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  1. Meaning and Value of Prayer
  2. The Science of Thought-Culture and Divine Perfection
  3. The Good Heart
  4. Be an Angel
  5. How to Divinise All Our Daily Work?
  6. The Practical Psychology of Self-Realisation
  7. The Science of the Divine Word OM
  8. The Experience of Unity in European Mysticism
  9. Methods for God-Experience in the Bible
  10. Fourteen Scientific Reasons Why No One Dies
  11. Endless Is Your Power
  12. The Light of Love
  13. The Psychology of the Unfoldment of Higher Consciousness
  14. The Nature and Functions of Spiritual Guides
  15. Integration of Science in the Conception of Omkarananda International Ashram
  16. The Structure of Spiritual Progress
  17. The Secrets of Perfect Life
  18. The Shortest Way to God-Experience
  19. Universal Religion
  20. God Experience Here and Now
  21. The Wonders of Love
  22. Ethics Society and World Peace
  23. All is God
  24. The Secret of Happiness
  25. New Asceticism for Daily Life
  26. God-Knowledge in Daily Life
  27. Cosmic Consciousness
  28. The Metaphysical Nature and Dignity of Man
  29. Modern Psychology and the Infinite Consciousness
  30. The Presence of the Eternal in Time
  31. The Intuitive Experience of the Truth
  32. Meaning and Practice of Meditation
  33. The Science of Reality and its Aspects
  34. Do it Now
  35. The Universe and the Dimensions of Knowledge
  36. Art as a Way to God-Experience




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