Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2016

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


1st week

The more you reflect upon the Greatness of the Divine, the deeper your love for the Divine becomes, and the more your life is taken care of by the Divine. Perhaps you were destined to have difficulties two years later. The Divine sees that already, and is ordering your future now, in order that it may turn out to be a source of Joy and Peace and Blessedness for you.

With His Omnipotence, with His boundless Love, His indescribable Beauty, the Divine serves you. The very nature of the Divine is service, to protect His children. Love is service, real love expresses itself in spontaneous service. The Divine is the Essence of real Love, and the Will of the Divine is supremely good. The Divine wishes for you nothing but supreme Goodness and Welfare. That is the Will of the Divine for everyone.

2nd week

Love is a phenomenon which is easily accessible to everyone and it is a matter of daily experience with everyone.

We subsist by love, we have known love since birth. The first being who has given to us immense love is the mother.

Love has many forms, and the finest form is Devotion. Through Devotion, which is accessible to everyone, which is a sublimated form of love, which is love in its Highest Form, everyone can attain the Divine – that is, the infinite Peace, absolute Happiness, unending Knowledge, Blessedness.

No one is a Guru unless he is rooted in infinite Purity, God-experience, Truth-experience, and speaks words which live for all times, eternal words, words which bear the Light and Beauty of God.

3rd week

The Divine is boundless Beauty, boundless Knowledge, boundless Power. You need not fear this boundless Knowledge, nor this boundless Power – this boundless Knowledge and this boundless Power are also boundless Love.

Generally people are afraid of those, who have enormous power. Should they not be more afraid of the supreme Power? Some people are afraid of other people’s knowledge, and therefore they are full of fears. Should they not be more afraid of one who knows everything? Yet, that One who knows everything is infinite Love and is infinitely more wonderful than the mother’s heart. It is in the Heart of such a Being that we subsist, live, move and have our being.

4th week

We have come to the Earth not for the pleasures of the senses, for the pleasures within ourselves are infinitely greater than the pleasures that the world can offer us. When I close my eyes, the outer world does not exist, the gates of the Heaven are open. There are dimensions above dimensions of fabulous depths of Beauty in the Consciousness within. The Kingdom of Divine Consciousness within my head and heart is infinitely beautiful, perfect, marvellous. Compared to it the outer world is a restless, diseased, troubled, painful dust. It is worthless, the Kingdom of God within is everything, yet it is our duty here on earth to flood this dust of the outer world with the Light and Love of God; to charge this dust with the Wisdom of God, to elevate or release the Kingdom of Heaven resident even in this dust.

Our task is to bring back humanity to its essential strength in God, to its immortality in God, to its real peace and wealth in God.

5th week

The Guru is always one with the Supreme Reality, the Infinity, the Eternity, and if the Guru has taken a physical form it is on account of supreme Compassion for the Creation.

For those who are aspiring to experience the Supreme Reality, the Guru’s outer form is of supreme importance and value and an indispensable aid.

But the moment you experience the Guru as he is – Satchidananda – then what happens? Your Guru-mantra falls away, and the form falls away. You have become identical with the Guru and receive the fullest Blessing. At this stage, when you are identical with the Supreme Reality, you have the fullest Blessing of the Guru.

6th week

Cultures are destroyed, civilizations are destroyed, and new cultures and new civilizations are born. But supreme Love, God-experience are the same, they do not change. They may be differently interpreted but they are eternally the same, they are God Himself.

It is absolutely true that the whole Earth is infilled with divine Love. But this is not visible or within the experience of everyone. It is visible and within the experience of those, who have evolved adequately.

That Supreme Reality, while being beyond time and space, is yet here, immanent in your beauty, in your fingers, in your eyes, everywhere. It has a manifest and an unmanifest aspect.

7th week

Your physical mother becomes really dear to your heart, and your relations with her will last to the extent you have knowledge of God, to the extent you love God. If you want to retain the love of your mother, and if your mother wants to retain your love, even after she left the physical body – love God!

The moment you love God, your love for your mother is characterised and ensouled by something imperishable.

Love God first, and all other loves on earth will be retained, prolonged, extended, immortalised.

This is the best way: Love God first!

8th week

Truth, or God, is there, whether we accept its reality or not. It is independent of our affirmation or denial of its existence. This Truth, or God, is impersonal. It becomes personal when you have a direct experience of it, through your heart, your mind, your soul, your life. If you touch the Divine Presence, which is Peace and Love, Happiness and Power, Beauty and Perfection, and if something of that Peace, that Love, that Happiness, that Beauty finds its expression in your daily life, God has not only become personal to you, but is visible to others through the qualities of your nature. 

9th week

All positive emotions strengthen the nerves, set the glands to release their best juices. Take for instance love. Though not born beautiful, a person of love grows beautiful, carries a power of attraction and maintains health even in challenging circumstances.

The energising forces of love strengthen the nerves, bring about chemical and physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual changes in the whole constitution and structure of the human individual.

Well, through proper food, prayer, meditation, good thoughts and good feelings, you can keep your system healthy, the nerves strong, the mind peaceful, and this state resists diseases, resists the unnecessary wear and tear of the nerves. But above all these means and methods, knowledge of the Divine, devotion to the Divine are most powerful.

10th week

Everything is possible by music, even bringing down a rain now when there is no rain, or burning something by a raga, or make a flower bloom. As you sing, the flower blooms.

There are experiments in science. They put sand on a piece of paper and then produce different vibrations, different sounds, O – A – Ga – Ma – different shapes are formed on the sand. Some look like flowers, some like triangles, and some like circles.

Sound can be transformed into light, light can be transformed into sound, and sound can be transformed into form, figures.

You cannot avoid hearing sounds in the world. Why not associate the sounds with the names of God? Hear it as names of God. Why not deprive the sounds of their name and form and find behind the sounds the infinite Existence of infinite Harmony and Music?

11th week

When you love, you have exceptional energies, you work wonders, you are never tired, you are full of peace and happiness, you are full of energies.

Love is a deep, luminous, divine phenomenon. It gives you so much of wisdom that not all the books in all the libraries of the world can give you.

My wisdom is a product of my love. Love is purely of the nature of God.

This mighty Reality which is all-knowing, all-peaceful, all-pervading, is also boundless Love. That is the wonder, that is the paradox. This all-knowing Principle which is beginningless and endless, which is eternal, present everywhere at the same time, which is not affected by the destruction and disappearance of the universe, this Principle which seems to the dull human intellect to be abstract, – this is full of the essences of Love.

12th week

We can practise mantra and pranayama together – take down with the breath a particular mantra, retain it in that mantra, and breathe out with that mantra, or change the mantra when you breathe out. But merely doing this, does not make it a completely spiritual practice. It still remains a technique, it need not necessarily contribute to great spiritual evolution.

Those techniques are very good and necessary, but don’t overdo them, and try, when you practise them, to enrich them with understanding, Wisdom, a feeling of the Divine Presence; and do them in the name of God, with the feeling, that God is conducting it, that God is supervising it, and God is standing by you.

13th week

Samadhi is the highest experience only, if by Samadhi you mean full experience of God. When this inner experience becomes mature, profound, deep, wonderful, great, and natural, then from the heart it is shifted to the Sahasrara. Sahasrara opens up, finally.  I

n the preliminary stages your spiritual experience matures, and as it matures it deepens. When there is sufficient purity, force, and divine Power and Light, automatically you have the experience in the Sahasrara. Let it be automatic, an inner function, let it not be a conscious process of shifting the consciousness center from here to there.

What comes from the heart is full of love. The Heart must be developed.
We do not have the powers, GOD has the powers. We stand back and GOD works.

14th week

Listening to Om-sound can degenerate to a purely physical technique, its inner essence might be lost. What do you understand by Om? Om is God and God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. Om is the Supreme Reality. When you say Om, the whole body, mind, heart must cooperate in a spiritual experience. Does the spiritual experience take place when you repeat Om? That is the question before you.

Is it for you a mere exercise or a wonderful, spontaneous, spiritual flowering of the Self?

OM is the pervasive, all-permeating Energy in the universe. It is the Music of the celestial spheres that is in all the magnificent activity of the stellar universes beyond, and the fundamental, all-pervasive, all-creating Force.

15th week

It is the very nature of real Love to become One with God, for they are one in Reality. God and all that He created are not two separate things: He is inside everything that He created, yet He is outside everything that He created. He is inside, outside, He is Himself the creation, He is infinitely more than the creation.

God has made you in His own Spirit, you are a spirit of God, your spirit and the Spirit of God can mix and mingle. The space in my hand or in my ear is identical with the space beyond the galaxies. Space can mingle and mix with the space everywhere. The space in the balloon mixes and mingles with the space everywhere. The air in the balloon becomes one with the air everywhere, the universal air. The Spirit of God in you is the same as the Spirit of God everywhere. The Spirit of God is in everyone.

16th week

To love the Divine is to reach the supreme dimensions of Love. Love is the path to God. The method of God-experience is Love. God is Love. If you want to become one with the ocean, you cannot go with this body, you have to become a river, then you can become one with the ocean. If you want to become one with God, who is Love, you can’t go just like this with all your human nature, – your whole heart, mind, will, soul, everything has to be transformed into divine love, and then you become one with the Divine.

The colour of the rose is only one of the features of the rose. Softness of the petals is another feature, fragrance is another feature, beauty is another feature, value is another feature, it costs three pounds. So all these are different features. The flower is more than its features, it is even more than the totality of its features.

God is Love, and this divine Love is more than all its attributes.

17th week

Your nature is more rapidly transformed by the development of love than by any other process.

Men of God-experience are invariably and always, men of love.

Let your love for the Divine become devotion. And devotion is a collective phenomenon, it is composed of love, adoration, self-surrender, and complete trust. Let us try to develop more and more devotion to the Divine through every step we take, with every repetition of the Mantra.

When love becomes devotion, when devotion ripens, it puts forth a million eyes. One begins to see the Divine everywhere, one discovers the Divine in the walls, in the trees, in the flowers, in the stones, in the air, in the space, in the table, in the spoons, in all beings, everywhere, at all times.

18th week

The whole world is ensouled by the marvellous and mighty Presence of the Divine.
Every speck of space is filled with the infinite Power and Glory of the Divine.
Every atom is charged with Its Love and Ecstasy.
Here and now anyone can experience the Divine in all Its Perfections.

Our meditation means that we remember that which is the highest in us and from there we draw our power, our peace, our courage, our intelligence, our wonderful heart. Our wonderful outer life is nourished by these treasures inside.

19th week

The highest truth, the supreme reality, is, that there is in you the all-pervading pure Consciousness, the Divine Being filling you with indescribable delight and infinite peace.

That which makes you feel at all times that you are, is this Consciousness.

If the child understands that the lion in front of the palace-gate is nothing but mud and paint, it will not fear and cry. Similarly, to know this pure Consciousness which is in your own self, is to triumph over every imprisoning limitation.

If you focus your mind upon this pure Consciousness, the supreme Awareness, the spiritual Being, you shall enjoy the intensest joy.

20th week

We have to push forward and onward the brilliance of our inquiring intelligence and the luminous power of our questioning reason, until the universe we live in and seek to study, discloses to us its secrets, its laws, the operative Consciousness behind it, until Matter reveals to us the real substance of which it is constituted, until the supreme and invisible Divinity becomes visible to us through the veils of all manifestation, until the all-merciful God of infinite Consciousness and Perfection is held in the arms of our inner experience, until our intelligence itself becomes omniscient, our personal will is completely dissolved in the Will of the Divine and our life is rendered into a vessel that holds the splendours of the Divine.

21st week

What do you love in life? The Eternal – Vishweshwara, Sadashiva, Mahadeva – omniscient, all-seeing, omnipresent Light of lights, Beauty of beauties, infinite Beauty, unending Beauty, all-loving Beauty.

We cultivate relations with such a God. As this Divinity is absolutely sensitive, supersensitive, He is aware of our thoughts and feelings, mental state and conditions, and reacts. When you have addressed Him by some name, He responds. When you imagine Him in some form, He comes in that form into your experience.

This is characteristic of the Divine: infinite Love, infinite Grace. Here is true Love.

The liberated love for the Divine in us can touch the infinite Love and this liberated love in us becomes infinite Love.

22nd week

What baffles the scientific intelligence does not baffle a simple singer, a singer in devotion. What is termed as the ultimate Reality, in which the whole universe is sustained, is termed by the simple singer of devotion, as God.

This ultimate, invisible, immeasurable Reality, which is the Ground of all Existence, is the Friend and Lover of the simple singer in devotion.

To the simple heart of devotion, the Divine presents Himself as a Friend, as a Father, as the eternal Friend, timeless Friend – the all-knowing and all-loving and all-beautiful Friend.

23rd week

A heart of compassion and universal Love will unfold from within you, the divine Kingdom of Illumination. Love is Light, and Light is Illumination.

The road to Enlightenment lies through acts of universal Love.

A life of humility and unconditional love born of purity of nature, God-knowledge and communion with God through prayer and meditation, fills you with Divine Grace and Light which in turn, will so fully illuminate your inner being, that you begin to behold the Splendour of God everywhere.

It is then, that all the riddles of life are resolved, and the darkness of limited life’s confusing and difficult circumstances completely dispelled.

24th week

All creatures understand the language of love. They may not understand French and German, Greek or Latin, Italian or English, but they certainly understand the language of Love. The creatures become your brothers and sisters the moment there is love in your heart. Love is a marvellous language, a universal language. It is current in every country, in every world, in every part of the universe; in all the worlds, visible and invisible.

Love has in itself all tongues, all forms of knowledge, all kinds of powers. Love is the power of power.

We have happiness when we have love, peace when there is love, wisdom when there is love, power when there is love, God, when there is love. God and Love cannot be separated. You cannot separate the light of the day from the sun. You cannot separate love from God.

25th week

Everybody is your friend, when your heart throbs with friendly feelings. Where there is the warmth of real love in your heart, your eyes are luminous, your face declares it, and your behaviour expresses it, and you get friends unasked.

When you obey laws of health, your body is your friend. When you love God, Nature is your friend. When you love man, God is your friend. When you love hard work, success is your friend. When you possess an understanding heart, peace and harmony are your friends. When you love fresh air, cleanliness, good habits, radiant health is your friend. When you love the development of your intelligence and the growth of your faith, Illumination is your friend.

Everywhere you have a friend. In all things there is a friend for you.

26th week

There are thousands of great men of God-Consciousness, and there are hundreds still living on earth, unseen by man. We can contact them under special circumstances, when the Divine Grace thinks it is essential.

The transmission of the superconscious state to another person obeys certain laws. It depends upon the readiness of the pupil, and upon the commands of God.

The Scriptures say you must have a God-realised Master if you want to progress quickly, and experience also shows, that it is true.

27th week

In every challenge there is a blessing. If we lose something, there is a compensation. A great gain can come from every loss, too. In bad fate lie hidden Grace, Blessings, our opportunity to progress and develop. The laws of compensation are active everywhere in the universe, and in your own life. If you have a painful experience, rest assured there is a jewel in it, something great will come out of it.

But this also means, that you have to take new responsibilities, and not lose your hold on the central aim of making the outer and inner life a paradise, a heaven.

There is no pain without a gain. Pain, suffering are great teachers, and bring us new treasures. We must be vigilant and use these hours of challenge and problems to progress further, to take further steps on the scale of higher development.

28th week

God, the Light in me, the Light in you, the Mantra, all these are one.

When you say God, you are thinking of me. When you say Swami, you are thinking of God.

You are concerned with God. You are concerned with the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God. Therefore, when you are thinking of the Swami, it is this God who will respond to you, because in the heart of the Swami it is God that is residing, and it is God that is working; not for the welfare of the Swami, but for the welfare of God’s own children. Why not for the welfare of the Swami? The Swami needs nothing, He doesn’t need any welfare.

I am here to serve you.

29th week

Express your spirituality in your daily life in the house. If you have real love for God you will be so full of happiness, that your happiness would be overflowing into the life of your family members.

God is Love, God is Peace, God is Happiness, God is Power, God is Strength, God is Perfection, – are you showing these things in your environment? If you show all these in your environment, then you are with God.

While you are living in a body, let Your Heart live in the Love of God, – then you are full of happiness and peace and power.

30th week

God dwells in every person as Wisdom, Self-knowledge. This Self-knowledge in every individual is hidden, because everyone hunts after cheap, fleeting enjoyments in daily life. The worldly person is obsessed with them. His life is dedicated to obtaining these cheap pleasures and fleeting pleasures. And this activity veils the fact, that there is in him Self-knowledge, Knowledge concerning that, which is in him as immortal Principle, Eternal Life.

Everyone has this wisdom, but it is hidden. Now, during your waking state, the timeless Stillness and Peace of the deep sleep state are hidden. Exactly so, the Wisdom of God, Self-experience, Self-realisation of God, is already there, in the Soul. The Soul in us, the Light of God in us, knows itself as a Light of God, as Self-Consciousness, not as body-consciousness, not as consciousness of our talents, abilities, achievements and so on, but consciousness concerning that, which is eternal and infinite in us. That which is eternal and infinite in us alone is our true Self, other than the “body self”, “mind self”, “heart self”, “occult self” – all these “selves” are passing, fleeting phenomena which conceal the inner Reality, the true Self.

31st week

Every kind of fear, every kind of anxiety, the Divine Mother removes: “Bhayebhyas-trahi no Devi”. Therefore we ask the Divine Mother to free us from every kind of fear, anxiety and so on.

The only fearless person is the Mystic. He discovers his own Self in each and all. He finds himself in each and all. Is a man frightened of himself? Nobody is frightened of himself. One can have fear of one’s mind. Sometimes the mind allows wrong thoughts, bad thoughts and destructive thoughts to arise, but one has no fear of one’s own true Self.

When one discovers this inner Self, this Divinity in us, and experiences it, one discovers the same Divinity in each and all.

I am there, as the Light of Your existence, as Your Life. Your soul and my Soul are one and the same.

32nd week

The Kundalini is the hidden power in us. The Kundalini rises up, awakens, not necessarily by Kriya, but by many other things also. When you have a loving and kind heart, and you are doing much service and so on, then also something of the Kundalini is awakened. When you pray intensively, then also the Kundalini is awakened. When you have deep divine knowledge and you know that you are a manifestation of God in God, then such a deep divine knowledge also awakens the Kundalini. There are many ways. Supposing you are a musician, and you have great devotion to music, and also devotion to God, then your Kundalini is awakened through music. Everyone has Kundalini Shakti, Kundalini Power, in some it is more awakened, in some less awakened. Those, in whom it is fully awakened, are illuminated spiritual persons.

Every repetition of the Mantra awakens something of the Kundalini, automatically.

33rd week

Such a thing is possible: even for 2000 years people can be in the same body. The body can be materialised, and also dematerialised, at any time, by will. And the body can also be kept as it is for thousands of years. There are many people, many great saints, who have eternal youthhood.

All these possibilities are there. But the greatest of the Wise Men and Saints are those, who never care for this. They are one with the Heart of the Divine.

Materialisation and all these wonders and miracles are possible. But the greatest Wonder is the wonder of God-experience. That gives you supreme Knowledge, Power, Peace, Joy, Perfection.

34th week

Every phase of life has in it some poetry. Every facet of life is aglow with the eternal Energy and Light of the infinite Truth. Every circumstance of life is rich with the splendour of spiritual glory. The whole world is throbbing with the divine Consciousness that is the source, the soil and the fulfilment of all that is. Man’s primary duty consists in knowing, and being in harmony with, this all-pervading, all-sustaining, infinite Light of the supreme Reality, Being, Existence, Consciousness.

True beauty is beauty of the soul, beauty of thoughts, beauty of feelings, beauty of mind, beauty of intelligence, beauty of will, beauty of the natural character of the soul, inner beauty.

35th week

All the Saints have followed the open path. The way to God is the most open way.

God’s paths are for everyone.

The development of love, acquisition of knowledge, discipline and transformation of our lower nature, manifestation of all that is best and wonderful in our consciousness, aspiration to reach higher and higher states of perfection, – this is common to all humanity, and common to all religions, common to all methods and yogas.

So long as there is a questioning, there mere reason and intellect are operative, but when love floods our life, when there is goodness and nobility, and when there is adequate purity of heart, everything becomes clear.

36th week

Heat and sound, and the physical sensation of something rising, are only the manifestations of prana, it is not Kundalini.

These phenomena are due to the vital energy, prana, breath. There are fine vital energies here, pranic energies in the body, which can rise, which should not be mistaken for Kundalini rising. All these vital energies move like this, like a snake.

When you are constantly meditating and you are pure and good and noble and God-conscious, automatically such things can happen, that is natural. But all physical manipulation, manipulation by hard struggle and concentration exercises, can be very harmful, and dangerous. Unnatural ways of awakening the Kundalini are very dangerous and wrong. It must be a natural flowering, and it is a natural flowering, when we purify ourselves, grow in Wisdom, expand in Love, and become more and more conscious of God, and adore the Divine Being present everywhere, in many ways. Then it comes automatically.

37th week

Because of all these mystical syllables what may happen? Sometimes the Consciousness goes out of the body completely, – what you call as Kundalini Shakti, the spiritual Energy resident in you – it goes up and there the person becomes completely unconscious, ‘unconscious’ means he is completely absorbed, the person does not know where he is. Such states come.

And specially these mystical syllables generate such power. Even for 25 days you can be in that state, if you want, at a very advanced stage.

Kundalini is a spiritual power or a spiritual Consciousness containing endless powers in it, all powers.

38th week

A person who has fully awakened Kundalini and is in Samadhi, is a man of absolute fearlessness, and of a peace that cannot be disturbed by anything. His heart has unlimited love for humanity and for all creation. He is a picture of peace and grace. He is incapable of any human weakness. He has minute-by-minute communion and contact with God. His knowledge has no limit and no end. God’s Light and Grace express themselves through him for the welfare of the people around and the whole cosmos. His inner heart and mind are entirely in the world of the timeless, spaceless, immortal, eternal Reality.

These are only a few of the many characteristics of a person who has fully awakened Kundalini and is in Samadhi. If you find such characteristics in someone, then you can regard that person as a person who has awakened Kundalini and is in Samadhi, not otherwise.

39th week

Who is a Yogi? A Yogi is a person who has contact with the endless Power, Peace, Joy, Love of God.

There are some aspects of Yoga which are not suitable for all beings, and there are certain things which are of universal application. For instance standing on the head – it is good for some people. It gives them better brain power, better memory, the blood circulation is better. But for some people it can be dangerous. Because of too much blood rushing to the head, they could become sick or mad or so. You must be aware that there are certain things which are not meant for universal application. For example allopathic medicine may not in all cases be universally profitable. For some constitutions it may not be helpful, and therefore homeopathy or naturopathy may be used. In the same way there are certain things in Yoga, which are not suitable for universal application. But Yoga as Love of God, Yoga as detailed Knowledge concerning God, such a Yoga is universal. Yoga of Love and Service is the universal Yoga.

40th week

Brahmananda is the joy of the infinite light, the eternal light. And this light is not somewhere in the sky, in the stars and in the sun, but in us, in the Soul of the soul is the true Light. All other lights are derived lights. The light from the moon is a borrowed light, a reflected light from the sun. And the sun itself is dependent on the material it contains, it burns itself in order to shine. A dependent light has a beginning, has an end, it is a passing light – a useless light, from the standpoint of the real Light. The real Light is not a derived light, not a dependent light, it is an all-independent Light. In Sanskrit one names such a Light “Sva-Prakasha” – it shines from out of itself. It does not burn any material. The nature of the Supreme Reality is Light. No-one has ignited this Light of God. It was, it is, and it always remains. It is Sva-Prakasha.

41st week

What is Good?

Good is anything that grants you health, strength, peace of mind, happiness and intense God-Consciousness.

All that develops your abilities, capacities, excellences, all that gives you mastery over yourself and your environment, conditions, circumstances, and liberates you from every form of slavery, – slavery to urges and impulses from within you, or to objects and things outside you, – is good.

When something is done, if there ensues as our personal inner experience, joy, exhilaration or satisfaction, we can understand that we are doing a right action; but, if there arises in us a sense of uneasiness, fear, shame, doubt, or pricking of conscience, we must recognize it to be a wrong action.

Ultimately, all actions which contribute to our inner moral and spiritual development and take us closer to our experience of God and our achievement of divine Perfection, are the best.

42nd week

Purely by the Grace of the Divine, and not by the strength of our own will and extraordinary intelligence, we have arrived at this stage of our life. What is this stage? To our eyes nothing is visible save the formulation and the forms of the infinite Divine Consciousness everywhere. The Grace of the Divinity is constantly sustaining our consciousness in its own Divine Infinite Consciousness. Yoga has been taken up by the Divinity Itself. Today, I am not practising Yoga, God Himself is practising Yoga, for my sake, in His infinite love and mercy. Our guidance comes directly from the Divine, and to that all-merciful and infinite Love of the divine Heart we owe our initiation also.

What looks like common speech, common activity, common life, to others, is solely in itself governed powerfully by an internal, unseen, unobserved silent Yoga. In our behaviour there is absolutely nothing to distinguish us from all other beings, because all that is happening to us, all that we are doing, is deep down, down in the inner Consciousness, where God, God, God alone is.

43rd week

Divine Grace is more powerful than the wisdom of man. That’s why far more miracles are worked by small humble little children of God, unnoticed, and unseen, than the wonders that you are achieving through scientific advancement.

No Vedic Sage, no Vedic Saint, no Vedic Seer ever lives for himself. He is a universal personality, a cosmic personality. Everything that he does, every prayer of his, is directed for the welfare of the whole universe, the whole creation. There is nothing selfish here. Everything is for everyone. All humanity is included. Always it is in reference to humanity one lives, in reference to the whole cosmos one lives.

44th week

By God’s Grace, when your inner nature is purified, when you are ripened by suffering and discipline, ripened by service and sacrifice, by experience and struggle, God’s Grace will disclose to you that there is only one infinite Divine Self and that is in you, and that is the same Self in all beings; that there is nothing ‘many’ though the physical eyes report many things. Know that by experience, by realisation, by becoming a God yourself. Till then the ego, the imperfections, the sins, the limitations, the selfishness, the individuality, all these must be blown and pounded, destroyed. In order to destroy the ego, your own strength is not sufficient, therefore, constantly look for God, ask God’s Grace to destroy all egoistic tendencies, establish contact with God; think and feel the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God.

45th week

By reading books on Vedanta Philosophy hundreds of young men have become arrogant. Some of them may think they are saints and sages, saying “I am the Divine Self”, while they smoke, and they think “Oh, I am not smoking, it is the body smoking, I am the Divine Self”! So all such perversions are there. In such cases it would be better to worship God as something outside, as someone who is all-perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing, someone whom you should adore, to whom you should surrender yourself, whom you should serve and love. The experience: “I am the Self, I am the Divine” will come, but to arrive at that stage, the following step is first necessary: Purity, Love of God, Service of God. Then, by God’s Grace, you will know, that the inner Divine Consciousness in you is the infinite perfect Self.

Know it by actual experience, not through the books.

46th week

How to Develop Love for God?

Keep company of the good, the noble, and the pure. Contact the Saints. Their exalted and impressive lives, and their inspiring speech, will awaken your spiritual sensibilities and the dormant love for God, in your heart. Control your emotional nature, refine your intelligence, and sublimate and transform your psychological nature. Your love for God will grow. Develop your moral nature, the spirit of service and sacrifice. Your love for God will grow. Study the descriptions of the Nature of God presented by those who have had an intimate experience of God. Your love for God will grow.

47th week

Sahasrara Chakra can be spoken of only in a condition of infinite Consciousness where the human individual is completely lost, where there is no more any difference between the human individual and the Supreme Reality.

The Sahasrara Chakra is a field of that divine experience where the human individual has become the Supreme Godhead of an Infinity of Delight, Peace, Perfection, Power. Therefore, the Sahasrara Chakra is generally represented with the lotus flower – a full-blown lotus flower. What is the meaning of it? It means absolute Perfection, infinite Perfection, God-Perfection – and that condition is not there on earth. Into that condition greatest Mystics slip away. There can be moments in your inner experience when you have glimpses of that state, but once you enter that state, there is no possibility of a return. This is the declaration of the highest revelations of the Upanishads.

48th week

OM is the very Heart of the Truth. OM is not created by anything or anybody. It is resident in the whole cosmos, it is the Soul of all creation. Who can listen to it, who can hear it? One who is supremely pure in heart and is a Saint of the absolute highest character, he can listen it. His inner soul can listen to the music of the Infinite.

What about those who are not as fortunate as this greatest Sage and Saint? They have to take this holy word OM, which is in the scriptures, which is revealed, and which is heard by all these greatest Sages, and go on using it, repeating it. It purifies you and qualifies you to listen to itself. This is the secret technique of all the mystical syllables.

49th week

The physical breath carries in itself the subtle Prana. The physical breath is the physical shade, the cover for the subtle Prana. Prana is very subtle, it is a vital force, it sustains life. It is not the physical breath. The physical breath is the physical body for this subtle vital force. So when you manipulate the physical breath you are manipulating the subtle vital force. See the point? The physical breath is only a carrier of the subtle breath. And the subtle breath is on further analysis found to be the carrier of the Breath of God.

The Breath of God is everywhere, not only in the man but everywhere, even in the open space, in all that is made manifest. And the Breath of God is the same as the Image of God. The Image of God is God himself, so the Perfections of God are everywhere, inside us, outside us, around us, always. As a matter of fact these Perfections alone are, – they were, they are, they will always be. Your experience of the world is external, is resulting from an exceeding limitation of your inner Divine Consciousness, it is only a psychological experience, a sensuous experience.

50th week

The infinite Divine Consciousness of Absoluteness has been going on projecting universes into manifestation, has known countless cycles of manifestation; and it is bound to create worlds like these again and again, by millions and trillions. It seems that there will be no end to the possibility of God manifesting and absorbing into Himself the universes.

Here let us remember that God is a timeless Reality. To this timeless Reality our millions of years are not even a quarter-second. In this quarter-second several cycles of creation could have come into existence and disappeared.

Therefore, some mystic Philosophers say, the world is a Lila, a sport within the Divine Consciousness.

51st week

Why does such a perfect and wondrous Being called God need this manifestation? For this you will get no answer, because you are asking the question standing outside God. If you get into God and become one with God-Consciousness, you will know why the creation is there. You are standing outside God and experiencing your limitations. When you become God, and be God, then your limitations disappear, and you will know the mystery of creation.

“Mrityunjaya”. The supreme Light in you is Shiva, “Mrityunjaya”, Victor over death. This Victor over death you should know, experience, and be. Always live here on the Earth as a deathless person. Attain oneness with that which is immortal in you, Shiva, Mrityunjaya, the Light of your soul.

52nd week

In us God is there as a living, all-encircling Reality. Right here and now it is present, in our nose, in our eyes, in our bones, in our skin, in our space, within and without, as a Light, a Consciousness, an electricity, a magnetism, a Force, a Shakti, a Presence, an all-moving Power, the central Force which moves everything, which influences everything, sees everything, experiences everything, yet which is beyond everything.

This God is for us a living Reality. In our inhalation, He is there. He is there as the oxygen. He is present everywhere, in every manner of form, at every place, at all times. Worlds come, worlds disappear. He is always there, whether worlds come or disappear.

The creation comes, the creation disappears. He is always there, while the creation came forth, while it persists and when it has disappeared. He is everywhere present, an immediate Reality, inseparable from us. Even we ourselves are this Reality, this God, but to experience it, limitless Purity and Grace are required.

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