Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year



The Divine is my Joy, the Divine is my Peace, the Divine is my Life. The Divine is my prosperity. The Divine is the light of my eyes and the light of my intelligence. The Divine is the Soul of my soul. The Divine alone is everywhere.

I live for the Divine, I breathe for the Divine. I work like a giant for the Divine. I think for the Divine, I feel for the Divine. Therefore the Divine thinks for me, therefore the Divine feels for me, therefore the Divine lives for me.

Wherever the Divine is, there is the paradise, blessedness, true peace, true prosperity, true freedom.

Swami Omkarananda
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1st week

Rise into a higher state of consciousness, pay any price necessary, nothing is more valuable to have than this. It is a condition of peace and joy, it is a condition of inner strength, it is a condition of inner illumination, it is a condition of inspiration. You see things better than in normal states. You react to the world around better than in the normal state. You are full of resources, full of calmness and composure.

The path of the spiritual individual is an upward path. The path of the worldly person is a downward path. What is happening when you are meditating? When you are concentrating on the Divine? - All the energies are rising up to the head and the forehead. If you are concentrating between the eyebrows, if the vision is between the eyebrows on the Light of the Divine, or on the Image of the Divine, or on the Presence and Peace and Beauty of the Divine, at once all the energies are concentrated there.

Nach Oben

2nd week

By constant mantra-repetition the spiritual heart keeps itself in a higher state of consciousness. From a higher state of consciousness many things which are impossible for a normal person are possible.

The mantra elevates a person to another state of consciousness in which all pains are bearable, all challenges are bearable, all problems are easy of solution, all fears disappear, all anxiety becomes meaningless. You are in a higher state of consciousness.

Measure the good fortune of your life from the higher state of consciousness in which you can sustain yourself. Again and again repeat the mantra intensively and raise yourself into a higher state of consciousness. Concentrate on the divine Presence - the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-witnessing Presence - intensively.


Nach Oben

3rd week

In the worldly person energies flow downward, the stomach is warm for a worldly person, and the belly is warm. The energies descend downwards. Whereas for the spiritual individual the energies rise upward. The face becomes warm, the heart becomes warm. In the worldly person the lower regions become warm, and the upper regions are cold. So the worldly person is on the downward path. The spiritual individual is on an upward path. It is a difficult path but the best path, the most valuable path. So, let your energies rise upward, right from the anus and from the navel all the energies must rise upward, towards the forehead and head.

The lower energies in the lower parts of the body, create lower tendencies, such as anger, jealousy, passion, desire, longing for sense-pleasures. But the same energies when they rise up, they are transformed, they become aspirations, they become inspirations, they become devotion, illumination, and thus prepare the human being to be entirely divine.

Nach Oben

4th week

Pray to the Divine to grant more Grace, more wisdom, more purity, more faith, more devotion. These qualities, these blessings will enrich your inner life immensely. No life is really powerful unless it is somehow conducted with the Presence of the Divine. Try to be connected with the Presence of the Divine now. Tell the Divine, "You have appeared to thousands of saints, you have led by the hand on the spiritual path thousands of saints, do so in relation to me, may I deserve your attention. Be inseparable from me in all my awareness".

Every wall is eloquent with the Presence of the Divine. The whole space is filled with the Joy of the Divine. The whole air is full of the Grace of the Divine. Everywhere you find a luminous world, a joyous world, an ecstatic world, a divine world of divine Knowledge. You will be full of inner strength and peace and power.

Nach Oben

5th week

A worldly person, when he sees a wall, he knows it to be a wall and nothing more; when he sees a person he knows that person to be a person and nothing more.

The spiritual heart on the other hand, if he sees the wall, at once he knows that it is a distortion of the divine Principle, it is a veil covering the divine Principle, it is in reality the divine Principle; so is every man, so is every thing. So the spiritual heart blames itself if its physical vision says these are things, these are persons. It always tries to see the wall, the people, the things as they essentially are, as the Divine, - a formulation of the Divine in the Divine. Always it is the Divine that is perceived in everything that it is perceiving. The heart begs the Divine, "Please grant me illumination, grant me wisdom, saving wisdom, liberating wisdom, all-illuminating wisdom. This is the only thing I beg of you."

Nach Oben

6th week

The wise spiritual person tries to cling to the Divine as intensively as possible, here and now, for we never know what happens tomorrow. Anything can happen, and the contact with the Divine will be difficult, mind can get deranged, or health may fail, or there can be a serious accident, or there can be a tragedy or a change of mind. Today one is spiritual, tomorrow one can be very worldly, to such a degree that one is not believing in the Divine and laughs at those who believe in the Divine. Everything can happen. Before such an unthinkable misfortune can come one should contact the Divine. Today much Grace must be acquired, so that if tomorrow many obstacles arise, the Grace will be in a position to overcome them.

Nach Oben

7th week

When a person goes on a pilgrimage, and if the pilgrimage lasts for three days, what does he do? - He takes provision for ten days, though his journey will last only three days. Why does he take ten days' provisions? - Because you can never say what may happen. Maybe the train does not run, and you may have to be delayed there for two days more. Anything can happen. Therefore he takes three times more than necessary, to be on the safe side. Even so the spiritual individual, in order to be on the safe side, fills himself now with as much of divine strength as possible. He tries to express as much devotion to the Divine now, as is possible. He tries to be as pure as possible, now; as full of faith and devotion as possible now. Tomorrow the opportunity may never come. There may be distractions, there may be problems, which make any progress impossible. Therefore the wise heart is always busy doing some good or the other to come closer to the Divine.

Nach Oben

8th week

Constantly the spiritual heart says, "That is real, that is the Divine, that is the all-perfect, that is everywhere, that is to be known and experienced, that is the real joy, that is the real peace and blessedness." The worldly heart is always experiencing, "This is not good, this is bad news. This I like, that I cannot have it, this is evil, this pains me, this distresses me, I hate this, I am jealous in regard to this. This is limitation, this is not good, this is painful, this is pleasurable. This the other person does not want to give to me "

Thus the daily life of an ordinary person is a series of such statements. When these statements are not pronounced, they are at least thought by the person in himself. His whole life is a series of such statements. Whereas the life of the spiritual heart is a series of the experiences of the Divine, a series of references to the Infinite, All-seeing, Immortal. It is a series of the experiences of the boundless Peace, Joy, Presence, Wisdom, Grace of the Divine.

Nach Oben

9th week

Say: That is the real. What is That? That is the Divine, the Infinite, the All-pervading, the All-loving, the All-protecting. That is the treasure, - not the car, the house, not the money, not the near and dear ones. That is to be desired, That is to be obtained, and made one's own property.

Again and again let the whole inner intelligence refer to the Divine, while the senses are constantly referent to the material universe.

The life is consisting of all kinds of such silly statements as, "I am thick. I am thin. I am not good. He is good. He creates difficulties" All kinds of such statements constitute the life of an ordinary person. This is the sin, this is the burden, this is the chaos, this is ignorance, this has to go, by the operations of divine knowledge. The divine knowledge says, "Everywhere there is the infinite Harmony and Peace." It has to be inwardly perceived and experienced. Again and again the consciousness has to be uplifted. Always reference to the Divine has to be made.

Nach Oben

10th week

Such an intense repetition of the mantras is the greatest treasure of life. The sunshine that you see outside does not last, it is overcome by night, or during the day it is overcome by clouds; it is not lasting. Not only this, the scientists are crying, "Oh, the sun is dying, with every million years it is a little weaker and weaker!" All the fire there is in the sun is being spent out. So much of energy is being exuded from the sun that after some time there will be no fire at all in the sun, it is dying every day, every day it is losing an enormous amount of energy and heat. So it is a dying sun. Millions and millions of years ago there was no sun, and millions and millions of years later there will be no sun. It is a temporary thing. Only an unwise man, a foolish man values the sunshine, and is deceived and disillusioned. He is unhappy for his trust in the sunshine. A wise person sits before the eternal Sun, the Truth, and repeats the name of the eternal Truth. The mystical syllables and the eternal Truth are one and the same.

Nach Oben

11th week

Even to repeat the name of the Divine once in life is an accomplishment. And you can imagine how much more valuable every succeeding repetition of the divine Name is.

Mentally always see the eternal Sun before you. Abide in the memory of the eternal Sun, express devotion to the eternal Sun, the eternal Sun which is the Truth, the Divine, the all-loving, all-blessing divine Mother, the all-fulfilling divine Reality. Supposing you die in the space. The eternal Arms of the Divine will bear you and give you infinite Joy and Peace and Life. If you die in the fire or on earth or in water or in any other manner, the eternal Arms of the all-loving divine Reality will bear you, and protect you, and pour into you unending divine Life, and will grant you endless divine Treasures, Beauty, Power, Wisdom, Perfection.

Nach Oben

12th week

Pray: "Oh Divinity, come out, give me your vision, arise from everyone, reveal yourself to me! You are even in the cupboard, in the walls of the house. You are everywhere in everything. You are in the pillars of the house, in the trees, you are everywhere present. Come out, come out of the tree, show your face to me! I need your Grace, I need you urgently, I cannot live without your Grace!" Thus the spiritual individual repeats the mantra intensively until the Divine moved by compassion opens the door.

Every circumstance must be considered as the last circumstance given to one, for coming closest to the Heart of the Divine. If we cannot develop the powers of concentration now while meditating, we will never be able to do it in the future. If you are a failure in your strong attempt to concentrate now, you will not be in a position to achieve good marks in the future, in concentration.

Nach Oben

13th week

Always the mind is so wicked that it goes downward, - like the children in the school. Something is written on the blackboard, and the teacher expects the children to look at it, but the children are looking at each other and not at the board. Like the children's mind which always wanders away from the school-lessons, the human mind always wanders away from the goal of life, the Divine. So it has to be brought back again and again, and again and again the inner attention must be focused on the Divine.

So, try to go on whistling the mantra and drawing the attention of your distracted mind to the Divine. The human mind is always turning away from the goal, it has to be brought back again and again to the goal: the Face of the Divine, the Sunshine of the Divine.

Thus constantly the spiritual individual occupies himself with the Infinite. That is the one thing most essential, without that all else has no value.

Nach Oben

14th week

When the Divine sees the spiritual individual earnestly taking the first steps, and falling, and rising, and walking further, the Divine just takes the spiritual baby and walks the rest of the way.

Thus without having to walk any further the spiritual individual travels the rest of the way. The Divine Itself becomes the leader of your spiritual development, the Divine Itself will take some of the pains of your spiritual development, provided you are devoted to the Divine single-mindedly, provided you cling to the Divine with all the strength of your heart.

The spiritual heart is fully convinced that the Divine is all around, hearing everything, feeling everything, knowing everything, fulfilling everything. So the spiritual heart has a strong conviction, it recognises the Presence of the Divine, the all-listening Presence in the hearts of all beings.

Nach Oben

15th week

Put a seven million pound cheque on the body of a dead person. He does not rejoice about it. He does not know the value. Put a gold chain on that person, put all the diamonds and jewels on the person, it is of no use, it is not worth as much as a handful of dust. On the other hand, if the person is there in the body, put even half a piece of chocolate, he smiles, he would like to take and eat it; even that acquires a value whereas millions and millions of pounds and wealth and gold and jewels and diamonds and pearls have no value if the person is not there. It is the presence of the person that gives value to everything else. What is most important: the life, the person. If the person is there then all else acquires value. Some things acquire more value, some less value; but all will acquire value by the mere presence of the person. Even so, the whole universe acquires value only where there is the Presence of a Person divine - God.

Nach Oben

16th week

If God is not there all the world is nothing more than a handful of earth. It is the Consciousness that gives value to things. In the dead body, in the sleeping man there is no consciousness, there is no conscious awareness of anything, and therefore no possibility of recognising any value anywhere, no possibility of enjoying anything. So, what is most important is inner consciousness - the life, the Divine. That is all-important.

The whole universe is ensouled by the Divine. If you take away the Divine, the whole world is nothing more than ashes. It is the Divine's Presence that lends value and worth and beauty to things and persons. So, seek the Divine above all things.

It is the Divine that gives value to things. It is the Divine that gives beauty to things, life to things. Without the Divine, everything is nothing more than ashes.

Nach Oben

17th week

God is present in all as Consciousness. Consciousness does not occupy space. Everything occupies space, but not consciousness; it is spaceless, it can be everywhere at the same time, it can expand unlimitedly, it has no special barriers. It is a space-transcending Principle.

It is this Consciousness which is the Life of life, the Soul of souls, the Intelligence of intelligence. So if consciousness is not, there is nothing. And consciousness is God. If you want everything, first you must turn to God, and you will have everything. The one thing most important in life is God, the Divine, the Consciousness, the value-giver, the all-observer, the beauty-bestower.

So, adore the Divine everywhere as Consciousness. Wherever anyone is breathing, there at once recognise the Presence of the Divine. The Divine is present as Consciousness, in all beings. Recognise this. Adore the Divine as Consciousness, seek the Divine above everything else.

Nach Oben

18th week

Just see God as Consciousness. If there is no consciousness there is nothing. There may be a palace, but you can never experience it. You cannot see, you cannot experience, you cannot enjoy, nothing is valuable without consciousness. Consciousness is God. Consciousness creates everything. See in the dream: you find everything is created in the dream. The food that you eat in the dream is created by the consciousness in the dream-state. The rainbow that you see in the dream is created by your consciousness. The apples on the tree in the dream are also created by your consciousness. Everything is made of consciousness.

Consciousness is the creator, you can create an endless number of worlds if you have consciousness. If you have consciousness you can have endless thoughts, endless feelings, endless experiences, endless worlds, endless works. All is possible. But where there is no consciousness there is nothing. So, consciousness is everything.

Nach Oben

19th week

The Divine is everything. Behold the Divine everywhere. Even as consciousness can be beheld everywhere - there is no place where the consciousness is not present. It is not only in men, it is outside people also. The whole universe is filled with the Consciousness of the Divine.

So, Consciousness is everything. Attain an experience of the Divine in all works, try to be rooted in the Divine, in the background consciousness of the Divine.

By constant mantra-repetition the inner being is awakened to its essential nature and status. What is its essential nature and status? - Infinity of Consciousness, Joy, Peace, Beauty. The inner Being is timeless and eternal.

Nach Oben

20th week

Time is of many types and orders. Just see our physical time: the day starts when the sun rises, and ends with the sunset. Though the sun neither rises nor sets. And there is the psychological time: a person who is very happy and is absorbed in something very pleasurable, passes three hours of time as though they were five minutes. Whereas the person who is sorrow-stricken finds even five minutes extending to a period of five hours. This is psychological time. And there is the time in dream-experience: within a minute or two a person passes through half a life-time of experiences, or passes through two or three life-times. The time-order created by the dream consciousness is different. A hundred days of the human individual, for beings of another order of existence, are only one day. A thousand years of ours are one day for beings in the higher spiritual world.

From this standpoint our whole life-time of a hundred years is not even one tenth of a day for those people.

Nach Oben

21st week

To be caught in the time-order is a tyrannising slavery.

It is wonderful to watch somebody else's tragic life on the film or the TV screen, but if the same thing happens to us it will be a great misfortune. Even so the spiritual heart stands back from the tragic story of life, or even the pleasurable story of this life. When it takes the necessary distance in consciousness, it is unaffected. This is only the first step towards reaching the timeless experience. Everything is happening in time and space, no matter what is happening, whether in the subjective world within you or in the objective world without. And whatever is in time and space is limited, problematic, has a beginning and an end, has opposition from others, there are all kinds of difficulties. But the moment there is no time and space, there is no problem. It is time that is constantly unfolding the stories of the life of the people.

Nach Oben

22nd week

Time is the cause of birth, and of death, and of the decaying process. The moment something is born it is already in the decaying process. Even in the process of growth, is the process of decaying. Every step forward seems to be a step backward. So, time is the destructive process. Time and space are the cause of every kind of limitation. The constant repetition of the mantra and devotion to the Divine bring about the conquest of time, an experience of the Divine which is the Eternal. And because the Divine is eternal there is no time-process there.

The moment there is a time-process it is limited, it is subject to destruction. If God has created the world then the world has a beginning. If it has a beginning then God's world is now in the process of destruction, for it is subject to time. That which has a beginning has an end, it is God alone that has neither beginning nor end. It is all perfect, all full, infinite and absolute.

Nach Oben

23rd week

Aim at transcendence of time. When you are intensely happy in something you are in a kind of time-transcendence. Two hours passed by as if half a minute was over. You transcend the sense of time when you are absorbed in something. This is only an apologetic experience for the timeless experience. To experience the Timeless is to be in indescribable joy. The joy that has neither beginning nor end. And a joy which has in itself all the numberless possibilities of self-expression.

Through constant purification of the inner being, through mantra-repetition, through constant unfoldment of devotion to the Divine, through constant service and sacrifice for the Divine, through constant patterning of life in the Light of the Divine, in the Knowledge of the Divine, one comes closer to the experience of the Timeless Divine Reality.

Nach Oben

24th week

Science is struggling hard to know what time is, what space is. Time and space are the special subjects of physics. A super-scientific life is the life of the spiritual individual. He quietly transcends time and also space. He becomes the master of time and space. His intelligence does not occupy space. It is subtler than space. His consciousness is vaster than space. It is all-pervading, it has infinite dimensions; all the universes are not even a small speck in his boundless vastness.

The moment you open your eyes and look at the sky, you have a vision as wide as the horizon; the moment the Soul grows aware of itself, the inner divine Being grows aware of itself, it finds itself extended infinitely. It is spaceless. Space and time go together. That is why modern physics says space-time-continuum - both go together. Space-time is transcended in inner experience, in the experience of the Divine. One becomes the master of time and space. And therefore conquers all problems which the time and space process unfolds.

Nach Oben

25th week

Everyone who is subject to time is in for much trouble. The near and dear ones pass away, causing much unhappiness. Thus time plays havoc with the lives of the people. Those who conquer time are really the most blessed, they are closest to the Divine. Those who experience the Divine reach the timeless state, attain the abundant and eternal life. There is no problem.

That which is eternal is above time and space, and therefore all-perfect, and therefore the most blessed state desirable. So, aim at the timeless experience which is the same as the divine experience. But that does not come without purity. Purity is the same as devotion to the Divine, love of the Divine, knowledge of the Divine. Purity is the same as wisdom of God.

Nach Oben

26th week

If you abide by the wisdom of God, the knowledge of God, the knowledge of the Eternal, then you have purity. Purity gives you great joy in repeating the mantras, and also gives you an elevated experience while you repeat the mantras. Purity is therefore very important. And therefore the Bible says, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see the Lord."

To see the Divine is to become timeless, or in other words, to attain eternal Life. So, go on repeating the mantra - again and again turn the heart and the intelligence towards the Divine.

Do not be frightened by time. Time should be conquered. Space should be conquered. Limitations should be conquered. Where there is time and space there is a limitation. The moment you say time and space there is a location, and that is opposed to other locations. From here on the problems start. So, to conquer time and space is the aim of spiritual life.

Nach Oben

27th week

The scientist merely tries to understand time and space, the spiritual individual is more practical, he quietly conquers time and space. Therefore he is greater than the scientist. He attains what the scientist merely studies, without understanding, without arriving at final conclusions. The scientist only has many concepts of time and space; sometimes some concepts are contradictory to the other concepts. Whereas the spiritual individual transcends time and space; his is a superscientific life.

Time-space field is a field of imperfection. So long as you are in time-space, a victim of it, a slave of time-space, you are full of imperfections. Imperfections are the same as impurity. Impurity is the same as sin, sin is the same as sorrow and unhappiness. So, God is perfect, because He is above time and space. Therefore He has no limitations. Therefore there is no sin in Him. Therefore there is no unhappiness in Him. Therefore there is in Him Light without any speck of darkness.

Nach Oben

28th week

God is all-perfect, man is imperfect, so long as he is in time and space. Here and now man can transcend time and space. Therein lies his greatness.

If you are attempting to transcend time and space, by divine Grace such a transcendence becomes most easy merely by repetition of the mystical syllables. A person works very hard to obtain a thousand pounds a month, works almost night and day, not only in the office but he brings the work to his home and does it there. So much of hard work for these thousand pounds. There is another person, he does nothing, and yet inherits millions and millions. So is the case with the spiritual individual. He seems to be doing nothing, yet he inherits millions and millions merely by calling on One who is the parent of all millions, One who is the source of every conceivable Wealth and Treasure.

Nach Oben

29th week

The moment one turns to the Eternal, the timeless Reality, even the intelligence loses its limitations; a higher power of perception, which is resident and latent in the inner being, comes into operation. Some call it intuition, some call it illumination; whatever it is, it is fullness of intelligence, - intelligence liberated of its limitations, and uplifted above error and untruth.

Spiritual life is supra-scientific life, it is the only life in which reason is being perfected, liberated of its limitations; a life liberated of limitations. Instead of showing the spiritual life as what it is, a supra-scientific life, traditional religions have made of spiritual life an infra-rational life, with the result religion is looked down upon everywhere. That is because they approach religion from a false standpoint; they present religion through dogmas, with the result, thinking minds stand back from such dogmas. This mode of explaining spiritual life must cease.

Nach Oben

30th week

The dogmatic concepts which are always in discord with the demands of reason should be kept aside. Spiritual life has to be seen and pursued with fresh eyes, spiritual life should be referred to as what it is: a life in higher reason, a life in real science. It is the best pattern of life that humanity can envisage.

By rhythmic repetition of the Mantra the spiritual heart seeks to attune itself to the rhythm of supreme Reason that God is. Though the exercise itself is in the nature of devotion, yet it leads to supreme Reason. This method of devotion is chosen and determined and guided by reason at its best.

The life of the worldly person is only three to four per cent rational, and even this small structure of reason on the surface is meant to serve low ends and aims. The dignity of reason in the human individual can be seen only in a spiritual individual.

Nach Oben

31st week

Everywhere reason is made to serve the purpose of the instincts, impulses and natural demands of a physical existence.

Reason in man in general does not exercise its natural functions. Reason is there to question, to analyse, to see, to understand. Unfortunately, reason in general serves mankind only to maintain the physical existence, - be it through office-work or building work or through any other means. All reason is trained to execute these functions, and these functions are with only one aim: to bring man material wealth. That is, in the simplest and crudest terms: bread and comfort.

That is all the purpose that the reason serves in the life of man in general.

Nach Oben

32nd week

It is only in the spiritual individual that the lower impulses are all controlled, and therefore the reason can no more become the slave of those impulses. It has much freedom in the life of the spiritual individual, this reason. This freedom reason uses to execute its natural and fundamental functions. In the spiritual individual reason asks, "What is life? Who am I? Why was the world created? Who is sustaining the world? What is the origin of the universes? Why am I human? What are the limitations of the human nature? How to transcend them? Why are people unhappy? Why should man die?" So, the reason raises fundamental questions. "What is religion? What is God? What is Truth? What is justice? What is beauty? What is goodness? What is the source of goodness? What is happiness? What is the ultimate source of happiness? Why is man not happy? Why is there so much injustice?" - All such questions the reason in the spiritual individual asks.

Nach Oben

33rd week

A life governed by reason is the most beautiful life, it is a happy life, it is a life liberated from nature. One who is the master of nature comes closer to the Divine.

What does Christ mean by saying, "I have overcome this world"? Why should you overcome? You have to overcome because this world is characterised by imperfections, by limitations, it is a natural, physical world, and therefore a pain-and-pleasure world, a truth-and-untruth world, a good-and-evil world, a beautiful-and-ugly world, a world in which not only health but disease also rules. A world in which life is born but also life is swallowed by death. It is a defective world, an irrational world, a deceiving world. There are so many deceptions in daily life, when reason is used we discover all these deceptions. Such deceptions characterise the world as something undesirable, something in which we should not be caught. So Christ says, "I have overcome this world!"

Nach Oben

34th week

How did Jesus overcome the world? By being one with the Father.

What is the Father? Is it a man like any other father? - If he is, then he will die, then he is limited in form; no matter he may live ten million years, after ten million years he must die, he must become old, perhaps he may even change his mind in relation to his children. That is not what is meant by "father" in relation to the Divine.

By Father is meant someone who is infinite, absolute, someone which is maintaining everything created. If the whole cosmos is the child, then God is the Father, the Truth is the Father, the Absolute and Infinite is the Father. From the unlimited Father, the limited cosmos has come into existence.

So, Father is the Supreme.

Nach Oben

35th week

Reality, and Reality alone, is rational; everything else is irrational. So it is the spiritual individual who leads a rational life.

Mankind in general lives the instinctive life, a natural physical life. Their activities though much improved are shared in common by animals. They are a part of the animal kingdom. So long as mankind is a part of the animal kingdom, there will be prisons, hospitals, law-courts, military, police, problems, misfortune, unhappiness, injustice, wrong ways, fears and anxieties, irresolvable conflicts, all kinds of difficulties. But the moment humanity exalts itself above the instinctive level, life becomes more orderly, harmonious, more coherent.

So it is in the spiritual individual that we find reason functioning in its natural power. Reason is not enslaved to an instinctive life, or a civilised life. When the instincts are socially restrained to some extent, it becomes civilised, but the substance or essence of civilised life is the same as the instinctive life.

Nach Oben

36th week

A person who is self-ruled is the ruler of the world. If you are a self-ruler, you are a master of the world. You have overcome the outer world.

A life of reason brings you closer to the Divine. The same logic which enables you to transcend the instinctive life and find persisting peace and joy, will enable you to transcend even this rational life, and enable you to live in supreme Reason which is in the Truth, the ultimate Truth, in the unchanging Truth.

What is changing cannot be the bearer of real reason. What is changing can be illogical, can be unreliable.

Nach Oben

37th week

We cannot depend upon anyone who is the preacher and teacher of reason or logic in a university.

The spiritual individual is very keen in intelligence, he has only to look at a thing and he sees all of it, its limitations as also its strength - whatever strength there be in it. Generally he finds there is no strength in anything except the Divine. The Divine is present in all. So he touches the Divine in all and ignores the outer forms and the limitations.

Only a spiritual individual is the most rational individual. He has a penetrating reason. Until he discovers the ultimate Truth he never stops the operations of his reason. He discovers a Principle in which there is no contradiction - a thing which never changes, a thing which never dies, a thing which is all-perfect, and that is the Divine, the Reality, the Truth. It is everywhere. It can be contacted anywhere, it can be experienced anywhere, at any time.

Nach Oben

38th week

To search for the Real, to overcome death, to conquer instinctive nature, to transcend human nature - this is the primary aim of spiritual life.

A rational individual is he who is living a spiritual life. So, all other forms of life are infra-rational. Even when man claims to be most rational, his reason serves only material ends, and matter is changing, matter fails, matter deceives.

We do not live in matter, we live in the supreme Reason, the Spirit, the Truth. Our problem is not a material problem, it is a spiritual problem. All problems of life can be reduced to one problem: the spiritual problem. Is man tending towards absolute Happiness or not? - If he is tending towards absolute Happiness then he will be master of life, then he will experience the Divine. If he is not tending towards absolute Happiness, then he will have endless days of unhappiness, relieved here and there by a little happiness.

Nach Oben

39th week

Develop the power of reason. Do not take life uncritically. Be questioning and examining. A religion which says, "Believe! You will be saved if you believe, you are condemned if you don't believe." - such a religion is a false religion. It will never liberate mankind, it will harm mankind much. It is an institutional religion. Life and soul are missing in it. A real religion which is a living contact with the divine Truth never says, "Believe", it says, "Think, examine, question, cross-question, and if you find it acceptable to your reason, accept it. If you find it is not acceptable to your reason, boldly reject it."

A real religion always encourages the development of reason. A false or weak religion is afraid of reason.

So, try to be critical, be analytical, be rational. God is supreme Reason. God is unchanging Truth. You are bound to discover Him. You need not have to go to God through untruth.

Nach Oben

40th week

God being Truth and Reason, He has to be experienced through Truth and Reason. And reason, when it is sincere and earnest in its search, certainly discovers the Truth - the supreme Reason that God is. So, be critical, conquer instinct by the operations of reason. Conquer the limitations of human life by the operations of reason. Know the Truth through the operation of reason.

How long one can repeat the mantra continuously, depends upon how great is one's purity. If the purity is great, the more continuously you repeat, the more joyous you feel to repeat, the more you want to repeat. That is the sign of purity. If for some reason or the other the mind is disturbed, then you find that even a few minutes of repetition are boring. The mind begins to wander. So try to see that your purity increases. Always again and again bring back the mantra to your heart and your mouth.

Nach Oben

41st week

There is something wonderful in the life of a spiritual individual which is absent in the man in general.

This is the most important difference between an ordinary person and a spiritual individual, not the other aspect, the scientist aspect, the rationalist aspect. The most rational life is the spiritual life.

But it is not this rational character of the spiritual life, nor the scientific nature of the spiritual life, which are themselves a great plus-mark for the spiritual individual, highly distinguishing for the spiritual individual, - but a rare aspect of spiritual life, and that is: the Divine Himself takes complete charge of the spiritual individual.

Nach Oben

42nd week

Every man in the world depends on his own resources, on his own strength, on his own intelligence, reasoning, understanding, cleverness. And when these are not sufficient, he depends on others, family members, or friends in the society, or the bigger officials, or the money in the bank, or the advice of experts. Upon these, man in general depends. Or when he is a little credulous he goes to the astrologer or to the palmist, thus he tries to supplement his strength in life. That is all. Whereas the spiritual individual is constantly enriched from within. God is his bank. God is his adviser, God is his architect, God is his protection, God is his advice-giver. God is his every kind of strength. God is his prophet, his astrologer, his palmist, his supreme officer, his supreme Mother, unfailing Mother, his supreme, unfailing Power, his supreme, unfailing Wisdom. The worldly man depends upon the expert, and the news comes: the expert's brain is paralysed, all is over.

Nach Oben

43rd week

The most important feature in the life of the spiritual individual is: God quietly steps into his life.

The spiritual individual finds constantly that thoughts are prompted in him by the Divine. All his feelings are prompted by the Divine, without his being conscious of it.

It is not the extremely rational and scientific character of the spiritual life that is most prominent, but this aspect of the Divine constantly stepping in and staying by the spiritual individual. This is the most blessed and valuable aspect of the spiritual life. Even though the spiritual life is supremely desirable even for its two features, that is, the rational character and the scientific character, yet it is the constant operation of the very Presence of the Divine in the life of the devotee that is of the greatest significance and value.

Nach Oben

44th week

The operations of divine love, divine purity, divine wisdom, can be perceptible in the life of the spiritual individual. Constantly into the intelligence and the understanding of the spiritual individual, the Divine is pouring unceasing streams of divine knowledge.

Unfortunately, always the impurity, the ignorance deludes the ordinary man. Instead of making him suspicious and feeling that there must be something wonderful in the spiritual life, otherwise so many men of God and Truth would not be there in human history, - instead of creating this feeling in him, this suspicion in him, what does impurity or ignorance do? It causes in him the feeling, "This is a fool, he is wasting his life, the poor fool is missing all the pleasures of life. Always he is repeating some nonsense, he is washing his brain, he does not know how to live and enjoy life. He is a poor fool, a beggar, his life is empty."

Nach Oben

45th week

The worldly people only see defects, just where there are surprising blessings. If only they knew what spiritual life really is, they would be ready to renounce their kingdom for the sake of pursuing it. They would be ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of pursuing such spiritual life, as the greatest men in human history have done. An emperor like Buddha, an emperor like Marcus Aurelius - such persons give up a kingdom in order to pursue the spiritual life. Not all the wealth of the world, not all the pomp of a royal life, not all the pleasures of human life, are comparable to the joys and blessings of the spiritual life.

Something is happening in the spiritual life. Someone who is infinite is in charge of that life. Someone who is absolute Joy and eternal Life is constantly pouring into this life something of His treasures.

Nach Oben

46th week

Even while the tigress is eating something one eye is on the cub. One of its legs is on the cub. So is the Divine in relation to a spiritual individual. If suddenly the whole world has to be destroyed, the place around the devotee remains unaffected, there is an eye of the Divine on it, there is one leg or hand of the Divine on it.

One small earthquake, and all the insurance companies on the most important street like the Wall Street are under the earth, - by a small tremor of the earth. Nothing can be really safe, nothing can really protect, not all human goodness, not all human wisdom, not all human industry and labour, or all the prophesies of the astrologers and the astronomers, nothing can truly guarantee safety. It is the Eye and the Hand of the Divine that alone can guarantee safety.

Nach Oben

47th week

So it is the Divine alone that is the true strength of the spiritual individual. The spiritual individual's life is safe and secure and guaranteed in the Hand and under the Eye of the Divine. Always something of the Divine is operative in the spiritual life. That is the glory of the spiritual life. To obtain such a thing, is the payment of any price too great? - Certainly not.

Unending wisdom, unending happiness, peace, calmness, light, dwell in the spiritual individual. They make of his life a perpetual paradise in itself. His are the all-independent pleasures, an all-independent knowledge, an all-independent peace, an unfailing strength, an unfailing resource, a resource for every challenge.

Nach Oben

48th week

Increase your devotion to the Divine. Be born of the Divine, be a cub of the tigress Divinity. No blessing can be greater than that. Abide by the Divine, permit the Divine to abide by you, let God be operative in your life. It is then that all will be wonderful. While living in a mortal life you will be conscious of the immortal life, while living in a world of error and ignorance and evil, you will be a vessel of the Truth, a bearer of the Divine, an embodiment of everlasting and true goodness - no blessing can be greater than that.

Matter seems to be so completely different from the spirit. It is opposite to the spirit. Yet matter and spirit are God in particular conditions. Matter and spirit, both are manifestations of the same one Divine Consciousness. As opposed to this matter there is something called spirit, from which are derived thoughts, intelligence, and so on. Matter is also the same Consciousness in a particular condition.

Nach Oben

49th week

By science everything is reduced to energy. The spiritual individual being pure and having a more penetrating intelligence, goes a step further, beyond energy. It discovers Consciousness. Without Consciousness he says there can be no energy. The spiritual heart discovers the ultimate Principle beyond energy, and that is the divine Consciousness, the one, homogenous, absolute, infinite divine Consciousness.

For the scientist energy is devoid of thought, devoid of intelligence, devoid of happiness, devoid of peace, devoid of beauty and wisdom. He discovers a dead reality, and thought and intelligence are merely offshoots of energy. Energy is first and everything. So the scientist misleads himself and asserts his discovery to be the truth of truths, and makes laws of it. The spiritual heart finds everywhere the operative Presence of the one, infinite, homogenous, divine Consciousness.

Nach Oben

50th week

The worldly man does not know the One in the many. The many are many for him. One object or person evokes anger in him, another person or object makes him happy. He is caught up in this diversity of experience. His intelligence and perception are lost in the many.

The spiritual individual is full of power and strength and peace even in the worst of trials and circumstances. In all these trying circumstances the spiritual individual is full of peace, full of devotion, full of trust, full of the consciousness of the One in the many, full of the knowledge of the Silence in the noisy world.

This is the fundamental difference between a spiritual individual and a worldly person.

Nach Oben

51st week

The ultimate substance in all things that you see is the divine Consciousness. That has to be known, that has to be experienced, that has to be adored, then you are a true scientist, a true discoverer, a true child of God.

What the scientist calls mere vibrant energy, behind this energy, the spiritual individual perceives the vibrant divine Consciousness. And that Consciousness is everything. It is Beauty, it can create everything like your consciousness in the dream state which can create sunshine, desert, and towns or people and so on. All kinds of delicious dishes it can produce from nothing, or from itself. It is the Wonder of Wonders. The spiritual heart discovers this Wonder of Wonders. All through the day, while working, while conversing with others, it is conscious of this Wonder of Wonders. With this Wonder of Wonders the mystical syllables have an intimate relationship. In fact the mystical syllables are themselves this Wonder of Wonders, and they reveal this Wonder of Wonders.

Nach Oben

52nd week

The spiritual heart knows that the Divine is the only rock on which we can build our life. To build our life anywhere else is to build it on sands. The Divine is the only rock, the Divine is the only protection, the Divine is the only power. All other powers are shadows. They fail us most when we need them most. The Divine is the Mother of mothers, the Essence of Love. It is the Father of all fathers. It is the eternal Companion.

Life is only a two days story, we meet and we depart, no more to be seen. There is only one who can never depart from us: the Divine. From Him we can never depart. He is always with us. In life and in death. So, befriend this eternal Companion. All your fears and worries will disappear. Rejoice in the thought of the Divine. That is the one Treasure, the one valuable thing.

Nach Oben

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