without squeezing out plenty of water. Even so, let your whole being be soaked in God-consciousness! No one would touch you without squeezing out from you God-consciousness.

The ordinary human individual is soaked in passion and ego. You cannot touch him without arousing in him passion. From head to foot he is one passion. Passion and ego sum up human conditions, the whole world. Passion and ego go together. Where passion is predominant, ego is also predominant, and therefore there are also one hundred vices accompanying it. And when passion is not constantly fulfilled, constantly flattered, it becomes angry, from anger are born more defects, more vices.

The opposite condition is that of God-consciousness. Be completely soaked in God-consciousness. You have all the facilities for it.

Nach Oben

19th week

As the flower emanates fragrance, so does my consciousness constantly emanate highest, philosophical, divine Wisdom and Consciousness. Highest divine Love, for God, in God, by God, of God. Can you say when a flower does not radiate its fragrance? The radiation of fragrance is continuous and unbroken, and kept up in all conditions. Even so, emanation of divine Wisdom and Love are characteristic, normal, natural, unbroken, in the divine Consciousness in me. If I open the door, it is the Kingdom of Heaven that I behold. If I close the door, it is the Kingdom of Heaven that I behold. If I see nature, it is the Kingdom of God that I behold. When I am amidst people and see people, it is the Kingdom of God I behold.

Let the beholding of the Kingdom of God everywhere become as natural, as inseparable from you as the fragrance from the flower.

Even when I sleep, even in the sleep, conversation with the Divine is kept up. The inner divine Consciousness has nothing to do with the sleeping-condition. It does not sleep.

Nach Oben

20th week

Good forces cannot subsist for long in the world. The world is the playground for the darker forces, there is no place here for good forces. The moment a good force descends on earth, it is damaged and destroyed by the bad force. Even the Son of God, if He descends on earth, is not spared. The dark forces of the world do not allow Him to work even for three years fully, as in the case of Jesus the Christ - within three years of His ministry they have crucified Him. The world belongs to the forces of darkness. It is their home and their playground, and the Ashram is struggling hard to dispel these dark forces and establish Light and God's Presence and Grace. All the higher intelligences of the universe are conscious of this fact of the Ashram. They are not only conscious of it and are happiest about it, but are also trying to help the Ashram.

Nach Oben

21st week

Even a saintly person is quickly destroyed by the world: the saintly person quickly attracts to himself a few disciples, or the world, and the world is like logs of wood from the river, the moment they are put on the fire, the fire itself is put off. Wherever there is the saintly fire, somewhere in the world, at once the logs of wet, damp wood of the disciples or the world quietly put off that fire, - unless that fire is from God and of God and sustained by God.

So, the world is not the field for good forces, good forces have to struggle very hard in order to sustain themselves.

Therefore, keep up your inner conversation with God all the twenty-four hours, keep aside your dirty complaints and problems. Keep away the little self as quickly as possible, or you will pass through agonies life after life, through terrible pains and sorrows. The quicker the personal problems are put aside, and you are made impersonal and divine, the better.

Nach Oben

22nd week

Because of my continuous conversation with God I am protected from the world. I have never had a master, I was never a disciple of anyone, nor have I any disciples. I am not so foolish as to tie along my leg a stone of a disciple. I have no disciples. God is my only disciple and my only Master. I am happy in Him, and He is happy in me. He teaches me, and I teach Him. The love between us is so wonderful and unlimited that it is full of happiness, cheerfulness, humour, and therefore God's unlimited Love permits Him to be my disciple, and my unlimited surrender to Him permits me to be His disciple. That is the beginning and end of my mastership and discipleship.

And if there is to be any disciple for me, it would depend upon the complete purity of that person, and that person's total surrender to God. How much a person receives from me, depends upon how pure that person is, how much that person is open to God's Grace, and how extraordinary are his sacrifices and services to God.

Nach Oben

23rd week

An ordinary man clings to life, a saintly person relates himself to the Life of life that is God.

An ordinary worldly man clings to the sense-pleasures, a saintly heart clings to the infinite Joy, the Happiness of happiness, the Pleasure of pleasures that God is.

An ordinary worldly man embraces his wife who is wicked, and who may cheat him at any time, embraces her under infatuation, under illusion and delusion, and thinks that is love. A saintly heart clings to the love in that woman, a love that is God, a love that is independent of that dirty woman, a love which survives even if that woman is dead and gone.

An ordinary man clings to his breath, he takes medicines, he keeps the body in a good and comfortable condition, and is afraid of diseases, of asthma and so on. A saintly person clings to the Breath of the breath in him, that is God. Here is the difference.

Nach Oben

24th week

Love is different from the love that humanity knows. God does not marry, He has no wife. He is infinite Love. He does not need any other object or person for expression of love or enjoyment of love.

Earthly love is a death to spiritual love, and where there is real love, earthly love is dead. Therefore be very careful, develop true, real love which is independent of persons and conditions, a love which does not know the difference between man and woman, a love that does not respect conditions, a love which is the beauty and purity and fire of the Divine Consciousness.

Nach Oben

25th week

What is God? - Infinite technique. What is God? - Infinite Beauty, Harmony, Music. What is God? - Endless number of arts. What is God? Infinite number of most marvellous creative qualities. He is boundless blazing wonderful Intelligence. The arts and sciences on earth are crude manifestations of the arts and sciences embedded, latent and operative in the Divine Consciousness. All kinds of capacities, faculties, talents are resident in God. Numberless are the qualities, colours, names, forms, letters, sounds in the Divine. At every point of His Infinity it is full of infinite capacities of creative Beauty and Consciousness-Power. There are all kinds of excellences, in the Divine - a numberless, infinite number of excellences.

Those who have an experience of God in the way I have sought to describe, do not return to the earth any more. They themselves become all-creative Light, Beauty, - eternal, permanent.

Nach Oben

26th week

As the brilliance, luminescence, all kinds of colours in the light of the sun are always manifest, - billions and numberless qualities, colours belong characteristically to the Divine Consciousness. God is the Wonder of wonders, and the earth is dark, a little manifestation made possible by detachment of itself from God. No-one but the most unwise reconcile themselves, compromise themselves to the life on earth. A life on earth, however wonderful and blessed it may be, is a pain in comparison to the wonders of the Divine Consciousness. What do we gain if we have a body, wonderful, strong, healthy, perfect, beautiful, and we have all the pleasures in it for a thousand years? It is no better than the life of a worm. The earthworm too has its own pleasures, its joys. It is no life at all, it is a life cut off from the wonders of the creative Consciousness of the Supreme Reality. No intelligent man, no discriminative person will ever compromise himself to this kind of life here on earth, however wonderful it may be in the eyes of the world.

Nach Oben

27th week

Constantly assert the formula: "That is real. That alone is all-sufficient unto me! That is God. God is all-sufficient unto me. God is the only Reality".

The term 'God' does not embrace all that God is. God is infinitely more than what is indicated by the word God. Better to say, That is real, instead of, God is real. Substitute the word That for God, and let That stand for the infinite All. Let That indicate for you infinitely more than what the word God indicates for you!

Always say in your heart, "That is real, That is all-sufficient unto me." If That is sufficient unto you, even if you are given billions of francs and the whole earth for your rulership, you will not accept it. Even if you are given the highest comforts and pleasures you will never touch them, because for you That alone is real, and That alone is sufficient.

Nach Oben

28th week

If, for you, God or That alone is real, it means you are absolutely pure and your heart is touched by nothing of the world, and is attached to nothing in the world. A heart which says that God alone is real or That alone is real, and That is all-sufficient unto me - such a heart is completely pure. It hates all pleasures, it runs away from all pleasures, it runs away from all supports in the world. It runs away from all that the glitters and glamours the world can offer.

It is all-pure, it is a wonderful heart. It lives in God. God lives in it. It is a glorious heart. Develop this heart. This heart which is represented and embodied in the Master. This heart of which the Master is a complete master. By the development of this heart, you are pure, and will live in God-Consciousness, and enjoy His powers, His perfections, His wisdom.

Nach Oben

29th week

Constantly let your heart assert: God is real, God is all-sufficient unto me. The moment you say that your consciousness is abstracted from the body, and abstracted from the world, and attached to the all-seeing, all-wonderful God, no temptation in life can pull you down, - you are convinced that That alone is real and That alone is all.

The world is so powerful that it destroys all goodness, all saintliness, all wisdom; the wisest men fall down, even saints fall down, so powerful is the darkness in the world, so powerful are dark forces in the world. And therefore, in order to quickly master the world and rule the world, and escape its attacks, let your heart say: "The world is unreal, God alone is real!"

Nach Oben

30th week

When you say the world is unreal, you cannot be attached to anything in the world, you cannot like anything in the world, you cannot be interested in anything in the world. Therefore, you are free from the attacks of the world, the world has ceased to be of interest for you, to engage your attention. Nothing can any more attack you, nothing can any more bind you, and the Kingdom of Heaven becomes more and more intensely real to you.

So, practise this double discipline. The first discipline which says, "God alone is real and all-sufficient unto me, I don't want anything else!" The second discipline which says, "The world is unreal, I have nothing to do with it!"

While you repeat the Mantras and meditate, intensely live in the Reality of God alone.

Nach Oben

31st week

As you repeat the Mantra, let God's Presence become absolutely real to you, and find yourselves filled with boundless Peace, Energy, and Light. Your nature is so deeply rooted in the past, the past of ignorance, suffering, karma, ego, individuality, selfishness, that it is difficult for you to pull out your consciousness from all these and enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven. The powerful Master who can pull it out, is in the Mantra which is constantly lifting you up. The Mantra, the Master, God, the ultimate Truth, all these are one and the same.

Lift up your consciousness, here there is a golden opportunity for you. Lift up your consciousness heavenward and enjoy the Heaven. Use the golden opportunities that you have here, and having touched and experienced the Kingdom of Heaven, bring it down to the earth in daily life.

Nach Oben

32nd week

Whatever comes to you, without touching it offer it to the Divine. You need no pleasure of the world, no pomp of the world, no honour from the world, no appreciation from the world. All your treasures are safe and perfect and wonderful in yourself.

There is inexhaustible Wealth within the Kingdom of Heaven, inexhaustible Happiness, inexhaustible Glory, inexhaustible Power, inexhaustible Perfection. Now, how can we be tempted by any of these things that are given us by the world? Therefore, try to develop a purity which comes or emerges from uncompromising self-surrender to the divine Presence and Nature.

Let us burn with God's Love, let us blaze as a light of divine Knowledge, let every breath that we breathe bring us closer to God, be a service to God, be a means of the development of our inner spiritual Consciousness.

Nach Oben

33rd week

Let all the Perfections of God slowly find their manifestation through our heart of divine Love. Before the body becomes weak, or has some accident, or the hand of time takes it away, and before the bad planetary cycle claims us before our wonderful circumstances pass away, let us quickly pack into our life as much of progress as possible. Let us become so strong in moral and divine nature that nothing of the outside world or any condition of life can ever more affect us in our progress towards the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You are face to face with the truth. Even if God is not with you, you can be sure God is with me here, now, and therefore since you are with me, you are with God. That is the great value of being with a person whose heart dances in God. Though you are not with God, if you are with a person who is with God, then you are with God to that extent.

Therefore, from this position, this blessed position, try now to make God be with you, consciously, all the twenty-four hours.

Nach Oben

34th week

Remember, you are in the immediate Presence of God now, not in the sense that God is in every man, not in the sense that God is immediately present in the inner heart of all beings, whether they are saints or criminals. When I say you are in the immediate Presence of God, here, I am not stating anywhere in the world is the immediate Presence of God always. You are in an immediate Presence of God in a double sense, in a twofold sense. In the first sense, it could be universally said, God is as much in you as in St. Francis, as much in the tree, as much in the bird as anywhere else. That is a universal Truth. That universal Truth does not profit in daily life. And therefore the world continues to be what it is. When I say you are doubly in the Presence of the Divine, I mean not only the first fact but the other fact that you are in the Presence of a person whose heart and life are completely from the birth dedicated to God, from whose heart God cannot be separated, and whom, if you can spiritually touch, you will be touching God directly.

Nach Oben

35th week

The value of being amidst saints or with a saint is indescribable. The area around him, automatically, the air around him, the space around him, the earth beneath him become sacred. In this sense also you are in the immediate Presence of God. There is yet another more wonderful way by which you are also in the immediate Presence of God. That is through the mystical Syllables given you by the person who is in God. You are producing the God's Presence through your own mouth, through your own heart's energies, and will's energies, and life's energies. God is at once present the moment you are repeating the syllables.

In three different special ways God is immediately present here with you. Therefore recognise the great blessedness, make this the foundation for an intensive communication with God, by an absorbing concentration on His Love, Light, Grace. As you meditate now, find yourself completely overcome, submerged in the wondrous rays of God's Presence.

Nach Oben

36th week

The secret of my purity lies in my knowledge of the Truth. While all the world is speaking of the catastrophes in the world, my heart is always singing of the Truth that was, is and will always be.

While all the world speaks of my age through my passport-report, there is the song of unborn, ageless Being in me. What is my age? What do you know? I was never born to have an age. There is a beginningless Being in me. There is a beginningless endlessness before me. And these - beginninglessness and endlessness - are an immediate Now. It is an eternal Now. I am rooted in this knowledge, this knowledge is my blood. That is the secret of my strength and my power and my purity. I am not troubled by anything in the world. I am not doing any work for my personal glory. All creation loves me immensely, as its own heart. All nature is praising me. I am the Heart of all nature. My life is fulfilled. While being the heart of nature I have nothing to do with the nature. If I am working here, it is not my mind's choice, not by my plan. God wants to help mankind. He is taking my heart and using it.

Nach Oben

37th week

As for me God is Himself all-sufficient. He is my Joy. I am not a fool to depend upon anyone who calls himself very dear to me, and don't be deceived by my external behaviour. My blood is of a different type. I have not spoken all my life. I am not a lecturer. I have thought it beneath my dignity even to speak with anybody. Right from boyhood I had my own business in talking to the Truth. Right from my boyhood I was very shy of people. I am always hiding myself from the world. If I am not shy here amidst you, and if I am forced to deliver a lecture every day, it is a great sacrifice on my part. It is something unusual on my part. It is purely God's own Self-expression, for the welfare of mankind. So let our heart bloom when we say Mahatripurasundari.

Nach Oben

38th week

And what is the secret of my strength? The Divine Mother's own Love. I am born of Her Love. I am born of Her Light, and therefore I carry Her Light, and Her Light is eternal, and therefore I am eternal.

My love entitles me to pour itself at Her Feet in all manner of ways. I call Her a girl. I call Her mischievous, "You are bad". It is a manner of statement. It is not a truth, it is expression of love. It is expression of surrender to Her Grace. She is all-pure. She is infinite Purity. She is infinite Light. Yet my heart of love makes Her a baby for me. Yet She is my Mother. Yet She is my grandmother. Yet She is my everything. She is my beauty, my strength, my intelligence, the life of my life, the soul of my soul, the sustainer of my existence. Yet She is someone with whom I can play. Yet She is unmanifest also. All these are mathematics of inner spiritual Love. All this is the logic of the infinite Beauty, Grace, God, Truth.

Nach Oben

39th week

Attain cosmic Consciousness now, find inside, outside nothing but the luminous, boundless, illimitable beautiful Light of God's Presence. I have the joy of helping you to attain this wondrous cosmic Consciousness. There is no meanness in my heart, though meanness has belonged even to great minds and to great hearts. By the Grace of the Divine, my heart is not a human heart, and therefore it is completely freed and liberated of all human qualities. It is purely a divine heart, the Heart of the Divine Mother. I lose nothing even if I grant the Kingdom of Heaven to every man on earth.

Boundless, illimitable are the treasures of God in my life. I never ask my heart, "What do I gain by helping this person?" I never in my life expected anything from anyone. But I have always planned how much I can give to everyone. There is only one thing in my heart, not what I can take from others but only what I can give to others.

Nach Oben

40th week

There is only a 'give' in our heart, not a 'take'. Give of everything, not only of wealth but of thoughts and feelings and energies. The whole life is surrendered for the welfare of mankind. We have no comforts, no pleasures, no holidays, no thoughts of the body. The pleasures of the senses are dead to our inner joy. The inner joys are independent of everything, therefore eternal, therefore permanent, therefore unlimited.

So, develop a heart which says how much I can give to everyone, not how much or what can I get from others. Giving is an automatic, spontaneous, unconscious activity of my heart.

Thus the heart has to be developed, better death than no selflessness and purity.

Nach Oben

41st week

Divine things are purely under the control of Divine Grace. We cannot say we will meditate now and start to meditate. There can be any distraction which can cancel the meditation, and even if the meditation is not cancelled, or postponed, there is no guarantee that it is a good meditation. The good meditation may be completely spoiled by distraction. Therefore, remember that all these wonderful things as meditating and doing divine works, living in the Ashram, come purely by Grace. And in order the Grace may not be over, go on loving the Divine yet more with greater and greater devotion. Serve the Divine more and more, cling to the Divine as the midge clings to the skin of a man, otherwise there are dangers of your falling off from the Divine Grace.

Let not your Grace be over, retain the Grace and enrich it, by your unusual devotion to God, by your exceptional sacrifices, by your giant-like services, by your saint-like purity, by your sage-like wisdom, by your hero-like self-control.

So, try to retain the Grace. Let it not come to an end. It is a great tragedy if it comes to an end. Good things happen by karma, good karma, when the good karma is over, we are pushed down to the world. Such a tragedy should not happen.

Nach Oben

42nd week

You must cling to the Divine so completely that even when the good karma is over, God is forced to fill up the good karma by His Grace, and protect you from falling off. So, all these wonderful things that are happening - happen by Grace. I do not know what I should speak to you, I do not really know when the meditation should be conducted, things happen automatically, determined by divine Grace.

What I should speak I do not know, what I am speaking I do not know, the divine Grace in me expresses itself automatically when it wills. It is under no human control. It is on the good fortune of the people around, when they have not the good fortune, my heart is closed. When they have the good fortune, at once the heart is open, though not completely. For complete opening of the heart you must be saints. Unless you are saints and sages of exceptional purity and divine Grace, the heart does not open itself fully. But however -whenever the heart opens itself at least a little, you can be sure it is the Grace of God descended for your sake. It is not for my sake, I know what is in my heart. And I don't speak it because things - such divine things happen by Divine Grace.

Nach Oben

43rd week

God's Grace is a light, it shines whenever it likes, it is a wind, it blows whenever it likes, this is God's Grace, this is God's Nature. This is God's Will. That is why the greatest scriptures always say, "Those know God who are chosen by God's Grace". The Grace of God flows where it wills, you cannot invite it, you cannot bribe it, you cannot beg for it. And when it comes, you are the king of kings, you have the touch of the Divine, you are most blessed.

God's Presence is like a woman - not a modern woman, but a genuine, pure, wonderful, noble woman - who is very shy, very noble. I am also a woman of that type. I am always shy, hesitant to move in the society, always hiding myself, always retreating from the society, always shy of everyone, always a secret.... all my things are secret.

God's Presence, Light and Grace is like that of a real woman, very shy. God's Grace flows where it wills. It is always hiding itself, it opens its heart where it wills. It is divine.

Nach Oben

44th week

Matter is the opposite of the Divinity. Though the Divinity has the capacity to press into the matter its own nature and light. So, let us now pray to the Divinity and keep ourselves in tune with the Divinity, so that we may receive the divine Grace wonderfully. We have to be more and more egoless, possessing everything, we should possess nothing in our heart; moving amidst people, in our heart we are with no one; living in the body, in our inner consciousness we are not in the body. Always remain in this blessedness. Express more devotion to the Master. Render more services to the Master. That purifies you and automatically divine Grace flows into you. That is one of the great secrets.

Nach Oben

45th week

Some have the feeling that the Swami does create a kind of chaos. They are true from one point of view, but they are absolutely false from another point of view. The Swami is not law, he is love, and love is the law of laws. It makes its own law. It does not respect any rules. It transcends all rules and laws and regulations. Love is the supreme Master though it may make disorder in your world. From that disorder you do not know there arises the Kingdom of Heaven.

I do not belong to law, I transcend law. My nature is love. I am free, unlimited freedom is my nature. I gain nothing from the world. I do not belong to the East, I do not belong to the West. It is of no consequence, no matter to me, whether the East exists or the West exists, or none of them exists.

I do not depend for my life upon anything that the world can give. I live by the breath of the Divine Consciousness which is myself. Love is always opposed to Law. It apparently seems to be opposed to Law. And Love is always in opposition with authority.

Nach Oben

46th week

The governments, the people, the society are all governed by laws and rules and regulations. Therefore, they constitute themselves into the enemy of love. Love has its own laws, transcendental laws, and the government does not understand the law of love. The society does not understand the laws of love. The human genius does not understand the laws of love, therefore it puts itself in opposition to love. But the victory is to love.

Now you have an insight into my character. When I make some chaos in some department, you can be sure there is some transcendental law governing the chaos. I am not interested in anything. Things are happening by divine Grace automatically.

Nach Oben

47th week

There is no use buying a candle and burning it before God, that kind of hypocritical worship does not please God. Burn yourself so that there may be a little light in the world. And if you can burn yourself, and you bring also an external candle and light it, it is most acceptable to God.

The Master does not need your services, he is younger than you, richer than you, wiser than you, more energetic than you, he neither needs your services nor the world's services for his subsistence. He has the strength to maintain himself, not only to maintain himself but also to maintain a dozen others. He is impersonal, selfless. He comes here to the world for sacrifice, not for pleasure. Service of him is the same as service of God. Service of him is more than service of God, because God is unmanifest, somewhere distant, he does not listen to your prayers, whereas the Master is one in whom God is active, seeing, hearing, working, labouring, living, breathing.

Nach Oben

48th week

Purity is not easy of achievement, and when it comes you become an emperor, a king of kings, a mighty power over all other powers. The purity of heart and the grand and strong hold on the Truth that all is God come as a result of the Grace of God through the Master. And the Master is one who is at one with the deepest Intelligence in you, the divine Intelligence in you. He is the Light of the divine Soul in you. He is one who is rooted in the experience of the Truth: All is God. He makes the impossible possible on earth. It is impossible for the human nature to behold God everywhere, a Master is one who makes it possible and illustrates in his own life its possibility.

A saint or a sage is the greatest phenomenon on earth. Try as much as possible, as intensely as possible to live in the truth that all is God.

Nach Oben

49th week

The saint, the son of God, the Master of the world, the Teacher of Humanity is the greatest purifier of the earth. He purifies the atmosphere, he purifies the world, he integrates and protects the world. Above all he purifies the heart of humanity. He is the illuminator of the mind of humanity. He is the maker and shaper of souls.

Become great purifiers of the earth. Purify the earth always by purer feelings, by more pure thoughts, by more pure actions, and above all by constant repetition of the Mantras, by constant feeling of God's Presence, by constant practice of great spiritual truths, truths like: All is God.

Nach Oben

50th week

As for difficulties, they always will be there. There always will be difficulties. The greater the man the greater the difficulties. The more good the man is the more difficulties he has on earth. The greatest prophets and philosophers were imprisoned, troubled, tried, in many ways, that is quite natural. The great Greek philosopher Sokrates was given poison by the state government. Aurobindo the great Indian Sage was imprisoned for several months. The mother and father of Lord Krishna were imprisoned. Some of the extraordinary sages were brought before legal courts. It seems to be the fate of all those in whom God's Love and Light are dynamically operative. Those who are dispatched by God, those who are missionaries from God, have these difficulties. But from these difficulties, great and wonderful results come out. These difficulties are very necessary for a stronger foundation of God's work on earth for hundreds of years to come. Prepare yourselves beautifully for all the wonderful tasks that are before you.

Nach Oben

51st week

The human heart everywhere is the same. It does not matter whether that heart is of the first century before Christ or the 21st century after, whether it is of Europe or of Africa, whether it is of India or of Russia, the human heart is the same. Man everywhere around the world is the same, women all over the world are just the same, they have the same feelings, the same heart, the same mind, only external, cultural and social backgrounds differ. But these are externals and non-essentials. Essentially all men meet all over the world. Man is unhappy on account of the working of the mind, all over the world it is the same. And man is happy when better feelings, better thoughts and an idea of God dawns on him. All over the world it is the same. God is also the same One. There are no two Gods, neither the Bible nor the Indian Scriptures say that there are two Gods. God is the same, man is the same, human demand for God is the same all over the world, and the path which leads the human heart to the experience of God is also the same all over the world.

Nach Oben

52nd week

Whenever you repeat the Mantra, at once feel an ocean of Love, Light, Grace, Knowledge within you, around you, responding to you. There is no hypnotism here, there is no suggestion here. I am not suggesting to you, "Feel the Divine here and there" - it is an experience. And how to know that this experience is true or false? Go back to all the saints, and see what they have experienced, and examine what they have experienced, and you will see they experienced what I am saying, and in future the saints that will arise thousand years later will also say what I am saying. The spiritual experiences are universal, they are the same everywhere, they are valid. And how to know what God is? Look at the holy books of all the world: they all described what God is. All descriptions of God are the same. All scriptures say, "God is one". All scriptures say, "God is Light and Love". All saints and all scriptures say, "God is all-seeing and all-knowing." All scriptures say that God is with you, around you always. They are everywhere the same, but when they are spoken and when they are given by a person who is living and has a living experience of these things, the humanity becomes extremely blessed. It has not only the scriptures but a proof in life of what the scriptures say. Therefore, such a man is dear to the Heart of God. Such a man is from God. Such a man is a blessing for the whole world.

Nach Oben

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