Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2013

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


Week 1
God is ever in contemplation, that is His natural state. Man is ever in multiplicity, chaos, diversity. A man who contemplates, meditates and lives a meditative life, becomes slowly God.

Lord Shiva is not only an embodiment of infinite Auspiciousness, Beauty, Truth, but also the supreme embodiment of Ascetism. His nature is Truth, He touches no pleasure, He is an infinite Joy of Truth. His eyes are always closed in contemplation, He is the Lord of all ascetics. He is the Supreme Master in the art of meditation. He is the Supreme Divine Teacher of all teachers. With His Grace the bonds of mundane, earthly, human life can be broken.

Week 2
The seeker of the Truth approaches the Truth as the Guru, and Guru as the Truth, – and attains highest spiritual experience and knowledge by constant devotion to the Guru. It is not devotion to a person called ‘Mr. X.’, it is devotion to the Truth. The personality of the Guru is glorious because in that personality Truth has been attained, experienced, and is being expressed, – no matter how secretly, no matter in what veiled manner, and limitations of a time-space universe.

So, the disciple holds the image of the Guru in his inner consciousness as the Truth that is above all manifestations – earthly manifestations and divine manifestations. The Guru is above all manifestations, – timeless, eternal. He is silent, though He may be working most dynamically. He is an embodiment of Peace and Silence, – though his life is governed 24 hours by dynamism, activity.

Week 3

Make the whole life a grand festival of divine works and divine meditation. You gain nothing if you are the emperor of the whole world. But you gain immensely even if you repeat the mystical syllables for a short time. You gain immensely even if you work selflessly for some time. You gain immensely by the mere thought and feeling of the Divine Presence, constantly.

In the field of divine service, remember that all are selfless, all want to be pure, all want to be illuminated, all desire to possess infinite Knowledge, infinite Freedom, infinite Happiness. So don’t misunderstand if somebody gives you some work. You are free to do it or not to do it. It is a divine field. There is no compulsion, no demand, no selfishness. All work is characterized by divine nature, divine motives, divine thoughts and feelings.

Week 4

One quick method of spiritual progress is to adore the Saints, to adore the Prophets, to adore the noble people, to adore the great people, and above all to adore immensely the Devotees of the Divine.
Adore the hands of a Saint which are building the Kingdom of Heaven. Adore and admire the Saint’s great spirit of sacrifice, service and hard-work for the Divine. Adore all workers of the Divine, adore all noble lives and saintly lives. A person without egoism and arrogance, a person of self-surrender and devotion, a person of unquestioning obedience, a person of unquestioning faith is the holiest person. Adore such persons. Every life which is devoted to the Divine is wonderful. So, adore the Saints who have now in this hour and this day dedicated their energies and time to the Divine unquestioningly.

By such adoration you will make more rapid spiritual progress. God is very pleased when He sees you adore His devotees and His workers. So, the quick way to please God is to adore His devotees and His workers.

Week 5
Try to progress rapidly, do not waste even a minute, control the tongue, speak only what is most necessary, unnecessary talks waste away your soul-power. Only an empty brain speaks too many words and wastes away all soul-power. The greatest Sages have hardly spoken two words in their life unless they were prompted by the Divine to do so. Their whole life is devoted to silence, they never speak; if ever they have spoken, those words could be counted on the fingers. By observing silence they gather soul-power.

Enormous energy is lost by speaking, that is why many people observe the vow of silence on the spiritual path.

Never speak unless it is most necessary. Conserve the energies, then your soul-power increases. Instead of speaking ten words speak one word, instead of speaking a hundred words speak two words. Conserve your energy.

Week 6
Be always dominated by the Consciousness of the Divine. If you are not dominated by the consciousness of the Divine, you will be dominated by the pride, or imaginary fears, or thoughts about others, or useless feelings, or unnecessary comparisons. Thus you will be lost. So try to be dominated always by the Consciousness of the Divine. From that dominating spiritual Consciousness act, think, work, feel, live.

Draw Strength from the Divine, Peace and Joy from the Divine. Offer every act that you perform to the Divine. Offer your whole life to the Divine. Only the thought and the feeling and the experience of the Divine are valuable and worthwhile. All else is passing away, changing, perishing, slippery. Be attached to the Divine more and more.

Week 7
Always find the Picture of the Divine standing by you. Carry this Picture of the Divine in your eyes, in your consciousness, in your heart. You must be able to see It everywhere, at all times, in all conditions. Never sit without feeling that the Divine is standing by you.

Never move even a little without the feeling that the Divine is moving with you. Say nothing without the feeling that the Divine is hearing you. Let your life become one with the life of the Divine. Beg the Divine to fill your whole body, mind and soul with Grace, Light, Peace, Knowledge, Wisdom, Illumination.

Always look at yourself in relation to the Divine, not in relation to the environment. If you are conscious of the environment, then you will say, “Oh, the environment is bad” – or good – and as it may not be good in all circumstances, you are unhappy. Try to live not in the environment but in the Divine. With every breath, draw in the Grace of the Divine.

Week 8
Beg the Divine for more pure feelings, pure thoughts. They will become the foundation of your divine perception. There is no reason for fear, the omnipotent Divinity is by you. There is no reason for anxiety, the Divine as the infinite Love is by you. There is no reason for feeling the body’s presence, the all-wonderful, immaterial, infinite, boundless Beauty, Spirit, Consciousness of the Divine alone is within and without – within you and around you. Grow up in the consciousness of this. Its nature is infinite Joy, infinite Prosperity, infinite Peace. Dwell in these qualities.

Speak in the Divine, work in the Divine, see in the Divine. This is the way to progress.

Week 9
Multiply your heart by the millions and find it repeating the Mantra, all over the cosmos, all over the world. With the result if you go to Africa now, every tree there must be familiar to you, every grain of sand, every stone must be familiar to you, as a bearer of the Mantra you have repeated. Every face must be familiar to you, as the face in which you have seen the Divine.

If you have to go to America, every building must be vibrant with your Mantra-power, with the result all homes look like your home, that you are familiar with everything there, for everything is bearing your Mantra-power, everything is disclosing the picture of the Divine. There should be no spot, no tree, no stone, no being in the world with which you are not familiar.

So, multiply your heart by billions and billions, and allow every one of them to repeat the Mantra.

Week 10
You are whatever there is in your mind. If in your mind there are millions of candles lit for the Glory of the Divine and the Appearance of the Divine, then your heart is a festival of joy and divine Consciousness.

So, mentally light millions of candles for the Glory of the Divine, mentally extend adoration to the Divine in all beings, mentally find yourself everywhere in the universe adoring the Divine. Mentally live in association with the Divine.

Everybody is always living in association with something or the other. A child is living in association mentally with her toy. Mrs. X. is living in association with her cup of coffee, mentally. There is no one at no time who is not living with something or the other mentally. End this by constant living mentally in association with the Divine, with the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-perfect, all-luminous Divinity, with the timeless, eternal, infinite, divine, absolute Reality, with the Ocean of Peace, Joy, Power, Energy, Grace, Light.

Week 11
Persistence in spiritual effort is essential. Constancy in goodness is needed. Sometimes good, sometimes not good, sometimes very happy, sometimes not very happy, sometimes very spiritual, sometimes not very spiritual - that is the way of the ordinary person, the way of the bound, imprisoned, unhappy ignorant soul. Always good, always cheerful, always inspired, always pure, always conscious of the Divine, always constructive, always positive, always energetic, always successful – that is the nature of the good heart.

Cling to the Appearances of the Divine all around. Beg the Divine to do your work, and destroy the past karma which is the cause for the instinctive dislike of the others, dislike from others. Again and again raise the Appearances of the Divine all around you and behold them.

Week 12

In this space which you are occupying now, WHO was there millions and millions of years ago? THE DIVINE. Who will be there after everything is dissolved? The Divine. This ancient, timeless, eternal, ever-present Divinity is adored and contacted with every repetition of the mystical syllable. Become conscious of this.
Who was there millions and millions of years ago in the space around the earth? The Divine. Who will be there when all the cosmos is dissolved? The Divine. This ancient, ever-present, timeless divine Reality is contacted and adored with every repetition of the mystical syllables.

Nothing is more beautiful, more luminous, more wonderful, more valuable, more living, more precious than the Divine. Become conscious of the Divine. Live for the Divine, work for the Divine. The body whether good or bad perishes, cling to the imperishable Divine. The mind good or bad perishes, cling to the Reality which was here millions of years ago, is now and will always be there.

Week 13
Being all-pervading and all-knowing, God will visit you many times. If you are not repeating the Mantra, He will go back, He finds that this is no place for Him. When God visits you, and if you are not praying at that time, God returns. Since nobody knows when God visits, one has to be praying all the time, repeating the Mantra always, so that when God comes He knows you are in prayer, that you are repeating the Mantra, and He abides by you.

So, always repeat the Mantra and always pray. If you are not with the prayer or the Mantra even for a few minutes, during that time the Divine may come and find you not in prayer, not in Mantra-repetition, therefore He returns. So, constantly in the background go on repeating the Mantra and be in a prayerful mood.

Week 14
All experience the outer world in the same way, only a spiritual aspirant experiences the outer world as God, as Reality, as a structure of the Divine Being. The difference lies in the inner vision. When our inner vision is divine, exalted, spiritual, then we see another world within this outer world, a wonderful divine Presence everywhere in this world. All is wonderful, everything is God, everything is beautiful, everything is the Kingdom of Heaven for the spiritual vision. Therefore cultivate your inner spiritual vision.

The good heart finds every object glowing with the Presence of the Divine even as the sun is glowing with light and heat.

Everywhere it finds the luminous Presence of the Divine. Everywhere its inner ear is attuned to the rhythm of the Mantra.

It knows its strength to be in the boundless Divinity.

Week 15
Nothing is more important than the Divine, and nothing is more real than the Divine. Nothing can sustain you truly as the Divine. Not to feel the Divine is to be insensitive. People are sensitive to the criticism of others, to heat and cold. People are sensitive to the vibrations from others, people are sensitive to pain and pleasure, sensitive to praise and blame, but they are never sensitive to the Presence of the Divine. Such people are insensitive. Only he is sensitive who feels the Divine – more than he feels the earth. Cultivate the sensitivity that feels the Divine.

The spiritual heart says,
“Oh, Divinity, live by me, stand always around me, let my eyes be never empty of your presence. Let the breath leave my body rather than your Presence leave my presence.”

Week 16
The Divine Reality with all Its infinite qualities is everywhere. As the one sunlight is everywhere and its light can be split into seven colours, so the Divine which is the One Reality everywhere can be split into millions of forms and colours and names and realities. One colour is called the Divine Mother, the other is called Shiva, another is called Krishna. Thus the different colours of the Divine are given different names. All mean the same thing: the one Sun-Light, the one Reality, the one Divinity.

When you touch the sunlight, you are at the same time touching all the colours. When you touch the Divine, you are touching all Its million forms and names and colours.
Whether you say Krishna, or Shiva, or Divine Mother, it is all one and the same, you touch the same Reality.

So, the divine Reality is One. Appeal to the divine Reality in many ways. Understand the divine Reality in many forms, then you will make more quick spiritual progress.

Week 17
The heart of the spiritual aspirant is like the sky: Though a thousand changes take place in the sky, nothing touches the sky. Clouds come and go, the sky remains the same forever. Planets come and go, stars come and go, the sky remains the same.

The rain comes and goes, the thunder comes and goes, the smoke rises and disappears, the sky remains the same.

So is the heart of the spiritual aspirant, it is always the same, it is untouched by the rain of sorrow, it is untouched by the clouds of depression, it is untouched by useless thoughts and feelings, it is untouched by the smoke of bad fate, suffering and sorrow and ignorance. All the life-experiences do not make any change in the heart of the spiritual aspirant. Like the sky it is unchanging, unaffected, untouched.

Week 18
The supreme Reality and the human element, both dwell together in the inmost heart of man. In the constitution of the human individual the Absolute and the individual both dwell together.

The world knows that there is good and bad in man, that there is a higher nature and a lower nature in man, that there is happiness and unhappiness in man, that there is good and evil in man, but what it does not know is that the Divine dwells simultaneously with the human in the individual.
There is an infinite, all-perfect, all-wonderful, all-knowing Reality in man. It is always dwelling in him, next to his individual self which is full of imperfections, difficulties, ignorance.

God and man dwell together in man. There is no one in whom the Divine does not dwell.

The Divine portion in man does not need to attain perfection. It is already all-perfect, it is eternally perfect, it is the unborn Reality, it is the deathless Truth, it is ever the same, though permissive of endless wonders in itself.

Week 19
Work develops the soul far more quickly in this age than anything else, – but not selfish work or egoistic work.

If mere work could elevate and illuminate, millions of people who are struggling very hard and working almost 20 hours a day, in their business, in their professions, would be saints.

Work with devotion, with background spiritual knowledge, with Mantra-repetition, in humility, in sefflessness, – work from which we get nothing, work which is done for the glory of the Divine, work done for the good of others, work done as a spiritual discipline, as an expression of gratitude to the Divine, as a discipline for the bodily and mental and emotional forces – becomes a liberator, becomes the means of rapid spiritual experience and development. Nothing is greater than that.

Week 20
Persons who depend upon external things for happiness or for strength are always weak, unhappy, unsuccessful and full of problems.

Those who are going to be great never depend upon external things for happiness or for strength, or for progress.

The strength or happiness given by external things is fleeting, and not worth mentioning.
On the other hand, the good heart, which is going to be great, draws its happiness and strength from a great thought. Even while working, suddenly it is filled with the emotion of the Divine Presence. That becomes the source of happiness, peace and strength, and Illumination.

Week 21
With every Mantra-repetition the spiritual individual takes refuge in the Divine, surrenders himself to the Divine. The Divine is the greatest insurance company, the greatest bank. You are never safe anywhere except in the Divine, by the Divine, through the Divine. Only those who surrender themselves to the Divine really prosper.

The rich man surrenders himself to the money, and the money brings problems, and may be snatched away from him in many ways. Nowhere one is safe except in the Divine. Self-surrender should be only in relation to the Divine.

Outside the Divine there is the untruth, ignorance, error, perishability, insecurity, unhappiness, poverty, helplessness, suffering, death, disease. Only in the Divine, which is the Truth, all these are absent.

So the spiritual heart, with every repetition of the Mantra, surrenders itself to the Divine.
With every repetition of the Mantra the spiritual heart surrenders itself to the Divine, insures its life in the hands of the Divine, puts itself in the bank of the Divine and gains numberless blessings.

Week 22
Aim at constant communion with the divine Truth. Get rid of the hallucination and obsession of the human life. Assert like the spiritual heart: “My strength is endless, I am born of the Truth. I live for the Truth, I spread the Truth.”

Truth is infinite Love. Truth is not what people understand it to be. Truth is what God reveals to one’s good heart. Truth is the Divine Itself. It is boundless Love and Light.

Deepen your relations with this wonderful divine Truth. Those alone who have deepened their relations with the Truth live truly and are happy and peaceful and prosperous and blessed.

Week 23
The moment one sits for meditation, one’s heart should forget everything and absorb itself in the Divine. One’s heart should forget the past and the future and absorb itself in the Divine. One has to meditate by being born anew. All that one was, had, should all be forgotten. One should be new-born, before one starts meditation. The whole consciousness, heart and thought should be absorbed by the Divine, Its Presence and Its Beauty, Its Omniscience and Its Omnipotence, Its boundless Light and boundless Peace.

The greatest secrets of rapid spiritual evolution are many, for the Reality is million-bodied, that is, it is richest in content. Infinite are its qualities, infinite are its wonders. Such a Reality is the goal of human life.

Week 24
As you repeat the Mantra, strongly feel that you are in an Ocean of Light. Strongly feel that you are in the Ocean of infinite divine Intelligence, Power, Grace, Beauty and Joy.

All people unconsciously imagine that there is not God all around. That there is not God, is an imagination. That there is not all around us the Ocean of the Divine is an imagination. For everywhere, as the higher experience shows, there is the Ocean of the divine Intelligence, Presence, Being, Life, Perfection.

As you repeat the Mantra, strongly feel that you are surrounded by the boundless Ocean of divine Light, divine Peace, divine Joy and Energy. Strongly feel that the all-seeing, all-protecting, all-blessing Hands of the Divine are all around you, that you live in the Divine, breathe in the Divine, work in the Divine, move in the Divine. Again and again generate this feeling with the repetition of every Mantra.

In the attitude and in the spirit, in thought and in the feeling, this experience of the boundless Ocean of the Divine Light and Peace and Joy around you must predominate.

Week 25
Guru means dispeller of ignorance. Man is ignorant of the ultimate infinite divine Reality. He may know everything about the car, or of the earth, or of anything that we generally come across in daily life, but he is completely ignorant, he is in a world of the darkness of ignorance. No matter how well he is educated, how much he knows, despite all that he is drowned in the ocean of spiritual ignorance. He does not know the Reality, which bestows upon him Immortality. He does not see the Truth, he is in the darkness of ignorance.

The Guru dispels this darkness. He is himself that supreme divine Reality. While living in this world he does not live in this world, his whole intelligence is filled with the Light of the Knowledge of the Divine. He is the bearer of the Light Divine. He dispels the darkness of spiritual ignorance.

Ignorance is the cause of all misfortune, evil, unhappiness, limitations. When ignorance is removed all these disappear. Guru makes the disciple of the nature of the Light of the Divine. He transforms him into the Light of the Divine.

Week 26
One should live the spiritual life all through the day, all through the week, all through the month, all through the year. There is no holiday for your breathing. Do you take a holiday from breathing? If your breathing were to take a holiday what would be your fate? Your body would perish. So the breath cannot take leave of you. It does not say, “I will come once in a while”, even as you go to the Temple once in a while. It is there all the 24 hours, even when you are sleeping, otherwise you cannot live.

So, make the spiritual life a continuous feature of your every-minute life. Eat religiously, talk religiously, live religiously, work religiously, sleep religiously, wake up religiously, always be in the state of divine consciousness.

Let not the spiritual life take leave of you even for a second.

Week 27
Let the thought of the Divine through the constant Mantra-repetition be uppermost. If in any hour you are not spiritual, it means the drying up of your soul. The more it dries the more problems you will have. At no hour should the spiritual life be absent. All hours are sacred. All days are sacred. All days are holy. So, the Ashram’s people get up at 4 o’clock every day, no matter whether there is holiday or no holiday, and start their meditation at 4 o’clock. Every day is the same day, a divine day, a joyous day, a creative day of spiritual life.

There is no holiday from the inner spiritual life. It has to be kept up continuously.

Change your attitude to the circumstances and environment, take a divine attitude.

Again and again close the eyes and adore the Divine in everybody around. If they are bad they are punished by their own badness. If they are good they are rewarded by their own goodness. Not even a grain of that goodness can belong to you, not even a grain of that punishment can belong to you. You are responsible for your own thoughts and feelings and actions.

Week 28
Just see the sight of the eye. It is so small, yet it can experience the whole universe. It can see all the stellar systems, and many stars are incomparably bigger than our own sun and earth. That is the greatness of the eye. Even so, everyone who seems to be small can do great things, experience the greatest Reality, the Divine. Everything is possible for everyone, in the Divine, in Grace.

Therefore nobody should underestimate their capacity for service, and strive to attain abundant divine Grace through great contributions to the welfare of mankind.

Every hour should be an hour of joy, the joy of work, the joy of accomplishment, the joy of growth and development, the joy of using one’s skills and abilities. The more they are used the more they grow. One’s intelligence can grow unlimitedly, one’s heart can expand unlimitedly.

Week 29
Devotion, purity, egolessness, humility, self-surrender, love, wisdom – all these are essential conditions. Without them wisdom disappears, Mantra-repetition lacks power. Fulfill the conditions and then you will see what wonders are the Mantras.

As you repeat the Mantra you will be face to face with the Divine as a Form of infinite Beauty, infinite Light, infinite Consciousness and Wisdom.

Knowing this, intensify your repetition of the Mantra, intensify your concentration upon the Form of the Divine, your knowledge of the Divine. Find the whole space around you illuminated by the Presence of the Divine.

Mentally offer the most marvellous and fragrant flowers in all the cosmos to the Divine. Mentally light millions of deepas for the Glory of the Divine. Let the whole life be centred round the divine thought. With every repetition of the Mantra find yourself swimming in the ocean of Energy, Love, Light, Grace.

Week 30
The spiritual heart sees the Divine always, in all conditions.

The good heart converses with the Divine in this manner: “Oh Divinity, though I am not seeing You, You are seeing me. Though I am not hearing You, You are hearing me. Though I am not feeling You, You are feeling me. Though I don’t know my future, You know my future. Though I experience pain and pleasure, You are full of infinite Joy, and You can grant me infinite Joy.”

By such conversation, the good heart grows into the spiritual heart. And the spiritual heart works wonders in the world. It blesses the whole creation by its mere presence.

Develop the good heart, make it the spiritual heart, feel strongly the Presence of the Divine.

Week 31
The hearts which are constantly occupied with the Divine are wonderful hearts. To serve such persons is to gain a great blessing.

Saintly persons are always busy in service. Saintliness and service go together, service of every kind.

A real Saint who merely sits, also serves, in many ways. His whole being is occupied in service. He serves by his communion with the Divine – the whole world, the whole cosmos is better because he is in communion with the Divine. It is not worse because he is in communion with the Divine. The whole world may be suffering, but it is not suffering that much because this man is in communion with the Divine. So he is serving even by his mere communion with the Divine, merely by his Mantra-repetition and prayers, by his meditations, by his grand cosmic feelings.

Week 32

MAN IS ESSENTIALLY SPIRIT. He is formed of the Light and the Knowledge and the Life of the Divine. Therefore the more spiritual he is, the more close he is to true Joy, true Peace, true Knowledge. Body makes him one with matter. It is the nature of the body, like the nature of the stone, to fall down. It is a heavy weight. But it is a wonderful instrument in the hands of a wise person.

Even God Himself has to take a human body in order to bring about great results in humanity’s welfare. There the body becomes an instrument for the transmission of the great treasures of Heaven.

In the ordinary man, body becomes a bondage. But those who are more illuminated make use of it as a wonderful instrument for the spread of Light and Knowledge.

Week 33
The great person is not a giant. He is like everybody else, with the same limited capacities, but he has a great will, a great heart, and this great will and great heart make his normal capacities supernormal. And that is why the great person’s life is characterised by great works.

We have to measure the outer life not in terms of years but in terms of the number of works done.
One may live a hundred years without doing something or accomplishing something.
One may live only for a year but may accomplish thousands of things.

The value of a life lies in the number of great things done. The greater the aspirations, the greater the heart, the greater the will, the more wonderful and many are the works, – selfless works, divine works, egoless works, self-sacrificing works.

Week 34
The scientist speaks of everything and everyone as energy, the Saint speaks of everything and everyone as God. Energy and God are one and the same. The Sage speaks of everything and everyone as the Truth. Truth, God, Energy are one and the same. There is nothing in which there is not Truth, Energy, God.

So, beg everything to reveal the Divine, charge everything in the whole cosmos with the Mantra-repetition, find the whole universe resonant with the Mantra-repetition.
Sometimes generate the feeling that the Divine is standing by you and working with you.
Close your ears to wrong words of the people, never hear them, never remember them. Open the ears to the Names of the Divine, hear them, cherish them, and thus be illuminated.

Week 35

Blessed is the heart which makes any corner of the world beautiful.
To introduce order, beauty, value into the environment we occupy is characteristic of a good heart, a blessed heart, an evolving, growing, progressing, prospering heart. Such a heart will be surprised by newer and newer resources in itself.

People under great stress or great urgency or great tragedy display surprising courage, they display unusual capacities. Why not display that always? Why should a tragedy or great difficulty or great urgency alone draw from you unusual capacities?

Make unusual capacities, unusual inspiration, unusual courage, unusual dynamism characteristic and normal with you. This is the way to rapid evolution, greatness, divine perfection.

Week 36
The grand way to make the law of cause and effect inoperative in your case is to offer everything to the Divine. If you do a work and offer it to the Divine it cannot bind you or affect you or limit you with its reaction.

If you think a thought, or feel something, or do something, and offer it to the Divine, it can no more bind you, affect you, you have overcome the laws of the world. You become superior to Nature, you experience your essential inner being.

And that Divinity who receives the offering, increases the wisdom in you, heightens the illumination in you, renders you inwardly more and more divine and therefore identical with the Divinity Itself, – which is all-perfect, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-pervading, all-powerful, self-existent, self-luminous, self-sufficient.

Week 37
The divine Existence is untouched by anything. It cannot be cut, it cannot die; it cannot be bounded, it is boundless, it cannot be burnt, it is the marvel of marvels, the subtlest principle.

It is not egoistic, you are egoistic, your bounded personality is egoistic, this inner divine Existence in you has no ego, no form, no ignorance, nothing second to It, nothing can limit It – It alone is.

When you reflect upon this deeply and know this Principle to be your Heart of heart and Life of life, you will be uplifted above all problems of life. At a stroke your evolution is highly enhanced. Within moments of such a dawning of such a knowledge you shoot like a rocket in the evolutionary scheme.

Week 38
A little wisdom makes the very weaknesses the means for our perfections. Pride is universal, ego is universal, but a little wisdom can make these two enemies of man wonderful instruments for his greatness, happiness, perfection.

If you are proud let that pride be used for arriving at greater and greater stages of evolution, perfection, deveopment. Generally people in the world use pride to harm others, to hurt others, to insult others, to dominate others, to snub others, to make others look small. For all these and many more negative purposes pride is used.

The same pride in a wise man expresses itself in the form of great self-control, he can never be mean, he is not a sheep among many sheep, he is a shepherd. The pride expresses itself in growth, development, in possessing a kingly heart, in possessing a noble blood of generosity, kindness, patience, sacrifice.

Let your pride make you a leader in everything, let it develop your abilities, your capacities, your positive qualities, so that automatically the people around and the nature choose you as a leader.

Week 39
As the spirituality deepens, the seeker of the Divine finds everything is within him: all happiness, all heaven, all peace, all wealth, all knowledge, all power is within him. He carries heaven wherever he moves. When he rises up from the bed, there he experiences the heaven within himself. When he is walking in the forest, or in the streets, or doing some work, inwardly he is enjoying the heaven, peace, light, happiness, the Divinity.

So, discover true freedom, true prosperity, true wealth, true heaven, true knowledge, true God within the growing devotion in yourself. Dwell in this heaven, no matter to what conditions your outer life is exposed. Be divinely intoxicated by the experience of this heaven.

Let all your actions in daily life, thoughts in daily life, feelings in daily life, plans in daily life proceed from this heaven.

Week 40
The seekers of the Divine are the real scientists, they deal with That which is imperishable and eternally the same. The laws of Newton have been overpassed because they are pertaining to a phenomenon which is itself perishable. Such a phenomenon is relative. It is here but is not everywhere, not in the worlds beyond, not in the invisible worlds, not at all times. The world comes to an end and with it the phenomena wherein new laws were observed.

So, scientists are condemned to a field of knowledge which is changing, and which is unreliable. From the standpoint of a higher science they nowhere can be characterized as scientists. The true scientists are the seekers of the Divine, for they deal with the indestructible, eternally the same, everywhere-the-same Reality.

In the sleep state there is the Reality, in the waking state there is the Reality; in this world there is the Reality; in the worlds beyond there is the Reality; in the invisible worlds there is the Reality. Millions and millions of years ago there was the Reality, millions and millions of years later there will be the same Reality. With this timeless, unchanging, ever-the-same, wondrous, all-creative, infinite, absolute Reality, the seekers of the Divine deal.

Week 41

The spiritual individual entertains the highest, the greatest, the holiest, the noblest, the most divine thoughts.

One can be the greatest person of the world even without being known to a second person nearby. People in the world are considered great in consequence of a large number of people who acknowledge them, their greatness rests upon the number of persons in the world acknowledging them or esteeming them. Whereas the truly greatest person may not be known even to the person next to him. There may be no one to esteem him, yet he is the greatest of persons. His greatness depends upon the greatest, the holiest, the deepest thoughts and feelings he entertains.

To be the greatest person of the world one has to entertain the greatest feelings, divine feelings, highest feelings and illuminating, inspiring, greatest thoughts. Upon these rests the real greatness of a person.

Knowing this, the spiritual aspirant silently endeavours to be the greatest person of the world, and he starts by constantly, repeatedly, successively entertaining highest, deepest, most divine feelings and thoughts.

Week 42
The spiritual heart tries to develop intimate relations with the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful Divinity. How to develop intimate relations with the Divine? By heart-to-heart conversations with the Divine.

You don’t converse with a person who is absent, therefore the first requisite is that the person with whom you want to converse is present. Since God is omnipresent, He is always present with you, He is always all around you, His all-hearing ear is ever by you. Since He is near to you, you can converse with Him. Since He is all-hearing, He hears everything that you speak, everything that you think, everything that you feel.

By the intimate conversation with the Divine, the intimate relations with the Divine will develop.
Expression of devotion to the Divine through acts of love and service, also develops intimate relations with the Divinity.

Week 43
Like space, the Divine pervades everything. In the iron-rod there is space, though the iron rod looks to be completely solid and opaque. The space in the iron-rod, the space everywhere, is one and the same. The space everywhere is penetrating every object, every person, that is because of its subtility. Subtler than space is the Divine, present everywhere, in all things, in all beings.

This space is itself said to be the bearer of the Divine. Ultimately from where comes space? That is the question of questions. Science does not know. Nobody can give an adequate explanation for how the space came into existence. So, we trace the existence of space to the ultimate divine Reality which is subtler than space. Since the Divine is the source of space, and is subtler than the space, It is all the more at once everywhere.

This subtlest reality called the Divine is all-hearing, all-seeing, all-beautiful, all-rich, all-creative. Being all-creative It fulfills every imaginable desire of the heart of the spiritual individual. The all-fulfilling Divinity – that is the object of the spiritual individual’s endeavour.

Week 44
For the earnest seeker of the Divine, the Divine is not a distant reality but a close presence. It is not only a close presence but a living Personality. The earnest seeker seeks the Divine constantly, here, there, everywhere. He has always the vision of the Divine before him. With the vision of the Divine before him he works hard to fulfill a mighty mission. With the vision of the Divine before him he pours out all his energies, intelligence in the service of the Divine, in the building of a new world here on earth, a world of a happiness which is a characteristic of the Divine, peace which is characteristic of the Divine, abundance which is characteristic of the Divine. Constantly he dedicates every little capacity, ability, he has, to the service of the Divine. Restlessly he pours out his energies with a mighty purpose, with the vision of the Divine before him always. His life is now in tune with the Infinite, the Immortal, the Indestructible, the Spirit, which is above all matter and its expressions.

Week 45
By the continuous and unbroken repetition of the Mantra, the earnest seeker of the Divine sees the Face of the Truth inwardly. How is the Face of the Truth? What says the deepest experience of the Truth? The Face of the Truth is indescribably beautiful. It is brilliant beyond description.

Language with its limitations can say: it is like ten thousand suns rising up at the same time. So brilliant is the Face of the Truth. That is to be contemplated. Therein is the supreme art and the aim, aspiration and objective of all artistic endeavour. It is the supreme artistic object. It is the supreme object of the soul’s striving, no matter how It is described, no matter how It expresses Itself, – as Devi or Krishna, or Guru or in any other name and form.

Week 46
The best way to experience the great God is to express greatness of every kind.

Lazy people, dull people can never experience God. In order to experience God one must have that which is in God: greatness, supreme greatness.

A great heart is necessary to experience God, a great devotion is necessary to experience God, a great purity is necessary.

A great goodness is necessary. A great dynamism is necessary. A great prayer is necessary – a great prayer which is perpetual, which goes on in the heart, even when one is absorbed in outer activities for the glory of the Divine.

Everything great is demanded, great simplicity, great peace, great luminosity, great virtue.

Week 47
The lover of the Divine is exceedingly careful, highly diligent in life, and dynamic and is always goal-conscious: conscious of God, the experience of the Truth, the experience of the infinite Peace and Happiness and Life. Always his mind is occupied with the Divine. If he breathes, it is for the sake of the Divine. Every aspect of life, every activity of life, every little talk, everything is directed towards God-experience. God is the goal of his life, and God dominates him. The more he is dominated by God, the more he is intoxicated by God, the nearer he is to his absolute goal.

Week 48
The heart of the lover of the Divine is always talking to the Divine, it says to the Divine:
“You are the breath of my breath, You are the soul of my soul, You are the intelligence of my intelligence, I cannot live without You. Without Your knowledge nothing can happen, I live under Your eyes. Your all-seeing eyes are seeing everything, Your omnipotent hands are protecting me from all sides. Your heart of infinite Love is caring for me all through the day and night.

“You are the breath of my breath, let me glorify You with all the strength of my energies. You are the crown and glory of my life. You are the quintessence of my soul, You are everything to me. Let me live for You, work like a giant for You, think like a genius for You, serve You with unending patience and perseverance. Let me bear all the trials of life for the glory of You. Let me bear all the trials of life in order to create for Your glory a Heaven here on earth.”

Week 49
The spiritual path is the greatest path. It is the most wonderful path. One step of progress on this path, or even failure on this path, is infinitely superior to the success as an emperor in the world for thousands of years. One metre of progress on the spiritual path is infinitely superior to all the pleasures, powers, glories here on earth for thousands of years.

When one has full success on the spiritual path, one becomes omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. One can recreate all, Michelangelo, Raphael, Plato – philosophers, saints. One can recreate new worlds, one becomes supreme, one with the Heart of God. One gets endless knowledge, endless happiness, conscious Immortality. It is an indescribable state.

That is the only real life, all other types of life are no life. The spiritual life alone is the real life, that alone is most valuable.

Week 50
By constant and intensive repetition of the mantra the spiritual individual gains immense grace of the Divine. Every repetition is registered by the Hand of the Infinite which sees everything, registers everything. So, every repetition is a great gain, even when you do not know the effects, even though you do not know how the result comes. Every repetition has its own result. By constant repetition, by constant service of the Divine, by constant love of the Divine one becomes slowly and steadily purified and illuminated inwardly.

The more you are purified and illuminated inwardly, the more peaceful you will be. No matter how intense your work is, how distracting your environment be, you will remain peaceful, ever-peaceful, ever-satisfied. And this peacefulness and satisfaction become the foundation for spiritual development.

Week 51
To adore a great or noble or a good or a divine thing is to receive its blessings.

Adore all those who have been striving for spiritual perfection and those who have attained perfection.

Adore all the invisible servants of the Divine, all the invisible manifestations of the Truth.

Adore the omnipresent, omniscient, all-seeing, all-wonderful Divinity.

The spiritual heart always is humble, it begs the Divinities in the water, in the fire, in the trees and in all directions to protect it. It begs them all to help it to see the Divine and to protect the little candle-light it is, in the desert, swept over by violent winds.

Week 52

One has to try to imitate the great Saints. Then the progress is easy. Then the soul becomes more and more luminous every day, then one becomes an object of joy to others, then the Karma breaks.

Some people may do much good yet they are not appreciated; they may work very hard yet they are not admired, not loved, not liked, rejected – that is because their old Karma is expressing itself. Such people must work more hard, seek for a more pure heart, and struggle hard to repeat the Mantra always and cling to the Divine.

If these small points are respected, one grows into great spirituality.

The greater a person is the more humble he is, the less proud he is, and the more of the Divine works through him.


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