Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2014

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


The true lover of the Divinity experiences the Light of God today and tomorrow, always and everywhere. He finds in his consciousness an endless number of lights, shining for the Glory of the divine Presence, the divine Kingdom. He remains in the company of the Light which has created all the worlds, which is the Light of all lights, and is the immortal Soul of all souls.

Swami Omkarananda


1st week

The moment a true spiritual aspirant closes his eyes, he finds nothing but the Divine Presence – inside, outside. No one exists for him other than God.
If there are people around in his mental vision, they disappear and to his vision only God appears. Supposing you suddenly ask him to close his eyes and think, he sees nothing but boundless Love, Light, Grace, Presence of the Divine.
Suddenly stop a small child from playing with toys and ask it to close its eyes and to think. It will think of the small cat which is its toy, or any other toy which it loves most.
Let an ordinary man close his eyes, suddenly some dark ideas and feelings in his heart rise up, doubts, difficulties, problems stand before him.
Suddenly ask God to think of something, – close His eyes and think of something, – He finds nothing but boundless Light, Peace, Perfection, Power, Grace.
What counts in life is what is in yourself, not what is outside. You have to find out for yourself whether there is a small toy in you or a problematic doubt in you, or God and Love and Light in you, Strength and Power and Grace in you.


2nd week

From time to time, at the Ashram construction site, close your eyes for a second and adore the Divine in all the workers. Know all the workers to be Saints and Geniuses. Know all the workers to be the Bearers of the all-seeing, all-judging, all-knowing Divinity. Adore the place where such people work. Serve such people. Beg for the company of such people, and thus enrich your spirituality and weaken the darkness of human nature.
Again and again generate the best feelings and thoughts in relation to others. Don’t desire to be served, but be ready to serve others. Don’t desire to be praised, but always praise others. Don’t criticize others, only criticize your own thoughts and feelings and transform them quickly. This is the way to rapid spiritual unfoldment.


3rd week

While you work let the heart secretly converse with the Divine, tell the Divine:
“My human hands are imperfect, therefore my work will be imperfect. A perfect God cannot have imperfect work, therefore please You work through me, so that my work may be perfect and acceptable to You.
“Oh Divinity, constantly displace my energies by Your energies, my thoughts by Your thoughts, my dangerous feelings by Your wonderful feelings, my imperfect work by Your perfect work, my depressive nature by Your perpetual inspiration and enthusiasm.
“Work through me. Express Yourself through me. Your Joy and Your Goodness, Your Peace and Your Perfection, Your Strength and Your Beauty, – express these through me.
“May I be ensouled by You, – not by a monkey thought, not by a wicked feeling, not by a human feeling, not by human cleverness, but by Your Light, Your Genius, Your Heart. Let that dwell in me.
“May I adore You in all. May I serve all, and be served by none. May I adore all, and be adored by none.”
So should the heart converse with the Divine, while working.


4th week

We use our Mantra repetition or recitation to bring out from ourselves, and express from ourselves, the various qualities of the Infinite and Eternal in us, the Timeless and the Spaceless.
Joy is there in ourselves, not in outer objects. In objects, the sense objects, there is no pleasure, no joy. Joy is in ourselves, as the deep-sleep state shows. Peace is in ourselves, as the deep-sleep state shows – as the mystical state shows, and as the meditation state also shows, as God-experience shows. Joy is in us, peace is in us, freedom is in us, light is in us, beauty is in us. Every conceivable wonderful quality is in us. Every thinkable wealth is in us. We should bring this forth from within, from the Spirit in us.


5th week

Things pertaining to the body and the mind are passing things, changing, problem creating.
What is an insult? Does it concern the body? Never. Look at a sleeping person, go to him and insult him as long as you like, no reaction. Because it is a body, body remains untouched by insults. And who feels these insults? Only the mind. As soon as the person is conscious, comes to the waking state, and has egoistic consciousness, he feels offended by the insult. He feels inspired by great praise. Who is it that feels this inspiration or this insult, this offence? Only the mind. Mind is the problem-creating person in us. We should control the mind through constant reflection about this wonderful, timeless, spaceless Freedom, Light – Surya, Beauty – Sundara, Shanti – Peace, Ananda – Joy. These are there in us, no one can take away these qualities, our true wealth. Nobody can touch these treasures in us, no one can deplete or increase them, because they are infinite, inexhaustible qualities of our Soul.
We should constantly in all circumstances express joy, cheerfulness, a creative consciousness, – change the environment, fashion the environment in harmony with our true nature which is the Heavenly Kingdom of God.


6th week

In every person there are two things, the experiencer and the experienced. Body is an experienced thing. Thoughts are experienced things. An object of observation is not the observer himself. Body is not the observer himself. Thoughts are not the observer. There is something in us which observes our thoughts, – the intelligence. There is someone or something behind this intelligence, which observes the activity of the intelligence. Who is that? The supreme Observer of the observing intelligence in us.
The person says he is unhappy, but the Observer in himself is not unhappy, He sees that he is unhappy. He is not involved, He does not identify Himself with this ”me”, He is someone else, something else, He is the Lord in us, the Observer, the non-participating person. In all that is happening all the time, in all that we do and experience, in all our events, conditions, circumstances, this person is not involved, He is always the non-participating one. And what is the nature of this non-participating one? It is the Reality, the observing Consciousness in us. The nature of this observing Being in us, Consciousness in us, is Light.


7th week

What is OM? OM is the real name of God. OM is God Himself.
You see there is a river. The river water flows continuously, it makes a sound, you know? This sound is the real nature of this water. In this sound is an inaudible Sound of the Divine Presence.
The Earth turns on its axis, you know the Earth turns round, and this turning makes a sound. When you move, it makes a sound. Every object which moves, which grows, also makes a sound. When the flower unfolds itself, when the bud unfolds its petals, that also makes a sound. You don’t hear it because your faculty of hearing is very limited. All these planets and galaxies also move, they also make a sound. That is what one calls the music of the stars.
In all this music, in all these sounds, there is an inaudible Sound of God, Energy of God, and that is OM.
This Energy of God has its own sound. This Consciousness of God, Intelligence of God, creative Power of God, has its own sound. This sound is OM. This Sound OM is the same as the Nature of God. God and this Sound are not two different things, but one and the same.


8th week

When we worship Shiva, we worship at the same time our own Self, because Shiva is our own Self. The state of our own Self is Sadashiva – eternal Bliss. From this state one works, without any hate, envy, jealousy, without complaints, accusations, without any kind of human moodiness – always in Bliss. To enjoy this state one needs to have purity. One should purify one’s whole nature, one’s heart, give up all human moods and tricks, judgements, wrong habits, wrong prejudices, increase the purity! Then one sees, experiences, perceives this Sadashiva status of the inner life, the inner Soul, our true Countenance.
As every mother speaks with her little baby, and then explains things to her child – so does the Divine Mother speak with Her Devotee, and infinitely more than that, with infinitely greater Love than that.


9th week

Spiritual things are always invisible. Can you see love, or intelligence in another person? No. These are qualities of the Spirit. They are invisible. Only when one brings  them into expression do these latent things become patent, manifest, perceptible for others and for oneself, for the sense organs.    
The God-loving person is a truly selfless, pure individual – none of the sort of feelings and sentiments which we find the ordinary person harbouring, are present in him. Constantly his heart beats with God’s Presence, Omnipotence. He reflects upon the Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence of God.


10th week

True life is spiritual life. One should view the spiritual life as the goal of all our outer and inner activities, and pursue it. An Ashram means a place where everyone tries to do their best to move forward on this spiritual path, divine path. A spiritual person possesses a tremendous, wonderful power of discrimination, an intelligence which solves all problems, an all-loving heart, and all-blessing and constructive hands.

Growth on the spiritual path means growth in the inner light of intelligence. One has more perceptive capacity, more patience, one obtains a greater capacity of seeing, one sees with closed eyes. One dissolves the problems of life, one finds answers for every question. Intelligence, light are the soul of the human individual, and the source of every capacity, source of all joy, all peace, all perfection.


11th week

In the real God-loving person there is no hate, no enmity. And the result? One always enjoys this eternal Life, this eternal Bliss, timeless spaceless Peace and Joy. One is always peaceful. Who is restless? The hating person. No proper sleep, stomach ulcer, problems everywhere, always criticising, always complaints.

It is not good to repeat the Mantras on one hand and on the other hand to behave in a human, arrogant way.

If we constantly repeat the Mantras and understand the content of these Mantras, and make the content of these Mantras the content of our daily life, our daily behaviour, our daily thoughts and feelings, our daily conscious experience in life – there is no hate, nothing. Whether it is a women or a man, or a child or an old person, one experiences in all the same God.


12th week

What happens when we constantly think of God? What is God? Life of our life. Why do you run away from the Life of your life? Why do you run away from the Intelligence of your intelligence, Soul of your soul, Consciousness of your consciousness, Heart of your heart? Why should we run away from this, from that which belongs to us, that which is the deepest Reality in us?

This Reality, this God is our true possession. One has to leave all else behind some time. Life is so short, it does not matter what we collect in life, we leave everything here, our body too. We take nothing with us, no clothing, no cloth, no T-shirt. We can not take anything with us.

The Divine is our property. That stays with us. That is an eternal and infinite Wealth, our real Treasure. God is our possession, our own Being, our own Life, infinite, immortal, all-perfect, boundless, and therefore eternal. —That which is infinite is also eternal. That which is infinite and eternal is absolute, the Absolute. This experience of the Absolute we have to obtain consciously during our stay in this mortal body.


13th week

Light which is timeless and spaceless is boundless, eternal, all perfect, without any defects. Only that which is in the limits of space and time has defects, every kind of defect, and therefore creates problems, causes suffering. The God-loving person grounds, founds, bases his relations with others and with the world on the rock of the Reality, the Truth, the Unchanging, the Soul of the soul. When the heart becomes more and more pure, automatically one experiences It, no one has to teach us. With the pure heart, one just realises, one sees what no one had seen, no one can see, unless that other person is also in the same state of consciousness.

The Soul of the soul in one person and that in another person are not different. It is one and the same. God is one and the same in all. And this God is timeless and spaceless, timeless, spaceless Stillness, Peace, Joy, Perfection, Life, eternal Life, infinite Life, perfect Life, absolute Life, divine Life.


14th week

The spiritual path begins with ethical and moral development, growth. A Yogi is always self-disciplined, all senses are under his control, he is no slave of his mind. People in the world are slaves of their minds, their anger, their jealousy, their this and that,  but a spiritual aspirant is beyond these, constantly controls himself, purifies the subconscious. He does this by his prayers, by his meditations, his knowledge, his wisdom, the fire of spiritual knowledge, – this burns up everything. This fire burns the impurities in the heart, and he is pure. And when he searches with this purity for the Truth, then he walks the safe path, the perfect path, the supremely positive path. He never becomes pessimistic.

A higher power, a light of the higher Self in him, a light of the divine Grace, a light of the higher Consciousness in him, brightens his intelligence and reason, and the reason becomes better, the intelligence becomes better. It is a wonderful path, this spiritual path. It reaches beyond the reason, when the reason has been perfected by devotion and divine Grace.


15th week

God is something that is in ourself. And the great Grace of the Divine shows us, that we ourselves are this God. That which is in us, behind our follies or the dualities of our mind or the contrary feelings of our heart, is this wonderful Consciousness of God. It remains untouched by our nature, our fate, our thoughts, our feelings and so on. No one can catch it, no one can touch it. It is in us; we experience it in deep-sleep state, we can experience it in meditation. We can experience it through deep reflection about this wonderful foundation of our life, the foundation of our existence. Something is there. And this something, this timeless Being, is infinite Beauty.

God is nothing other than your own Self. He is inseparable from you, He dwells in you, as the absolute Purity.


16th week

For the God-loving person everything is possible, everything is attainable, everything is feasible. Why? Because he lives in the consciousness of “Sarvaartha Saadhike”, the all-enabling, highest, greatest Force, Reality, Power, Wisdom, Perfection, the Divine Mother. He lives in this consciousness. It is a consciousness much, much higher than a positive attitude, positive thinking, and so on. It is the best state of consciousness. One connects oneself to that which is the Source of inexhaustible Forces, inexhaustible Wisdom, Goodness, creative Consciousness, Perfection. When one connects oneself to this inexhaustible Consciousness, the Source of every kind of inexhaustible Energy, Power, Intelligence, Wisdom, one finds everything is feasible. Life becomes a wonderful paradise in itself.


17th week

Meditation is a grand gateway through which we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. By meditation we will be living and moving in God-Consciousness even while we are moving and living in this material world. By meditation we acquire an energy that is almost inexhaustible. We gain a happiness that is independent of the outer world. We obtain a peace which cannot be shattered by any distressing experience that may try to attack us during the day. We have a new vision and begin to look upon all the wonderful children of God as the glorious expressions of Divinity. Our moods, our feelings, our reactions will be almost superhuman. We will be acting and living on earth not like other human individuals but from the standpoint of the Godhead in us. We will be looking upon life with the Eyes of God, we will be reacting to the people and circumstances in life with the Heart of God. We will dismiss death, disease and suffering as though they were insubstantial, non-existent things.


18th week

What is the goal of life? To attain our true status, our true position in life. What is our true status in life? Absolute Perfection of God, the Kingdom of God. That we should attain. The one who attains this state is a real emperor. There is nothing wanting in him, no limitation, no fear, – no “future”. He does not work for the future. Future does not exist for him. He has no idea about the past, past does not exist for him. He lives in the immediate NOW, always, for all times. And this immediate NOW is a timeless spaceless Consciousness of God, Light of God, Joy of God, Peace of God.
When you attain God-Experience, all that you see, all that you experience, is the Infinite. The Infinite perceives the Infinite. If something is taken away from the Infinite, yet still Infinity remains perfect everywhere, within, without, above, below. One cannot remove anything, one cannot add anything to It, because It is absolute Perfection.


19th week

What is spiritual life, divine life, Yoga? Divine life means to constantly bring the mind back from the world and place it in That which is timeless and spaceless – timeless, spaceless Light, Consciousness, Intelligence, God. The worldly person is a slave of his thoughts, and thoughts rule his life. The God-loving person is Master of his thoughts. Whenever the mind begins to wander here and there, he leads it back to the timeless, spaceless Intelligence, the Light of God, the timeless, spaceless Peace, Joy of God, again and again. He observes his thoughts, is something other than his thoughts; he brings his thoughts back and dissolves them in the timeless, spaceless Stillness, the Peace, the Joy of God, constantly.

He sees the world, not through the thoughts, but through this timeless, spaceless Consciousness, and experiences the world as nothing other than an expression of the timeless, spaceless Consciousness, an unfolding in this timeless, spaceless Being, as something which is fleeting, something which is not the object of desire, which is external, not true.


20th week

The real God-lover lives in the eye of God. He is always conscious of the all-seeing Eye of God. He lives in the Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence of God. He has blood relations with God. God’s blood circulates in his body. His life revolves around God. And what is God? Boundless Peace, boundless Strength, absolute Joy, timeless spaceless Stillness and Goodness, Majesty, Perfection. From there the real God-lover lives.

One should please God, this invisible, all-seeing, all-knowing Companion in our life. And that is possible only through hard work, through industry, good heart, a selfless heart, loving heart, sacrificing heart, patient heart, a heart which has an immense power of perseverance, understanding, power of discrimination, a strong will, a will, which overcomes all obstacles.


21st week

God is this wonderful, timeless, spaceless Peace, Joy, Light, Intelligence, Consciousness in us. And yet God can take any conceivable form, and through this form He can speak, work, and then disappear.

A worldly person has a father, a mother, a friend, an enemy, objects to experience, objects to avoid, objects to hate, objects to love, objects to fight for, objects to die for.

The God-loving person knows no objects. Although he lives among endless objects like everyone does, he is yet beyond all objects which are experienced, like a person in deep-sleep state.
His consciousness is anchored in this timeless, spaceless Peace, this Joy. He is Ananda. He is Om.


22nd week

Desire means want. Something is always missing in the outer world, in the world of the body, in the social world, in the economic world, in the time-space universe. Is anything missing in yourself? Never. You should use your wisdom to build up a paradise around you, for your fellow human beings, for the world, for the animals, for the nature. And that you do best if you know yourself. If you are calm.

If you are constantly a beggar and constantly hunting pleasures and constantly meeting with frustrations and depressions and so on, how can you build something heavenly, here on the earth? For all creative activities, constructive activities, one needs first of all to have knowledge of that which is the Source of true Peace, true Joy, true Heaven, the Observer, this uninvolved Person in you.


23rd week

The God-lover constantly brings his mind back to the central being in himself: a timeless, spaceless, all-perfect Light of Consciousness, Existence. Such a person commits no sins. Such a person has no restlessness in the mind, in the heart, no wrong interests, no wrong desires, and so on.

A Mantra manifests the whole Divinity. Mantra bears in itself a timeless-spaceless Consciousness, Intelligence. This the God-lover experiences. In every living being he experiences himself as the timeless-spaceless Stillness, the Peace and the Joy. There is no longer an object to experience. It is an objectless experience, like in deep-sleep state. We are what we experience, in this state: this timeless, spaceless Stillness. This is our nose, this is our eyes, our ears, our face. This is what we look like. This is our true formless form. The highest bliss is to experience this timeless-spaceless Peace, this Joy, this Perfection of God. That is the aim of life.


24th week

If our mind disappears in this pure Consciousness of God, we are beyond time and space, always, even though we live in a body which is in time and space, among society and so on. In each and all we always experience this timeless spaceless Peace and Joy.

What does a person in deep-sleep state experience in relation to other people? The same fact of the deep-sleep state, that other people are also embodiments of the timeless spaceless Peace and Joy. This experience is part of the Wisdom of God: that in every person, woman or man, child or old person, large or small person, sinner or holy person, in all persons one experiences this same timeless spaceless Peace and Joy, the Presence of God. And therefore, there are no dislikes, no preferences, no tricks, no moods, no desires, no urges. Does a person in deep-sleep state have desires? Never, because he enjoys something that is timeless in joy, timeless and spaceless. This is how the person with the Wisdom of God lives, he experiences the same – he experiences the Infinite in himself and the Infinite in each and all.


25th week

It is a sin to view human beings as human beings. Our view should not be so low. When God looks on the world, God looks with his own eyes, and finds everything perfect, because he views infinite Light, instead of the imperfect body, instead of the imperfections in the nature. A Mystic, a Sage, a Yogi, does the same.

One should constantly elevate one’s spirit and view things from the standpoint of the Divine, Eternal, Infinite – not from the standpoint of the passing, mortal, miserable, all-ruining body or mind. From the standpoint of the Eternal and Infinite, one should look upon each other.

The Intelligence of God is infinitely wider, bigger than the space, it records everything. The whole life-story of Rama and Krishna we can call back, and see. Nothing is destroyed. Everything is there. Things appear to be destroyed only to the limited capacities of the human sense-organs.


26th week

The God-loving person, rooted in God-consciousness, is called Master. Why? Because he is master of all circumstances and conditions. Nothing can topple him, no catastrophe, no fate, no circumstances, no rain and no snow, nothing, no sun which burns everything, nothing can bring him down. He is above all circumstances and conditions. He has mastery over the entire universe, time and space. His God-Consciousness elevates him above everything. Nothing is more blessed than the God-loving person. He is called Master, called Swami, called Lord, Master of the circumstances, conditions and so on.

There is no challenge for him. He overcomes every challenge through Wisdom, the right attitude, and with the strength of the soul, the strength of the God-Consciousness. He is always Master over all circumstances and conditions and events.


27th week

Narayani is the name for the Infinite Consciousness, and the Centre of this Infinite Consciousness in the Soul of our soul. And this Infinite Consciousness is the source of every conceivable miracle, paradise, heaven, every conceivable quality in its Eternity and Infinity. Joy is eternal and infinite. Peace is infinite and eternal. All these qualities are in the Soul of our soul. We should draw them out from within. Do not search for joy outside in the world, but take it out from inside, as we do in deep-sleep state. In deep-sleep state we get our timeless, spaceless silence, peace, joy, from inside.
How do you change your surroundings, your conditions, your circumstances? By your thoughts. You have insights, you have wonderful thoughts, you realise these thoughts and insights, and change things. The ideas, the thoughts, everything come from within. All constructive, creative things come from within. One should obtain things from within and then express them in the outside world.


28th week

No knowledge is greater than the Knowledge concerning this immortal, eternal Principle in you, this observing, uninvolved Person in you. That is the true Knowledge. Such a Knowledge should be imparted. An Ashram means a place where such a knowledge is imparted. It is no theory, here we have to live that, which we preach. Our outer life is in harmony with our inner Wisdom, in harmony with that which we call the Observer in us.

The God-loving person makes the Divine the centre of all his joy. God is his protection and his bodyguard, God is his money-giver, God is his bread-giver, God is his nurse, his cleaning lady, God is everything.


29th week

Illumination granted by the Divine Mother liberates us from every imaginable form of fright and fear. If you want a life without anxiety and without fear, you should turn to the Divine Mother and receive the Grace from Her. She frees us from every conceivable fear, by the Illumination. She grants us the knowledge, the understanding, concerning our immortal nature, – which is more subtle than space.
When you know that, you are free from anxiety, fear. How does one come to know that? By the Divine Mother’s Grace. She is the Source, – this infinite Truth, this Divine Mother is the Source of all forces, all powers. She is the subtlest thing, more subtle than the Space. She is inside us as our true Self and our true Being, immortal and eternal.


30th week

You are a human being when you live in your mind, thoughts, feelings, plans and so forth; and you are a superhuman when you find your oneness with God in you. Your true Heart, true Life is God, the Life of your life, Intelligence of your intelligence. What we call the Kingdom of God is nothing but this God, who is constantly, eternally awake, all-seeing, all-knowing. Every conceivable glory is in Him. Every conceivable strength, power, knowledge, everything is in Him. We bear Him without knowing it. Always we carry Him in ourself. He was in us in lives that have gone. Since the beginningless Beginning He is there. He abides and remains there, for all times.

When our thoughts, feelings, heart remain anchored in Him, we are enlightened, immortal, blessed, all-perfect and enjoy true Peace and Joy.


31st week

Never speak with a person without seeing the true Reality in him. The best relationship with a person is possible only if you have discovered God in him, the timeless, spaceless Reality. Then your relations with him are the best of relations, eternal relations, fantastic relations, problem-free relations, without disharmony, without disagreement, without contracts, without obligations, without any violation of the obligations or contracts.

One should discover this timeless, spaceless Peace and Joy in each and all, and then cultivate relations with this in each and all. Not before. From this basis, build your social, intellectual, cultural relations with others. You will be a benevolent person in all circumstances and conditions. In this state, God lives in you, fully awakened. The aim of all activities of life is to attain this stage of experience, this vision, to possess this illuminated intelligence.

Such a person is beyond sins, beyond suffering, beyond weeping, tears, worries, death. His life is fulfilled. The aim of all practices, disciplines, Yogas, Pujas, Havanas, selfless service, is this. All these lead to purity of heart, and the pure heart dwells in boundless Wisdom, Freedom, Joy, Peace, Perfection.


32nd week

The Divine Mother
The Divine Mother is everywhere. God as Mother is present everywhere in the whole universe, all around you. When you sleep, the Divine Mother watches over you, protects you. This Divine Mother is everywhere and She makes the impossible possible. —When you have faith in Her.
She is omniscient, omnipresent, omni­potent. When you have Her by your side, you are a light for the whole cosmos. You can master everything, you can achieve everything.
She is infinite Bliss, and makes you always happy and cheerful during your whole life, in all conditions and circumstances.


33rd week

She Takes Away All Fear

”Bhayebhyas trahi no Devi” – The Divine Mother frees us from every conceivable fear. Every living being has anxiousness and fear – fear of sicknesses, fear of death, fear of others, fear of threatening forces of nature, and so on, fear of everything. The Divine Mother Durga frees the God-loving person from every conceivable anxiety and fear – “Bhayebhyas trahi no Devi”. She frees us from every conceivable fear.

Fear is always in relation to a foreign thing, something unknown, something which poses a threat, something inescapable, something bigger than us. But when we experience, by the Grace of the Divine Mother, the true Self in us, God in us, the Truth in us, we experience at the same time the Truth in each and all, we become one with this Truth in each and all.


34th week

When you have the greatest difficulties in life, and you think of God, and suddenly there comes salvation, release, then from that you can recognise ”Ah, here is the working of the loving Heart of God”. When impossible things are constantly becoming possible, in your life, from that you can recognise that the Grace of God, the soft Heart of God is working in your life. In this way one recognises it.

If you doubt in God and others tell you how God works wonders in their lives, you may think it is nonsense, a fantasy, a story of some credulous woman. You may think: “Is it really true, that God has a soft Heart?” But if one uses one’s reason and investigates and becomes a scientist in this field, reflects, researches, one finds proof that God has an all-loving soft Heart. If you prepare yourself by good actions, good thoughts, good feelings, if you constantly cultivate the company of faithful persons, good people, loving persons, sacrificing persons, your intelligence becomes very mature and sensitive to higher facts, higher truths, higher realities. You experience fully consciously the Presence of God, the protecting Heart of God, the loving Heart of God. If you read the books of the God-experienced persons, you find those facts written there.


35th week

In every person there is light. And this light sees in the darkness also. It is a light of intelligence, memory, consciousness. Consciousness is a faculty of perception. In every faculty of perception there is light. Without light you can not perceive anything, see anything, experience anything. Everything happens in light.
Behind this light, there is yet a greater Light, where there is no darkness, and this greater Light is God, our true nature. When you know, that you are God, you have no more desires, no more fears, you experience no more suffering, no tears, no weeping, no weakness. You live in the perfection of God.
We should recognise this Light of Lights in everyone and everything.


36th week

A small boy, with the Mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya”, has obtained God-experience. Prahlada, Dhruva, all were little boys. These boys had God-experience with such prayers as “Om Namo Narayanaya”, “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”. If you want to have God-experience you have to hear the Mantra, repeat the Mantra and understand the meaning of the Mantra, the nature of the Mantra. Mantra is a prayer formula.

With God’s name, Narayana, one can have God-experience. When you say “Narayana”, He suddenly hears you, because He dwells in the Soul of your soul in your heart. Without your knowing it, God dwells in you, all the 24 hours. In every living being God dwells as Narayana.

What is Narayana? The indwelling God is Narayana. Where does God reside? In every living being, in everyone and everything, as Energy of energy, as Intelligence of intelligence, as Soul of soul, Life of life, He dwells in each and all. As soon as you say “Narayana”, He hears it.
Mantras are powerful means for God-experience.


37th week

The Divine is our true possession, our true wealth. Everything else is only an illusion, a dream, a passing, fleeting affair, it disappears without leaving a trace. But this spiritual wealth, this experience of our own identity, the inner Being, the inner Self, this opens the door to every kind of infinite, inexhaustible wealth.
Look at our intelligence, how creative it is! In the dream state it creates wonderful things. Inspiration also creates wonderful things. The Mystical State creates inconceivable things.
The Source of the creative intelligence is God in us, the Light in us. That is our true possession.

In a spiritual aspirant, in a God-loving person, in a person rooted in God, there is no hate, no envy, no negative qualities. Why? He experiences his own Soul of Soul in others.


38th week

Consider, what is that in you which is immortal? What is that in you which is the source of your life, your intelligence? What is there in you which endures? Why do all these holy scriptures in the world, all these religions of the world say again and again, ”God lives in you, you are the candle of God, the lamp of God, the light of God! In you is the whole kingdom of God, you are the son or daughter of God. You are the son or daughter of the Immortal and Eternal!”

This is the message of every religion. This message is founded on the daily experience in the lives of all Mystics, all Saints, all Sages. These people speak the Truth, and have themselves experienced the Truth. They live in this Truth, they are rooted in this Truth. And from there they get all their Wisdom, their Peace, their Rest, their Joy, their Purity.


39th week

Wishing Welfare to All Beings
You see, with this Mantra, this great hymn
    “Sarveshaam svastir-bhavatu
    Sarveshaam shaantir-bhavatu...”
we have wished welfare to all creatures. All humanity, every person, should enjoy peace, enjoy happiness, enjoy prosperity. We wish the best for all, health, protection, and so on, for every human being, for every person. When your heart is good, you wish for every person, every living being, welfare, happiness, peace, joy, health, long life, protection, and so on.
So, a good person always wishes this; also for the enemies he wishes welfare, happiness, peace, joy, success, blessing. No one should suffer in the whole world, thus a good heart prays.
These are characteristics of a good heart. It always wishes everything good for each and all, including nature. The trees too should flourish and not suffer from the polluted air.


40th week

You may envy the neighbour’s happiness, but there is infinite happiness in you, and you can experience it. At least in the deep-sleep state you experience it. You can experience it now fully consciously in meditation. Mystical experience, purity of heart, growth on the scale of higher development – by these methods you come to know that which is in you, the Gold of the Kingdom of God. It is always there. Spiritual exercises lead to this experience. The people who speak to you about this experience have already arrived at a higher level on the scale of higher development. There are wonderful examples of Illuminated Persons, Sages and Saints, Persons of universal Love, absolute Selflessness, and God-experience. They are witnesses of the fact that in us is dwelling the Divinity with the Heart of infinite Love, Perfection, Peace, Freedom, Joy.


41st week

God is not a person somewhere in the sky above the clouds. God is always in your own soul. Although He is everywhere, and beyond time and space, He is here and now in your own soul, as timeless spaceless Peace and Joy, which you experience in deep-sleep state, and as the Source of all your intelligence, your virtues, your qualities, your characteristics. He is always present. He is all-observing, all-seeing, all-blessing. You carry a guardian with you always. A joy-giver is always with you. Let us always be cheerful and positive and dynamic.

For us God is an immediate Reality – within the body, outside the body, above, below, left, right, in space, in the air – everywhere. He is not a distant reality, not a distant person, not a person of yesterday or tomorrow, but a living eternal Presence here and now, a living Person.


42nd week

We have nothing to do with things which are always changing. That which changes deceives, misleads, causes problems, leads to greater darkness and suffering, and death. We should not open our eyes to the world without first discovering the Soul of the world, the Soul of the soul of the world. In the whole space, in the whole earth, in all metal, in all wood, in the whole water, in the whole fire, in the whole air, in the whole space, there is a Soul, the Soul of the soul. And this Soul of the soul is infinite Energy, infinite Consciousness, infinite Light, infinite Peace, a timeless spaceless Light.

That which has a beginning and an end, can never be real. Like an eclipse of the sun, it comes and goes, it is a passing appearance. Only that is real, true, which has no beginning and no end.


43rd week

We can speak of Immortality in relation to our true Life, true Self, the Light of God in us. And there is also a continuation of life through birth and death, birth and death, birth and death. One can set an end to this circle of birth and death by God-experience. When you consciously experience your Immortality and enjoy your absolute Peace and Joy and Stillness, you will never be born again in a biological body somewhere here on the earth. In reality you are an immortal Being. Hence this experience is possible.

Spiritual life means: one turns the gaze inward, and discovers the Immortal, the Eternal, the Infinite, the All-Perfect. That is spiritual life.


44th week

Jnana, or divine Wisdom, or Self-Knowledge, is hidden in all. Our meditations, prayers, selfless service, constant growth in moral and ethical nature, constant unfoldment of the goodness of the heart, lead to purity of heart, and that leads to Self-experience, God-experience. God and Self are one and the same. God and His Image in us are not two things, but one and the same.
We should recognise this divine Wisdom which is hidden in every person, in every living being, in enemy, in friend, in woman, in man, in child, in the old person, in the grown-up person. In all of them this fantastic Wisdom is hidden. We should unfold it, perceive it, enjoy it.


45th week

What does an Ashram, an Institution like this do? It gives an opportunity to thinking people, having greatly developed powers of discrimination, to experience the inner Divinity, the Observer, the uninvolved Person. What is the result? Such persons become lights for the entire universe. The whole universe rejoices at their presence here on the earth. The vibrations from their personalities go right around the world, within a fraction of a second. The whole universe knows who they are.
We want people to become lights, founts of eternal peace, joy and perfection. We want them to enjoy this peace and joy, and allow Blessings to pour forth to the whole creation, constructive forces, life-sustaining forces, life-enriching forces, forces which make of life a heaven in itself.
All human weaknesses disappear if we constantly consider the fact WHO we really are: The uninvolved person, this timeless, spaceless peace and joy. Water cannot touch It. No one can drown or kill this Observer in us, never. No ghost, no spirit can catch hold of Him. No criminal can touch or harm Him. No force in nature can harm Him or destroy Him. He is indestructible, this Observer in you.


46th week

Man in general lives in time and space, is a slave of time and space. Among the material objects, he always experiences one thing or the other: his body, or his companions, or his things, or this and that. He always experiences objects.

The God-lover constantly anchors his consciousness in the objectless Experience. In every object he sees the timeless, spaceless Peace, Joy, Stillness. And therefore the objects disappear, dissolve their outer form and manifest the formless Peace and Joy of God. Everything manifests the same thing for this God-lover. He is absolute Perfection, desires nothing, hunts after nothing, experiences nothing, criticises nothing, comments about nothing, lives in timeless Intelligence, endless Intelligence, endless Wisdom, endless Peace, endless Life, true Life, perfect Life, eternal Life, infinite Life.


47th week

“Bhagavan Narayana, Narayana, Narayana.”

This is not only a Mantra, but an experience. One sees Something.

In the computer there are so many pictures, one can see any picture one likes. The Mantras are pictures, experiences. The Name of God, the Mantra, is identical with God Himself.

A great Seer with boundless love for the Truth, with fantastic purity of heart, has seen God Narayana, has seen that in every soul dwells the Light of the Divine – this indwelling Light is Narayana. The moment one repeats this Mantra “Narayana”, recites the Mantra “Narayana”, one has a vision of this Light in every living being, in the whole space, everywhere, within and without. It is a seeing, a perception – not only a word, but it is a perception. We live again that, which the great Rishi has experienced, has lived. He has lived in God. The great Rishis have used these Mantras to express and manifest God, and also to experience God.


48th week

The Divine is the Reality of all reality, the Intelligence of our intelligence, the Consciousness of our consciousness. The fact that we hear something, smell something, taste something, means that there is a God. Without Him one can not taste, hear, smell, see, touch. He is the Intelligence of intelligence.
Consider the corpse. Does the corpse hear? Never. Put some honey on the tongue of the corpse, does it say it is sweet? Or put salt, does it say it is salty? Never. So, what tastes then? Not the corpse, but a living thing, with the presence of intelligence. In the corpse there is no intelligence. And from where does the intelligence come? From the soul. And from where comes the soul? From God, an immediate Presence, the Intelligence of intelligence. He is there in the intelligence which enables us to see, to hear, to smell. This faculty is itself God. And He is infinitely more than this faculty, this intelligence. He is the Source of all faculties, of the faculty of perception, of all instruments of cognition and knowledge and experience.


49th week

Our devotion and love for the Divine increase the divine Light, make the divine Light grow. The units of light in this Light in a person are increased, when the person leads a truly spiritual and divine life, with a wonderful spiritual and divine attitude.
To ensure that such practices constantly accompany us, and that we make use of them, we should increase our purity, goodness, virtue – every kind of virtue, ethical, moral qualities, radiant qualities.
Some are born with such qualities, wonderful qualities, others are born with lower qualities, and so on, but through hard work one can increase these virtues of the ethical, moral nature, as the basis for the spiritual radiance, the spiritual growth, as a basis for rapid higher development.


50th week

The God-lover is called Guru. Why? Because he is the Light-Maker. His presence makes Light everywhere.

What is life for an ordinary person? Nothing but a manifestation of ignorance. Everywhere there is ignorance. All problems of life, the life itself, is a product of ignorance.
This ignorance is darkness.

The Guru makes Light everywhere. He is the Light-Maker, or Spreader of Light. He is the Peace-Maker, Welfare-Bringer. Master, Guru, – these are the names of the truly God-loving person, rooted in God-Consciousness.

Mantra repetition, prayers, self-discipline, Yoga practices – all lead to purity of heart. When the heart is pure, one discovers with every look within something fantastic – the Divine, the Eternal, the Immortal in us, the Kingdom of God in us. This is the aim and the purpose of the divine spiritual life.


51st week

The Fullness of Lakshmi
“...Jaya Shri Lakshmi Pahimaam”

What is wealth? Only that which satisfies you, is absolute, gives you infinite Love, that which grants you endless Knowledge, that which gives you endless Freedom. Only that is Wealth, the Divine, the Truth. And this Wealth is called “Lakshmi”, in Sanskrit. We worship that Wealth, which is beyond time and space, eternal, all-perfect, the Wealth of infinite Life, Wealth of infinite Love, infinite Beauty, infinite Wisdom, infinite Purity, infinite Perfection, eternally abiding Wealth. No one can steal it, no one can diminish it or limit it.

Boundless Wealth, absolute Wealth, true Wealth, that is Lakshmi.
“Jaya Shri Lakshmi ...”


52nd week

A person in deep-sleep state does not strive after any perfection, because he is in perfection.
The God-loving person is always, fully consciously, in conscious life, in perfection. It is a fulfilled life. It is a true life. There are no fears, there is no death for him. Does a person in deep-sleep state think about death? Never. He is in a timeless, spaceless state. There is no death for him. Is there a problem? There is no problem. The God-loving person solves all outward problems from this fantastic state, from this Bliss, this Wealth, this Kingdom of God, where there is no lack, where no desires arise, where there is no imperfection, no frustration, no stress, no fear. One lives from this infinite Wealth, called Lakshmi, works from this Lakshmi, this Bliss, this Kingdom of God.

From this fulfilled life, life beyond all desires, a perfect life, from there, he works hard, here on the Earth, to enrich the Earth, to enrich the whole Universe, to enrich the Gods, and the invisible entities, – through his Mantras, Prayers, His State itself.

He uplifts the scale of higher evolution of the whole humanity.


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